Illuminated bathroom mirror for stylish interior

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Illuminated bathroom mirror and lightning fixtures are important elements of the equipment and the design building. It is not only practical but also decorative role, adding to the interior of the bathroom a special touch by adding intimacy and comfort throughout the room. That’s why the mirror and the backlight for it should be chosen with great care.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors: options

The most popular is outdoor lights. It can be ensured by means of the spots, small sconces or modern luminaries controlled. They are located in the vicinity of the mirrors or bump in the area. Through off-camera lighting can illuminate not only round, square or other shape wall mirror, and wardrobe for hygienic and cosmetic accessories with mirrored paintings on the doors.

The next option is backlight internal. It is organized in most cases by means of LEDs placed on the strips or in blocks. To soften the light and protect the eyes, the LEDs are placed under the frosted glass. Led illuminated bathroom mirrors to consider in detail the reflection. Besides they are becoming important elements of the decor of the most intimate rooms in the apartment.

Another option is decorative lighting. The name speaks for itself. Such lighting can be used in bathrooms to create a special coziness and romantic atmosphere. LEDs to create a backlight can be placed behind the mirror blade at the line of the outer edge (perimeter). An interesting effect is achieved with bathroom mirror cabinets illuminated. At the same time with this lighting you can use the bathroom has a full light source.

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3 selection rules

The mirror is installed in the bathroom not only to reflect but also to ensure a sufficient degree of illumination. Following these rules will make the hygienic room cozy and comfortable.

  • For a small room enough to be main light source and a small backlight. A good option in this case is a mirror lamp. Such mirrors can be custom made or buy in the store. The main drawback of such lights is the high cost and the inability to do it yourself.
  • If the bathroom is tiny and with low ceiling would be to limit the only source of light. By means of illumination for the mirror it is possible to ensure full coverage of the entire room with minimum dimensions.
  • The large bathroom, you can experiment with lighting. The most reasonable option would be to use different sources of lighting in the shower, over the bath and in other areas. Clearly must be dealt with, of course, mirror and the nearest area. Each light source is necessary to supply a separate switch.

4 Lamps for the bathroom

Mirror in the bathroom can be illuminated by means of lamps of any type.

  1. Halogen lamps are more efficient than conventional 10 or more times. The light emitted from these lamps, most like a usual light bulbs. In this case, the halogen lamps consume less power that is provided by their structural features. Halogen bulbs are filled with gas and have a high temperature of the cylinder and require protection from moisture.2. Fluorescent lamp, also called fluorescent lamps, produce light, most similar to natural light. For this they got their second name. They are durable, relatively low power consumption and low temperature of the cylinder. It makes rational use of them in rooms with high humidity. The disadvantages of these lamps include flicker, a slight buzz and a significant time of entering the operating mode.

    3. Neon lamps for illumination are rarely used. They are mostly flat or decorative.

    4. Led lighting devices have a very high efficiency. They have the lowest power consumption with very high brightness. Light-emitting diode (LED) devices can imitate the shape of standard incandescent bulbs, and also be in the form of light-emitting strips, panels or point emitters. The longevity of LEDs is in the order of 200-500 thousand hours of continuous operation. LED lights can be both bright white and colored, and there are design led emitters that allows you to adjust colors in a very wide range according to the predetermined program. This allows you to use LEDs as decorative elements in the interior.

A stylish solution is illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet. In such case you have a good place for hundred stuffs and nice lightning to find anything you need. Besides, in your disposal there is a thing for reflection. As lighting elements can be used LED strip.

Cosmetic mirror

A good functional addition to the illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets will be a cosmetic mirror. This little round mirror on the movable leg will help you to get a detailed reflection of the person for accurate makeup application.

The main parameters of assessment of quality cosmetic mirrors depend on some of the metal-made reflecting layer on its surface. Currently, there are several variants of such covering. The main ones are reflective layers of:

  • aluminum;
  • titanium;
  • silver.


Another important point: cosmetic mirror must be equipped with separate lighting. Light-emitting diode (LED) device – tape or blocks will be the most convenient and safe option of such illumination. The main thing – remember that the mirror is a lighting appliance, which requires careful handling and special care.



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