Ideas of use of a chair in a bathroom

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It would seem, this piece of furniture for a bathroom is absolutely excessive. And by the form it, it seems, contradicts design of location where there is nothing soft any more. And functionality is rather disputable – it seems, in a bathroom and there is nothing to do in a sitting position.

Vanity chairs for bathroom.

But nevertheless the chair for a bathroom can be not the just useful, but even necessary. For this purpose let’s consider two of its missions – on a chair it is possible to sit before a trough or in the most bathing.

In what case the chair for a bathroom is used? First of all – in front of the mirror.

If the corner for plotting of cosmetics and a make-up is conveniently concentrated around a wash basin, the mirror by the sizes and layout quite approaches to use it sitting, then you will spend for certain here a lot of time, as before a dressing table. And not on the run, hurrying on operation, and fully and elaborately being engaged in the appearance.

If the sizes of a bathroom allow, before such wash basin combined with a dressing table the chair, a padded stool or at least a stool will be very useful.

The materials used in finishing of a chair.

The widest choice of furniture for bathrooms allows to pick up a chair for bathroom vanity  in style with other furniture – with the same toilet desktop wash basin or with a locker. What such stool for a bathroom can be made of? From the same, as all set of bathing furniture.

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If the furniture is executed from a tree, is mandatory with a protecting cover if from plastic, is a match for other elements of furniture if from metal then when all bathroom is executed in the modern style with glass shelves on metal support.

The pillow of a chair shall be by all means protected from moisture. There will be it skin which isn’t afraid of water, either rubberized fabric, or a polyethylene cover – the main thing that the chair didn’t avoid either damp, or a direct hit of water: it should be permanently here and out of a bathroom it will look an alien element.

Varieties of a chair for a bathroom.

The chair for a trough and a shower can represent just metal stool, most often from aluminum pipes which four pinches can be regulated on height and have the rubber tips or suckers which aren’t allowing to a chair to slide at the bottom of a bathroom and at the same time not leaving on it marks.

On a frame there is a plastic seat quite convenient to wash, sitting on it. If you in a family have a person who experiences difficulties when using of a trough, such chair literally will save situation.

In case it is difficult to person to step in a trough, there are more difficult constructions which have additional pinches set outside of a trough on a floor, and the seat quitting the edge for a trough edge.

It is possible to sit down on it, standing on a floor and to move in the trough center sides. Having bathed, it is possible to rise in the same way from this special chair.

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Also the back for more comfortable layout on sitting is provided. The similar chair in a bathroom can be met in hospital, but also houses it can be the extremely useful.

Chair for a bathroom as the assistant to the elderly person.

For what the elderly person needs a chair?

If the elderly person can stand, but is difficult save such situation throughout the long time, or he is afraid to fall, lose equilibrium, it is necessary to set a special seat that it was possible to be washed in a sitting position in a trough. If the person can hold a back, it is quite enough acquire a chair with a back. It devices considerably will facilitate reception of water procedures to sick and elderly people.

Chair for a trough for the elderly person. Varieties.

There is a set of different models: folding constructions, with removable armrests, with an opportunity to regulate height. For stout persons it is possible to find chairs with the reinforced construction and the seat increased on width in sale. The chair for a bathroom for elderly turning allows to facilitate relocation of the person in a trough and back.

Several councils for a chair choice for a bathroom.

In case of selection of the special device for a trough it is necessary to consider width of the trough, weight of the person, seat height. When the chair is in a bathroom, its pinches shall adjoin to a bottom, but not rest against walls at all, otherwise it won’t be steady.

Correctly to adjust height, it is necessary to measure distance from a floor to a hip of the person when it is in a sitting position – it will provide comfortable and safe use of the device. If the chair is too high or on the contrary, too low, the person risks to slide off forward or to fall back.

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So, summing up the result:

The chair can serve in a bathroom as a beautiful subject of an interior which emphasizes style of an interior.

Also it can serve as part of a ladies’ dressing table. On which the lady can sit down in front of the mirror and carry out cosmetic procedures.

It can be executed in any form – a stool, a padded stool, a chair, a wicker chair – it depends on style of your interior.


However, a chair in a bathroom it not always decoration of an interior. He can become an assistant to physically disabled people.

You shouldn’t forget and about finishings of chairs – it shall be executed from moisture proof materials. The tree, plastic and other materials used in the casing of a chair also shall be steady against the increased air humidity in a bathroom.



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