How to select the sink and know remodeling bathroom cost

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Immediately say, choosing a shell for a big bath in a modern apartment building or an open-plan to a private home, pay attention to the size of the sink, no one will and need to know bathroom remodel cost. In this choice of the main design. Other thing small or small bathrooms.

It does not help even the demolition of walls between the bathroom and toilet. Unfortunately, most of bathrooms in apartment buildings have a small size. Standardization of modern construction does not presuppose identity, and all the bathrooms in apartment buildings have standard dimensions and the same layout. Fortunately, modern building materials and design solutions can dramatically change the layout of the bathroom and make it a unique, comfortable and cozy.

Trends and cost to remodel bathroom

  • The main direction of modern layout with the bathroom space is liberation. The more space, the more and better functional bathroom.
  • The most awkward thing in the bathroom is a bath itself. It takes almost half of the area. You cannot completely get rid of the bathroom, but consider replacing the bathroom no one interferes in the shower. Moreover, replacing the bath on a corner shower cubicle, you can free up more than half of the wall.
  • A similar substitution should be done with great standard sink. It is logical to replace it with a compact shell or corner sinks are small. The last shell will fit perfectly into a small bathroom with small corner tables.

Dismantling sanitary cabins

Another trend in remodeling and repair bathrooms became a major overhaul with the dismantling of the sanitary cabin.

Remove Sanitary cabins cannot everywhere, but only in the block houses. The design of sanitary cabin is finished building design, which is installed in a box at home as a finished product. Cabin walls are made of gypsum slurry with fine fixtures and break easily, and you can to know cost of bathroom remodel.

When removing the sanitary cabin break cabin wall partition between the toilet and the bathroom and the cabin ceiling. Between the cabin walls and concrete walls 40 centimeters at home, and so the desired space. Instead of plaster walls are laid out new walls of foam concrete blocks, close to the concrete walls. Thus, released 30-35 cm on each side of the bathroom.

Work on and know how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom

Repair work to the remodeling of the bathroom is a serious and time-consuming, this should be ready. I enumerate all the work that needs to be done:

  • Disassembly. All the old equipment is dismantled, tile straying from the walls and floor. If you want to demolition of the old walls.
  • We spread the new walls of the blocks, new plumbing and wiring is done, on the principle that each device has its own sanitary eyeliner water and its waste water. New wiring done.
  • Tile work done prior to installing plumbing fixtures.
  • The ceiling in the bathroom can be a tension or rack.
  • After the tile work and installed new doors installed plumbing fixtures.

Ends new plan bathroom cleaning the capital.

One of the most popular methods is to install the installation washstands him on a pedestal. This design generally more designed for average cost of bathroom remodel, where there is no place in the overall cabinets under the sink. In this lies the main practicality of such a plant. But there are, of course, and many other advantages.

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Washbasins on pedestals – design pros

Firstly, such basins on pedestals look very stylish. It will perfectly fit into the interior styles such as a classic and vintage on the one hand, as a modernist on the other, and both Provence and the third country. In general, the options can be really a lot. It all depends on the specific model and its design. For example, mark the floor pedestals and pedestals can choose to suit every taste and color. This will allow you to create the most harmonious interior in which every detail is a stylistic continuation of the previous one.

Washbasins on pedestals. Second, the pedestals are good because they provide support cleaning. Unlike wall options, there is a clear reliable support, which is not exactly allowing the sink to fall off and break. In this case, you can afford a fairly large bowl, not worrying about it, and whether the wall will stand and bolts in it. Here you are sure you have a “foundation” on which we can rely.

A little worse in this regard average bathroom remodel cost. They are also fixed to the wall, so that no longer provide a design strength and durability. Still, it’s better than sink without any pedestal. On the market there are many models of such products, among which you can create your design conceived without problems.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, pedestals take up little space. Establishing a washbasin in this way, you save a significant proportion of the space. This allows the most rational place all the plumbing and furniture. Especially if we are talking about bathroom remodeling cost, where every square centimeter of its weight in gold. Sink with pedestal “wins” to a greater extent at the expense of visual deception. It seems that in the room more space, as there is no large items at the bottom of cabinet’s type. At the same time, in reality, you get a little of it, as here “blind” spot. Here is what can be placed around the podium? Nothing, because all it will look ugly. Even the same laundry basket will not fit here. So, savings are primarily “visual”.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost

In general, when it comes to the pedestals for the bathroom, it would be desirable to advise to take high-quality material that will stand you years. Choosing a bath, to replace it in the repair, is not for one year, and to treat her choice should be with great care. On sale there are four main types of baths, which we’ll talk in this article.

The main and the main subject of any bathroom, of course, is itself a bath. For this reason, the selection of the bath and its purchase should be carried out with the utmost care and responsibility. However, once you begin to choose a bath, there are a lot of questions. For example, bath what material is best to choose, why one is better than another bath. This article will try to answer a few questions and the possible selection of the bath a little simpler.

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Another important advantage is the simplicity of the bathroom remodel costs in courting her. Due to the fact that the material of which the bath, very smooth, and you to clean it after every bath, would simply rinse it with warm water. In the case of a thorough cleaning and you do not need to spend a lot of time. It takes only a few minutes, and the soft sponge of any detergent. After that, it will be like new! Well, acrylic, as well as cast iron are also very good for a long time and retain heat. But do not think that the choice of acrylic baths is really a very simple matter. Now on the market there is a huge amount of counterfeit and, therefore, find the script becomes more difficult. And instead of a bath from a natural acrylic, you can sell a bath of conventional plastics.

In the production of these remodel bathroom cost are covered with enamel, specially created for the protection of steel and gloss make the bath. The process of coating bath enamel is not easy. First bath heated in a special oven, and then right there special enamel paint. It was then further heated to give a glossy enamel shade.

Also, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to cover the glass-steel bath. This coating is very durable and protects it from all external impacts and damages. As well as making care of it a lot easier.

Steel small bathroom remodel cost are lightweight (standard 30 kg), so warm up much faster than their peers. The thickness of the steel can also be different. From half to three millimeters. The optimal variant is not here. All depends on the width of the bath. The wider it is, the greater the thickness of the steel. But do not forget that the thickness of the steel also affects the cost when choosing these baths.

Repair of average cost to remodel a bathroom- the beginning

You have decided to change the design of the bathroom and the long-suffering look of your bathroom. The first, and most important, the fact that you need to know – without planning decisions cannot do. Most of us live in apartments where the bathroom is the size of 1, 7h1, 7m., and toilet 0, 9h1, 2m. And looking from one side to its more than modest apartment, and on the other an abundance of modern sanitary equipment and finishing materials in our stores, you can come to despair and, waving his hand in the comfort of his home, saying, “It is not for us». Many do not know that all this beauty is elementary fit in their bathrooms, and still have room for a washing machine and free passage.

Of great importance to the appearance and comfort of the average cost to remodel bathroom has a podium. The step is intended to facilitate the rise of the way in and out of the bath. Depending on the design style, the stage can take many forms, whether it’s a classic flight of stairs or a pleasant flexible line. However, when you select any of the options, be aware that facing tile for steps should have anti-slip properties. Taking advantage of these little tricks, we will get a much-needed additional space to accommodate that and, say, a bidet and a laundry area.

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In some model homes across the tiny bathrooms and no redevelopment and permutations, without radical changes, will not add the required space. A friend of mine, to the redevelopment, WC had a value of about three square meters, and the bathroom was to put forward a quarter of the kitchen under the sink. In this bathroom did not turn around, they managed not without bruises: cost of remodeling bathroom corner overlaps the passage to the toilet. To remedy all these inconveniences, we decided to remove the bath, and a free space to put the shower.

As a result, space has become civilized; toilet found a more comfortable position, there was a place for the washing machine. A use for finishing large surfaces of the bathroom mirror and especially durable glass even more transparent increase the visual space. By the inconvenient layout can be attributed toilets, also falls into our own, in which they are disproportionately elongated and narrow. Located along one wall, bath, toilet, sink, even narrower and extend the space. Interesting way out of this situation – replacement long bath shorter, and installing it across. The empty space you can use at your discretion, the main thing you already have – harmoniously organized space.

Design decorative materials average cost of a bathroom remodel

We emphasize that, for any of the options plan wall decoration can be quite varied. Starting from laying one color tiles around the perimeter and ending with art panels or combined variant: tile + paint.

As a floor covering for bathroom remodel cost estimator is better to choose a radiant floor heating. Not lose its relevance and floor tiles, the diversity of which is able to satisfy every taste. To give preference to the upper surface of the stretch ceilings or ceiling panels, these constructions are durable, aesthetic and quick to install. All the more so for them ideal point halogen lamps, which will fill the space pleasant light.

Due to the high concentration of moisture in the bathroom ceiling requires special attention. Methods of execution of the ceiling in the bathroom may be different, but the choice of finishing all the same should be taken carefully. Let’s choose the ceiling in the bathroom that will meet all the practical requirements and at the same time create comfort.

Each of us is making repairs in the bathroom, understands that the interior is not finished, if you leave just plastered ceiling. And to attract admiring glances from friends and acquaintances certainly not happen. There are many ways to create a beautiful, bright and interesting ceiling in cost to remodel a bathroom is distinguished by its practicality. For low-cost and quick way we put a ceiling painting.


Most people try to resort to painting the ceiling, because a large amount of moisture and temperature surges causing peeling and flaking paint, which will inevitably lead to the formation of mold. It suffices to use good quality paint, such as acrylic. They contain fungicides that prevent the formation of fungus.



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