How to make simple bathroom designs?

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Simple bathroom designs without pedestal can be mounted as a cantilever, i.e. by means of special brackets on which it is hung, or at the “tulip” type when the base shell is a special leg on which it is installed. Small shells are very compact, but it is likely that all the splashes during use will end up on the floor.

If space in the simple bathroom designs is more than enough, you can install a large or even a double sink. However, in the latter case, it could use that two people simultaneously, the distance between the centers points must be at least ninety centimeters.

Of great importance is the fact at what height is fixed the sink. For tall men it should be higher, and for women and children – lower. Side steps or pedestals limit the ability to adjust that height, but the brackets allow fixing the sink at the optimum for all family members’ altitude. To sink to prevent water accumulation, it must be installed at a slight angle. However, this angle should be minimal; otherwise all that stands in the shell will fall with it.

Sink with pedestal in simple bathroom design

Sink pedestal can be embedded, when it is installed in a special recess in the cabinet itself, or shell may be formed as a bowl, which is simply mounted on top of the countertop pedestal.

Adjust the height of the location of such a shell will not work, since it is determined by the height pedestals. However, in terms of functionality, this option is very convenient because everything you need will be kept on hand. Availability cabinets under the sink are critical for simple bathroom design, where every square centimeter counts. To save space, you can buy a sink with built-in washing machine. However, such models are quite expensive.

Choosing a storage system for simple bathroom design


Furniture for the bathroom – a good place to store something that we should not often get. It can be a towel or household chemicals. But keep in mind that the cabinet should not interfere move around the bathroom. In addition, there should be enough space so she opened normally, without interference. Very convenient at this point retractable boxes that allow you to immediately reach glance all their contents.

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Hanging lockers

Hanging lockers are usually at eye level. The simple bathroom designs for small spaces is better to use not very wide lockers to all the content can be put on a par. It is not very spacious, but all the same you should always be at hand. At the same time, all items of personal hygiene are hidden from view.

An alternative to hanging locker can act open hanging shelves. But in this case, all that they will be stored, must fulfill more and aesthetic function that is to be beautiful to look at.

It is very convenient to make small corner shelf in the bathroom or in the shower, then do not have while swimming continuously protrude outside the bathroom to take a shampoo or shower gel. And the foam with water will be less exposed to the floor, and slip and fall less likely.

General tips for furniture arrangement in the simple bathroom designs for small spaces

  • If the bathroom floor heating, it is better to use furniture with legs.
  • Do not put furniture back to back as a bathroom, or from constant direct exposure to water, it will deteriorate faster.
  • In a small bathroom is better to use cabinets with sliding doors and hanging lockers.

Simple bathroom tile designs furniture to order

Fits perfectly and blends perfectly with each other bathroom furniture will have to most likely look for a very long time. To save time and effort – you can order it from the manufacturer masters. And the furniture did not come quickly into disrepair – be sure to specify exactly where it is created. In this case, the timber is specially treated compounds and metallic elements – anticorrosion agents. In the manufacture of bathroom furniture to order there is a very important advantage – it is specifically tailored to all the ledges and pipes in the bathroom.

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Manufacturers offer a huge selection of tiles for the bathroom: from inexpensive unpretentious tiles to exclusive designer collections. With such an abundance of options it is difficult not to get lost. In this article we will talk about what criteria guided by purchasing a ceramic tile.

How to choose the right tile for the simple bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Decorating the bathroom with ceramic tiles of the room allows for almost any style decisions. No wonder so designers like to work with this material. But, considering the options for tiles for the bathroom, do not forget that flight of fancy should be combined with common sense.

There are basic laws in the design of any room, in particular:

  • Artificial lighting can significantly change the hue of finishing material;
  • Vertical pattern will create a feeling that the ceiling above, and visually pull the walls up;
  • the selection of ceramic tiles for the bathroom depends on the size of the room, dark colors make a small room look even smaller, light – expand;
  • Large and bright ornaments give the wall or floor monolithic, but will reduce space;
  • Glossy surface of rejoicing and this vision tire under electric light.
  • All this must be considered when choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom.

Classic: a universal solution

A win-win option for almost any bathroom is a classic design, in which the top wall trim tiles lighter shade, and the bottom – a tile a few shades darker. Sometimes these parts are separated by a border .Its decor in warm, terracotta color. There are also more radical solutions. For example: a combination of contrasting colors, combining in a single monochromatic decor tiles and ornaments. What matters is that the selection of tiles for the simple bathroom tile designs was conducted taking into account the peculiarities of a particular room.

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We look to the east

For lovers of exotic, bright colors and intricate patterns suitable design, made with oriental motifs. How to choose a tile in the bathroom, if you prefer a similar style?

Buy pottery rich, deep tones. In this case, it is appropriate juicy shades of yellow, red, turquoise and gold.

Suitable options for bathroom ceramics tile with traditional oriental ornaments. It can be a variety of Damascus, Paisley (Turkish cucumber), and flowers. Also suitable finish mosaic tiles and bright wall or floor panels.

Interiors feature in oriental style to the luxury and relaxation, so a good choice for the bathroom. But we must take into account the size of the room; otherwise, instead of a corner for relaxation you can get a close room, depressing its diversity.

Closer to Nature: Country style in simple bathroom designs for small bathrooms

If you are attracted to the modest charm of meadow flowers, cornfields and quiet surface of the sea, the bathroom in the style of the country – for you. Choosing tile for the bathroom in this style is simple. Preferably a combination of soft pastel and warm wood tones. For the walls will suit tile soft pink, cream, lavender or pale blue. For flooring, select ceramic tiles, because the gloss and glaze will look in the interior inorganically. Rustic Style “loves” blurry, dull shades, antique textures and beautiful wear. Selection of tiles in the bathroom: looking for the best solution


With all the abundance of choice of tiles for the bathroom, universal option does not exist. Even if you liked the pattern and texture, not in a hurry to get a purse or bank card. In order not to face in the future unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to find out the technical and operational quality of the material.



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