How to make one day bathroom remodel?

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Plunger in the toilet creates high pressure and cause of the blockage is pushed further. If the plunger and does not solve the clogging problem, then you must use a mechanical method of influence – plumber’s snake. Typically used wire diameter of 5-6 mm. Length of 1.5-2 m.0 cable slips into the bowl and rotate the lever. The cable allows you to solve the problem of clogging sure. However, if we remove the blockage in the toilet was not possible; there will not be without cleaning the central riser. To clean the drain needs have a professional plumber; methods no longer fit the above. You will know how to make one day bathroom remodel.

Bath and sink

The reasons for removing the blockage and control are the same as the toilet. The water at the bottom of bathtubs or sinks, the water goes slowly – it is a signal that the drain is clogged. First, take the plunge, dial the water in the sink or tub to half, they begin to work. Creating pressure will push the blockage further. Also, the drain hose with hot water can be washed. In this case, the hose is put on the spout of the mixer, hot water is opened and the hose is directed to release. No result? Then only plumber’s snake.

In addition to the above for cleaning bathtubs and sinks by blockages used chemical weapon type. Medium is poured into the drain hole and left as such for a while. Subsequently, the drain pipe is rinsed with plenty of water. By the way, there is a catch, namely cheap baths are not made of acrylic sheet, and the so-called sandwich sheet, and i.e., the top layer of high-quality acrylic (0, 2-0, and 5) and everything else is the so-called ABC plastic. This material is obtained much cheaper acrylic sheet completely and durability him much less. Typically such baths depending on the shape, size and manufacturer (meaning empty tub without equipment). Also available are options to add to the acrylic marble chips. But it is usually necessary for large baths and volume, hot tubs, this is not necessary for my bath. And to pay too much, there is no desire. In the bath of cast iron is also possible to install equipment for massage. also brought in, but they cost much more expensive and I a little afraid that if they are poorly waterproofed, the iron begins to rust and life bath time will be short enough small error or point of connection will be made when the inset nozzles (and it would be desirable so that far and for a long time). I choose the option of a good bath PMMA acrylic case for equipment which is really necessary for me.

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Need to know

Whirlpool – a separate water jet massage areas of the body with air under pressure, is pumped. Water is taken from the bath itself, it passes through the pump and fed under pressure through a nozzle. In this system is fed through a special air hoses and the bath is a regulator which regulates the flow of air into the system. In other words, the more air is supplied to the water jet, the more we have a hard massage. Pump output can also be varied, typically from 0.8 to 1.5 kilowatts, depending on the size bath and the number of nozzles mounted thereon. The variety of the most nozzles is huge and their choice depends on the desires and passions of man. Consider the three main types of arrangement of the jets in the tub – namely, general massage, back massage area and massage for the feet.

Before buying counters, you need to consult with a specialist, what kind of counters needed for the pipes in your home or apartment. As a rule, the apartments set two kinds of counters – automatic and electromagnetic.

Counter as well

Automatic or the impeller counters are used to account for the water since the 19th century. The basis of design instrument is placed in the liquid flow impeller or a turbine, which is connected with a counting mechanism that converts the number of its revolutions in liters or cubic meters. Dignity impellers counters that work for their power supply is not required, they are inexpensive and are characterized by a compact size. However, the disadvantages of these devices, perhaps even more than the advantages. Tachometer counters are very sensitive to the magnetic field, as external magnet prevents the rotation – in the end this leads to distortion of the readings. In the operation of the turbine dirty and worn out, and if the water gives a precipitate, it also affects the readings. Furthermore, this type of counter does not consider the amount of water at low flow rates. Before dismantling, washbasin shut off the hot and cold water. Then remove the old sink. Using a wrench twist with washbasin faucet. Do this carefully, if the mixer will be placed on a new washbasin. Do not damage the lead-in tube mixer. Save, but rather replace all gaskets. Remove the siphon from the old baths. One day bathroom remodeling recommend replacing the old drain trap to the next, or simply replacing the gaskets.

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Now you must make markup. To do so, the future sinks into place. Draw a line along the upper edge of the basin. All work is done at a level that was exactly washbasin. This way you can find out where to make holes for the sink mountings.



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