How makes 5×8 bathroom remodel

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How makes 5×8 bathroom remodel – an issue of interest to many people. In general, to carry out any plumbing installation with their own hands is quite difficult without the appropriate experience and skills. To this question must be approached very seriously, as even small inaccuracies can lead to serious trouble and affect the life of the product. If you do everything right, then an acrylic bath is operated for a long time.

To carry out the installation process you need to prepare the following items: acrylic bathtub, legs, special tie-down hooks, two mounting brackets.

The procedure for installing 5×8 bathroom remodel

Primarily, it is necessary to attach the mounting brackets to the bottom of an acrylic bath with screw. Turning upside down the bath, you need to try and apply strips layout that is designed for drilling holes. Screws and other accessories should be used only from the set of the appropriate type. It should be remembered that the screwing screws made in part with the thickest bath.

The next step is the installation of acrylic baths in its immediate location. At the same time, at the desired height with holes in the walls, hammered dowels and fastened to the special hooks. All connections are made on the screws. Feature of acrylic is its poor property to keep warm. This problem can be solved if we make a special “shirt” which is made of a thin layer of foam. To eliminate cracks and gaps between the bathroom and the walls are commonly used silicon.

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The undoubted advantage when installing bathtubs acrylic type will have experience, and do not interfere and professional advice. Depending on the room where 5×8 bathroom remodel is done the installation, different nuances can occur during operation; therefore it is necessary to foresee everything. One of the most important requirements that must be completed prior to the installation of acrylic baths is the end of all finishing processes and repairs indoors. Final verification of the result of work carried out by testing the stability and tightness. To do this, you need to dial the water in the tub and soak a bit of time. If there are no stains and other unpleasant phenomena, acrylic tub installation can be considered fulfilled correctly.

On the one hand, the choice of the mixer bath – the task is simple, but coming into the store building and seeing the diversity of the proposed models from different manufacturers, you probably think seriously about the upcoming elections. To avoid this, you must first obtain the necessary information and to go shopping armed with knowledge. So, we look at how to choose a faucet for the bathroom.

Types of bathroom faucets

The bathroom taps become more than a year, so you need to choose comfortable and functional models for different needs. They can be divided into the following groups and subgroups:

By function

  • Ball – they are small in size, compact and convenient. They are equipped with a lever-handle, which is easily rotated in opposite directions (from cold to hot water, and thus it is possible to select an optimum water temperature) and ascends / descends to its original position (opening and closing the water);
  • valve – such valves have been used for more than one decade and have two gates, through which regulated the pressure and temperature of the water;
  • Thermostats – mixers which automatically adjust the water temperature at the tap and its head, making them safe to use.
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By 5×8 bathroom remodel type

  • For showers, they usually do not have poured out, and the only shower head, which is worn on the hose. Securing them to the wall
  • For washstands, in most cases, these mixers are mounted on the sink itself, but there are models for mounting on the wall.
  • Bath, can be fastened both to the wall and onto the bath surface. Most often resort to the first embodiment, mounting the mixer in such a way that it can be used over the bath and over the wash basin. Because of this, they are easily damaged and must be repaired or replaced.

How to choose a faucet for the bathroom: avoid mistakes

To make the right choice for a bathroom faucet and not regret it, you must first decide where and for what purpose you will use it. Determine what you need for the features to minimize the scope of the search and the time spent on it. And, already coming to the point of sale, pay attention to quality and the material from which it is made. The majority of the company for the manufacture of used durable plastic or brass. Best Bathroom Faucets – brass, as it is much higher quality, stronger, heavier and therefore more expensive price. But while their lifespan is much longer than plastic. Their extra chrome to improve their appearance.


Also often manufacturers produce taps of mixed materials, which allows you to purchase at a relatively low price attractive to look at the model. If you do repairs in the elegant bathroom, and purchased an expensive plumbing, you need to pick up and appropriate in quality and price, so that they harmonize with each other.



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