Grey bathroom vanity, 12 photo

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There is an opinion that gray color is boring and monotonous. But if to look closer then you will see that this opinion is nothing, but the stereotype based on the grey color perception as something with no face, individuality and zest. So if you are also this kind of person who ignores the possibility of this color using in the interior then just wait until you finish reading this article and than your opinion is never gonna be the same. So let’s start. 

Breaking the stereotypes!

To make the great color looking organically while adding it to the interior you need to remember about the mass of facts that has an influence on the bathroom’s perception that is decorated in a such way.

First of all you will need to find the “neighbors” for such a noble, but moody color. So if to make it all clear paying attention on the light sides, the coloristic rules, the size of the place and the level of its lighting than finally you can get a real masterpiece.

First of all as all the other colors this one has a mass of shades and each of them acts different being combined with the with the other tones. The most well-known of them are:

  • The color of the wet asphalt.
  • The color of the river pearl.
  • The color of the wet stone.
  • The elephant color.
  • The mouse color.

This imposing list really gives the designers the mass of varieties of it’s using.

The material you can use.

If you want to make a cosy interior in the grey shades then you should pay your attention on the wooden furniture elements and it’s accessories. The natural colors of the wood can transform the bathroom made in the grey color and give it a note of a house warm cosines. “Yes, that’s right, but we don’t talk about the bathroom decoration, but we talk just about the bathroom vanities” ,- you will say, and we definitely agree with you and propose you to change this reception upside down by decorating the main bathroom elements and making the whole stylistic in wood and keeping the bathroom vanity and some other pieces and accessories in grey. The wood such as beech, oak, birch, alder, light walnut, svieteniya, afromorsiya, gonkalo, Dusse, spruce and the other types of the wood will perfectly complete all the grey shades. If you want to decorate the bathroom using the natural materials then instead of wood you can use the twisted vine, sea pebble and the stone masonry.

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If you decided to use this color in you interior than we can also suggest you to use some natural elements such as the real plants. You can put a green plant in a pot and place it on your grey bathroom vanity or even decorate your bathroom with the fresh flower buckets. In the first case you gonna add to your bathroom some cosines, and in the second you gonna make it look way more elegant.

Also the grey color looks really organic if you combine it with some unnatural materials such as glass, metal or plastic.

Grey and red – is an organic pair.

Red is one of the most aggressive colors in the color gamma. So if you want to combine it with same kind of bright colors that are also pretty view attracting (such as black, intensive blue or acid-green) you should know that you can rarely make it really good looking with no pressing effect. So here we come again to the idea of the grey color! Even if you decide to use it with on it’s dark elements such as coal or anthracite, in the combination with red it’s gonna look like a calming spot that is gonna give your eyes some rest. So not to overload the bathroom with the bright accents you should use the red color less then the grey.

Usually the designers also mix this composition with white color. It’s aim not just to defuse the situation, but also to make the space looking bigger because the red color has a feature to make the place looking smaller then it is.

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The combination of red and grey is usually used in such styles as high-tech, minimalism and loft. Also can be found in constructivism and the other directions that make an accent on the brave and contrast color mixes.

Grey and white – noble and fresh.

This color tandem is perfect for those who doesn’t want to decorate their bathrooms too colorful, but at the same time wats somehow make the grey more interesting looking. If the bathroom has the windows, it goes on a northern side and has not much space, then it’s better to use the white that has warm shading such as milky and creamy. The same advice keeps working if you have a lighting fixture with the lamp of a cold range. So then this white gonna definitely make it look more warm. If the size of the bathroom is pretty big and the lamps in the lighting fixture have a warm range, then you can use a cold white.

If you gonna use this advice and add some black accent to it, than you gonna have a bathroom made in a Scandinavian style.

Grey and blue.

Besides the blue color grey also looks pretty organic with its close “relatives” such as turquoise and light blue. A really brave decision is to decorate the bathroom vanity cabinet’s facades in the bright blue or even neon colors with the chrome metal elements. Most of the times this decoration solution is suitable for the high-tech interiors. If you want to make your bathroom look more vintage than you can choose a bathroom vanity cabinet made in a grey color with the pearls shading which is better to complete with the light-blue details.

Moreover if your bathroom design is made in a classical style, the combination of blue+grey won’t be unnecessary. In this case you should stop your choice on the restrained noble colors and complete the whole interior with the wooden details.

Grey and Rose.

Depending on which exactly shade of the pink you gonna choose: the super bright pink or the one looking more like powder pink you can decorate the interior in the elegant and feminine style in the first case or super glamorous and pompous in another. But you can also you use of the variants made in a warm shades, especially if you use it in the small size bathrooms, but if you use the brighter ones it’s a possibility that you can make it looking too much pressing.

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If you want to make the strong minimalistic design than you should choose the dark shades of grey. Moreover it will help you to make some kind of light accents.

Grey and the sunny shades.

Yellow and orange in the grey company can look gorgeous only in that case when the grey is the main color. Then it comes the illusion that the grey is kinda backlighted. And it’s not necessary to put all those colors straight on a bathroom vanity cabinet at the same time. All we can propose you to do is to buy or make the grey bathroom vanity cabinet and to complete it with the yellow walls and the orange lighting fixtures. Or in the opposite way, it’s as you wish.


So basically we found out that it’s not enough just to buy the grey bathroom vanity, but it’s also necessary to know how to combine it well with the other interior pieces so it looks harmonically and stylish. The main idea is that the smaller your bathroom is the lighter grey shades you can use, and the opposite is the wider and bigger the area off our bathroom is the darker grey it can be. Moreover don’t forget that you can make the lighting accents by using the active colors such as red, blue and violet or can somehow dilute it by using neutral white or warm yellow and orange.

So we hope that you remember all our advices and make the good choice!



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