Gold bathroom mirror: the available luxury

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Creating interiors in some styles it is very important to pay attention to the details. For example, a mirror in a gold frame for the bathroom – an essential attribute that will emphasize the rich decoration of the room, make it more refined and attractive. In addition, such a product says about the wealth of the owner and its status. Of course, it’s not necessary to buy real gold and pour it from the frame. Such actions are unlikely to be affordable to most people in our country. But to abandon the idea to buy a mirror in a gold frame too, not worth it. After all, framing can be made from anything, and best of all made of wood.

The main rules

You can buy a golden bathroom mirror of different shapes and sizes. From the dimensions and the complexity of the work directly depends on the price. So, carved wooden frame, the exposed gold paint with a variety of decorative elements will cost a bit more expensive than regular rectangle of the same color. So every customer can choose for themselves the option to taste and financial possibilities.

Style and functionality

Choose a mirror depending on the color and style of the bathroom. Lovers of classical music will enjoy the traditional design with lush and pompous frames. Lighting in such products is not provided, therefore, at the planning stage will have to care about the wiring for the lamps.

Followers of contemporary styles more free to Express themselves and choosing a mirror for bathroom. Design and functionality can be very different: any shape, decorative elements, lighting. Models can be equipped with:

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• heated to prevent fogging;
• the hidden function of the monitor (turning the screen for video);
• Wi-Fi enabled;
• built-in radio.

Features mirror for bathroom

Mirrors must withstand high humidity and temperature, so it is better to buy in specialty stores of furniture for bathrooms. Then you can be sure that the mirror really water-resistant. But if there is a suitable model, choose the product with silver coating – it will last longer unlike aluminum coating, although the cost will be more expensive.

• High quality mirror should not distort the reflection.
• If you select carefully inspect the surface for signs of nicks, chips, stains, cracks and other damage.

Universal solution

We talked about what such a product would look great in appropriately decorated living room. But this is not the only place where it can be used. For example, gold bathroom mirror

is another way to decorate a rather trivial place. Enough to successfully pick up the color of the walls or just add a few decorative items, and your bathroom will be transformed, becoming similar to the baths of the Egyptian pharaohs and Greek kings. A little imagination, a little creativity, and even a pretentious design element can be used really anywhere.

Mirror in a gold frame is beautiful. But we should not forget the practical side of the question. After all, in the first place, for this purpose it was invented. We use mirrors do not scratch, do not fade, and have a perfectly smooth surface. Even after a few years as possible will retain their reflective properties, and you don’t have to change it with a new one. Besides, to take care of such an accessory is quite simple, but in today’s market there are a huge number of special tools for delicate surfaces. If you want to buy a mirror in a gold frame, please contact our company and we will advise you on all available issues, will help you to make the right choice and will do all the necessary measurements, to ensure that the product perfectly fits into the interior.

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The mirror frame is a stylish decoration of any room!

The fashion for interior design from professional designers and decorators led to the fact that over the last few decades born a huge number of new styles. Developed new decorative materials and invented interesting techniques, allowing the benefits of working with space. Mirrors were and remain favorite decorative elements among professionals. With the advent of new technologies in the production of decorative moldings, allowing you to make mirror frames not only wood, but also metals of stainless steel and aluminium mirrors in baguette frames embellish the most contemporary interiors.

A bright accent for modern interiors


Gold bathroom mirror is no longer just a mirror, it becomes the perfect decor item and a great assistant decorator. Due to the fact that the baguette can be styled for any interior style whether it be “high-tech”, “Baroque”, “fusion” or popular among the youth all over the world “backlash”, the mirror in the frame will fit harmoniously into the surrounding space. Mirrors in baguette frames invariably draw attention to themselves, with their help you can easily divert the attention from the geometric distortions of the room. Decorators are willing to use mirrors on the wall to visually expand the space, and also as an additional light source.



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