Framed bathroom mirrors: best way to give unique character to any bathroom

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Whatever style and design is chosen for bathroom, it cannot be imagined without mirror or – in some interiors – even several mirrors. Mirrors, being functional objects, play important role in most stylistic solutions.

Though shape of mirror is important indeed, its main decorative element is frame. It is frame that determines stylistic belonging of one particular mirror.

Mirror frames can be classified by their shapes: round, oval, rectangular, square, etc. Frames can be made of different materials: metal, wood, plastic, tiled mosaic, glass and stone.

Framed bathroom mirror can become one of important decor elements, being able to enhance particular style of the room. Designers consider mirror to be way more than just a piece of glass, reflecting objects; instead, it is an essential part of a whole room’s composition, due to its aesthetic and functional roles.

To achieve harmony in mirror and bathroom’s design, it is important to choose and place mirrors correctly.

For example, mirror, thoughtfully placed in a tiny bathroom, can optically add some space to a room. And vice versa – if some essential principles have been ignored, mirror can make a room to look even worse. It is also important to keep in mind that all the objects reflected in a mirror appear to seem larger than they really are.

Simple budget frames

Framed mirrors tend to look more interesting than frameless ones and cost more. It does not necessarily mean you need to spend that much money. There are some neat budget lines as, for example, the ones from IKEA. If bathroom’s interior is mostly simple, then laconic frames would do just fine. Budget framed mirrors are usually made of such modern materials as plastic and metal. There are two main kinds of frames that would match literally any bathroom décor – white and stainless steel, since they would match at least with plumbing facilities. White, black, beige and silver – in other words, neutral colors for frames – can be appropriate in any color scheme of bathroom interior.

For those who like to create something special with their own hands there are some ideas on how to make exclusive handmade frames out of frameless mirror or out of basic framed mirror.

Here are some useful creative ideas on how to make a unique framed mirror out of frameless one:

  • Using acrylic colors, kind of frame is painted along mirror’s perimeter.
  • Small décor elements (rhinestones, seashells and others), secured on the mirror surface by special glue, form a beautiful frame.
  • Buying special frame and sticking it to a frameless mirror.

To add some exclusive touch to a basic framed mirror one can cover it with acrylic color as well as stick some décor to a frame. In many shops special stickers for using in interiors can be found; decorating simple mirror frame with such stickers can make even child; at the same time it helps to change the look of framed mirror momentarily.

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Choosing a right mirror frame: basic or exclusive

There is widest range of framed mirrors that are on sale – from cheap basic ones to antique items which cost fortune. So it is quite not easy to decide on what framed mirror is to be bought for this particular bathroom. There are several basic tips that could help to make this choice easier.

  1. First things first – quality is to be put above all other things. It is strongly recommended to buy mirrors, specially developed for bathroom use as they are tolerant to influence of steam and rapid temperature change. If you found your right mirror far from plumbing department, you can coat both mirror and frame with special protecting liquid.
  2. Take into consideration that mirror frame should match in color and style with other elements of décor. However beautiful this mirror might look in a prospect or on the site of internet shop, if mirror is too big for a room or completely does not fit in its interior, it is not recommended to buy it.
  3. Eyes get tired of highly decorated mirrors (and other interior elements) way more quickly than of basic neutral ones. So if your apartment does not consist of several bathrooms or you can’t afford changing mirrors frequently, it may be wiser to stick with less extravagant mirror. As bathrooms are intended for relaxing, pastel colors and soft shapes are ideal for mirror frames. Some bright colors, appropriate in a hall or living room, might look too aggressive in relaxing space of bathroom.
  4. Huge mirror with unusual decorative frame would become an obvious key figure of the interior so that interior scheme should be played around it. So, if your bathroom is pretty much regular and has no special stylistic idea but you still want exotic framed mirror, it is recommended to buy a small wall framed mirror. It does not make such a statement as large one and can be incorporated in any interior by adding few accessories.
  5. Boldly designed framed mirror that draws all eye sights to it, can make small bathroom appear even smaller. The same trick does large dark framed mirror, especially the one of rectangular shape. For tiniest bathrooms best way to go is either frameless mirror or neutral light-colored frame.

Summing up, it might be said that sometimes it is better to choose simple basic framed mirror while in other cases – to go for unusual designs of frame.

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In budget tiny bathrooms, decorated in minimalistic style, simple framed mirrors would look much more appropriate. Same thing might be said about casual bathroom design with no particular style.

Being an important interior accent, mirrors with unusual frames only then would look good, when they are integrated into a whole interior concept. That’s why it is important to plan mirror design in advance when main interior idea is being developed.

Picture molding: how to frame a bathroom mirror in bohemian style

Nowadays, as retro styles are fancied by many people, framing a bathroom mirror in picture molding becomes popular. Along with pictures and photographs, mirrors can be framed in picture moldings. Such unusual frame would draw attention to a mirror and would bring some new colors into trivial functional interior. Picture moldings are made of different materials; they vary in texture, colors and coatings.

Let’s get through most popular ones:

  • Wooden picture moldings. This is the most expensive material for making this type of bathroom mirror frames. Wooden molding is versatile: there are many various ways of its decor so the right frame can be picked for any bathroom interior. These frames are mainly produced of tropical trees, though such trees as pine are used as well. Due to their dense texture, moldings, made of such trees, last long, staying practically untouched by damaging influence of changing temperatures and humidity. Coating of such frames can vary from natural wooden shades to different colors. Golden and Silver remain classic coatings throughout the years. Natural coating is a way to create truly versatile framed mirrors for bathrooms, made in any interior style and color scheme. Silver and golden framed bathroom mirrors look classy and are luxurious enough to decorate, for example, Victorian inspired bathroom interiors.
  • Aluminum picture mold is more budget material for making mirror frames. Due to aluminum natural characteristics, these frames are not easy to decorate. Though there are some strong points of aluminum frames which cause their wide use.



This is a high quality product. Modern technology of its production enables aluminum frame to bear heavy weights. Thus, it is widely used for framing of large heavy objects. Aluminum frames are coated, using unique features of aluminum. Because of natural absorption of coating by aluminum, frame made of this material looks very natural. Frames, made of aluminum, do not weight much which makes them very convenient in use.

  • Plastic picture mold. Framing bathroom mirror in a plastic mold is one of popular ways. Very realistic replicas of expensive frames can be made out of plastic, which makes it extremely popular. Plastic makes it possible to fake a wooden frame, and this replica is several times less expensive than original frame. This opens huge opportunities for design, even with small budget. Among strong points of plastic, there are such features as resistance to high humidity, temperature changing and simple care. This framing is relatively light-weighted which means it is easy to work with. Due to these entire characteristics plastic framed bathroom mirror is considered to be the most practical. It is not recommended for very heavy mirrors though, because plastic might get deformed.
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There is a huge variety of coatings for plastic frames. While golden and silver molds are thought of as a classic, matt neutral colors can look very interesting. A contrast of lavishly decorated Rococo frame and modest matt white coating, for instance, look very intriguing and sophisticated.  White framed bathroom mirror in this style would look luxurious yet not over the top. White coated luxuriously decorated framed mirror can look very stylish and edgy in total white classic bathroom interior, for example.

Different stylistic solutions for framed mirrors

When choosing a proper frame for bathroom mirror – its size, shape and material -, it is important to consider size of bathroom, its design as well as personal preferences of its owners.

Thus, for high-tech inspired contemporary interiors with domination of cold steel-colored shades aluminum framing will be appropriate. It can have matt, glossy or structured finish.

For recreating modern style monochrome rectangular framed mirror would do, especially in darker shades.

Frames of simple shapes and contrast colors can help creating retro style of mid-20th century.


For rustic, country and Provence inspired styles bathroom mirror in simple wooden frame can become an ideal design solution. This roughly made wooden frame should give an impression of handmade product. Such frame can be purposely distressed – slightly chipped coating would really make it.  To frame bathroom mirror in such antique stile, you can buy it or make it with your own hands.

For classic bathroom subtly carved natural wooden mirror frame would look best. Classic style would be enhanced by oval Venetian frame, for example.

Graceful trim is typical for art-deco style.

For antique style large rectangular mirror in frame, imitating antique columns would look quite interesting.

Framed mirrors for bathroom can match vintage faucet in color and texture. So if there is antique brass or copper faucet, bathroom mirror frame could imitate just the same antique metal.



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