Floating bathroom vanity, 16 photo

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The general bathroom design and moreover the design of the bathroom vanities doesn’t stay on the place the models of the baths, showers and the bathroom vanities are always get modified and renewed and the new styling and functional solutions appear. And here we can definitely talk about the floating bathroom vanity appearing which is an exactly new idea in the bathroom decoration which has already firmly come into the modern design sphere.

As this kind of bathroom vanity has a really interesting style than first we should pay our attention on the mount types.

The bathroom vanities – console or the fully floating bathroom vanities.

The bathroom vanities made on the pedestal or a semi pedestal.

Embed bathroom vanities / the overhead sinks that are getting fixed on the furniture.

This kind of bathroom vanities are well known since the long time, and were really popular in the last century as it’s been really easy to make this kind and even more easy to install. These bathroom vanities were just getting fixed on the kronshteyns or the trumpets that sticked up from the wall. There was nothing under so the communication trumpets were kept not covered.

Nowadays the floating bathroom vanities has really changed and got the way new kind of looking. The sanitary engendering designers made a really good work by making it really chic and modern same as the mount system has changed as well.

Shapes and the forms of bathroom vanities are also so different.

Most of the bathroom vanities have the rounded angles which really fits the ergonomic demands and helps to keep the bathroom clean. The most popular shapes are rectangular and the oval one. The owners of the big or middle-sized bathroom can surely establish the rectangular bathroom vanities which help to wash the face in the comfortable conditions without splashing the water everywhere.

The bathroom vanities are mostly produced for the bathroom rooms of extra class and most of the times, standardly it has the sizes of 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm. there are also some lengthened types which width is around 130 cm. You can buy the floating bathroom vanity with the single or two mixers or it can be even staffed with the ellipse form furniture.

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The floating bathroom vanities have it’s own measurements and standards. Also it should be chosen based on the size of the bathroom perimeter.

  • The width of the bathroom vanities is 35-60 cm.
  • The size 50 cm isn’t already a standard size and these floating bathroom vanities fit well the bathrooms that have the small sizes and usually get established in the guest rooms or the hotels.
  • The optimal floating bathroom vanity sizes are: the wight is 55 cm (it’s gonna be convenient for washing the hands as the water isn’t gonna be splashed around) and the depth is around 25-56 cm.

7 materials the floating bathroom vanities can be made of.

  • Fake stone.
  • Cast iron.

Of cause most the popular bathroom vanities are made of delft. Most of the floating bathroom vanities are made exactly with this material and it’s ceramic surface is getting covered by the special glaze which prolongs the time of it’s exploitation. Because of the glaze the surface gets less porous and less subject to dirt.

The floating bathroom vanities made from glass are getting more and more popular in the lately. And it’s not accidentally because it looks really unusual. But don’t worry that the glass is gonna be damaged because it’s always made from the impact-resistant tempered glass. The only thing you should avoid is the the dotted hits from the big height. Moreover the glass also needs the special caring such as washing with the special chemical cleaning product so you have the streaks and smears.

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We are all used to the fact that the metal sinks are usually made for the kitchens. But it’s not true, because nowadays the models of the metal floating bathroom vanities are also well made even for the bathrooms made in a high-tech style which means that it looks strict and aesthetic. But there is one small limiting in there – it’s really loud. There are some models of this kind of floating bathroom vanities established on a glass tabletop or the metal sink placed on a floating shelf.

The marble floating bathroom vanities and made from the marble chit. It’s really durable, shock-proof, it’s not loud and it’s easy to wash. The only minus is a price because actually it’s pretty expensive.

The alternative solution for the previous variant is the floating bathroom vanities made from the face stone. This decorative material has all the advantages of the marble, but way more cheap.

Such material as cast iron also still didn’t loose it’s actuality in the process of the sanitary engineering making. Cast iron is really strong, but not really expensive material. The floating bathroom vanities made from this are gonna last really long and because of the glaze covering won’t be fouling fast.

Acrylic – is the most popular material nowadays. The baths, bathroom vanities and the sinks are mostly made from this material. It’s advantages are really recognizable:

  • A really smooth surface that doesn’t have any pores so it’s easy to take care about it.
  • A really big choice of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • The possibility of fixing.
  • And what is not less important is a high level of a sound absorption which makes the sound of shaded water really quiet.

But there are some types of the bathroom vanities that combine in itself few different material types at the same time. As for example the main part – console of the floating bathroom vanity called Villeroy&Boch Liaison is made from ceramic, but the main bowl is from the steamed glass. This bathroom vanity looks just gorgeous! The glass complete it with the airiness that’s why it’s also gonna perfectly fit the small bathrooms.

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The floating bathroom vanity installation.

  • The floating bathroom vanities are getting established to the wall by the screws, kronshteyns or the installations.
  • The wall should be really lasting that’s why it’s not possible to establish the floating bathroom vanity on a wall made from the gypsum plasterboard wall because there is a possibility that it’s not gonna handle such a big weight of the barroom vanity.
  • Make the first mark on the height of 80-85 cm from the floor. Then link this mark to the mark of the bathroom vanities’s height that is gonna be next to the wall.
  • Now make of marks of the kronshteyn’s mount and make the dots for drilling the holes.
  • Drill the holes, hummer the dowels, fix the kronshteyns to the wall and hang a floating bathroom vanity on it.
  • The well installed bathroom vanity shouldn’t be moving or shaking.
  • The water and sewer pipes should be recently hided inside the wall. For this you need to sew it up inside of gypsum plasterboard which means to make a fake wall. A good advise is to establish the mixer before you start the installation because after it’s gonna be so much harder to make.
  • If the bathroom mixer is getting installed not on the sink, but on the wall, then the pipes are also getting covered by the gypsum plasterboard.


If you keep the floating bathroom vanity’s siphon not covered then it’s better to establish made in chrome which is gonna look really good. In this case the floating bathroom vanity established on a semi pedestal is gonna look more strictly and solidly.



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