Espresso bathroom wall cabinet, top photo

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And we still keep talking about the bathroom cabinets as about one of the most important pieces I. The bathroom furniture and interior generally. You should wonder what the espresso bathroom cabinets can generally mean and it’s pretty fair, because you start to hear this phrase from more and more people that you know as you best friends just made the bathroom repairing and we’re talking about the espresso bathroom wall cabinets again and again. So then you were trying to google it and what we can actually see?

No real information, just the advertisement: they are all the different shape and has the different structure as inside as outside having the different decoration elements. And that’s right. But look closer! What do we see now? Right! It’s all the same color! The coffee color! May be you gonna ask yourself why it’s not called coffee than or just simply brown with the golden shading? Well, probably because “espresso” is really the best description of it.

How to choose the espresso bathroom wall cabinet?

Well, here we have all the same advices as we give in any article about the bathroom cabinets, especially, about the wall bathroom cabinets. And they are all going around the same things such as:

Of cause it should match with the rest of the interior. Let’s simply say that the espresso bathroom cabinets: all of them – doesn’t matter if it’s base or wall, or even floating like a bathroom vanity – it’s all kinda dark brown, like a really strong man color that will fit any bathroom with the minimal or conservative style as is color really reminds about the old times and the furniture that had been always placed in the cabinets of the nation leaders. But we are talking about another thing and can’t not to notice that if you think and look at it more clear you will understand that the espresso bathroom wall cabinets won’t fit any bathroom and the smaller it is the harder it’s gonna be to place this kind of a furniture in there. Why? Because this kind of colors are supposed to look strong and gorgeous, but same as any aristocrat it need it’s “zone comfort” or simply space, but if you gonna place it in the smaller bathroom then it definitely gonna be pressing on the rest of the furniture kinda soaking the whole light from the bathroom me making e small bathroom looking even smaller.

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Your own functional preferences. Of cause the variants that the furniture shop can provide you with can always success you as only you know which exactly bathroom wall cabinet you want and need and what functional side it should have. What do we ,Dan by the functional side is exactly the quantity of the shelves and the space between them inside of the wall bathroom cabinet. Well, it’s not really possible to establish and find the one with the mirror on its surface as the color here is the main thing and we see it more on it’s facade.

We should also say something about the materials it can be made from and it’s gonna be finitely be one more advantage. Most of the espresso bathroom wall cabinets are made from wood and it’s gonna be logical if you ask at least yourself why it’s an advantage. That’s fair, butte thing is that this is a perfect material for such a color as espresso and yes, here we choose the material to the color and not opposite as usually do. Moreover as you could maybe notice – the cabinet’s doors look pretty thick which makes this bathroom cabinets looking even more solid and talked about the quality with no words. It’s sure that in this case the material should have a special moisture-proof layer and generally should be treated in a special way because they are gonna be placed in an area with the high level of moisture, but the product it’s already thought about it and provided us with the best quality. Only the price is the matter.

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Of cause we should say that this kind of furniture is pretty expensive as it’s not just looking presentable, but also the best materials were used to make this kind of furniture and don’t even think that it can be just made from the simple DSP and colored the same, no. And you can see it on the decoration details as they are all thick and mostly fixed to the furniture by the small building nails.

The name companies producing this kind of the bathroom wall cabinets:

Italy and France. Italy produces just really amazing quality bathroom wall cabinets – moreover it’s really Italian style as they like this kind of strictness in the interior. Same we can tell about the France because the decor elements on some espresso bathroom cabinets look so French which is almost the synonym to “gorgeous” and “rich”. France doesn’t produce the furniture much, but at least it has its famous flea markets where you can find the gorgeous almost antic looking espresso bathroom cabinets that you can find only in the single variant.

Finland. It’s easy – Finland has a really rich stock of the wood and maybe one of the best wood masters all around the world that can turn a simple wooden trunk into the real masterpiece.

China. China is just the provide of everything for the whole planet already and actually it’s such a cliche that all the Chinese product is so fake and and has the low quality because the Chinese are getting experienced faster then anyone including the new technologies and saving the best from the last experiences

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So nowadays we can definitely use some of the product kinds and be perfectly satisfied.

So hopefully this article helped you somehow and now you gonna make a right choice!



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