Dye bathroom vanity

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Some people think that gray is such a sad and inexpressive color, but it’s not really true. By using this color you can make unbelievably elegant and stylish atmosphere that will take a good work about your taste in style and fashion without saying a word, but if you don’t combine it well, then the result can be. So what is the most attractive attractive side of the gray color and in which cases you can definitely use this color and what secrets we should know about that gonna help to make our result the most visible.

The amazing features of the gray color.

The gray color can fill the interior with the atmosphere of warmness and stability. It is some kind of an anti-stress therapy for those who lives in the fast pace of the big city having a daily stress and competing. This psychological effect is getting more visible if to mix it with white and other neutral colors. Moreover the dominating gray can become a perfect background for such intensive colors as red or bright blue. But in this case the grey should be chosen right and in the smart way of using it you can kinda backlight the main color.

One more important aspect you should take into accounting is that gray is really able to mute the “shouting” colors and the unnaturalness of it and it’s syntactical part. You can also mix gray with any other color to make it more calm which makes it more attractive and cozy looking.

The gray psychological aspects.

The color perception is getting dictated by the established stereotypes, the personal experience and the moment emotional state. Our subjective “like” or “don’t like” perfectly reflects our color accepting so if you come to gray again and again than you definitely have the reasons for it.

Gray color in the bathroom vanities is made for the elegant personalities which are far from conservative state of mind. It’s main feature is that it’s able to make the atmosphere of truly calmness, stability and credibility.

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But it’s slow monotonous will work in a negative way for those who are inclined to usual depression. But at the same time it’s pretty easy to make the interior made in gray to be the most wanted place after the full day of working in the world where you “work hard, play hard”. And it’s obvious that the level of the stress increasing can definitely explain why the interest to this color is getting more and more obvious.

The gray color shades that can be used for the bathroom vanities decoration.

The perfect neutral gray color is a simple mix of white and black. It leaves you with the feeling of the clearness and freshness and can perfectly fit with the rest of the colors. So if you take the classical gray as the main color than you will get a mass of variants of the light and elegant designing solutions. But don’t forget that grey can include the other colors itself. The wide gamma of shades from the yellow-brown to the light blue of the one with the slip of green. It helps to make the color mix that need the special caring. For example, the yellow-gray mixed with the brown shades can look really psychologically pressing, especially if it covers more than just one wall. So to make sure it’s all gonna look perfect you need to see this color close to the others that you are planning to use. The art taste and the intuition will help you in this.

The color of the bathroom vanity in an expensive frame of the grey color.

The interior where only the gray color and it’s shades are used is a really rare thing and not so many people are ready for such an interior. Most of the times the design includes few colors which are being based on the gray background even if it’s a bit dull. And in a opposite way, the purple and acid-green baking in a neighborhood with the gray color looses its brightness. In this case especially the extra lights can define the emotional effect on the human’s psychology.

  • the intense yellow, orange and red will provide you with the right energy and helps to fight depression.
  • The blue color will let your fantasy free and help you to relax.
  • The green one will calm you down physically and emotionally.
  • The purple color will provide you with the inspiration.
  • The gold color will recuperate.
  • The black one turns any chaos into order.
  • The lemon-green will sharpen the mind and clear conscience.
  • The pink one make you gifted with love and heals a depression.
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Gray bathroom vanity base with the purple or pink details.

This is one of the most effective and tense combinations. The purple color is more restrained and this is the color of the mature passion. Pink is more frivolous and romantic and perfectly fits any bathroom.

Gray and blue combination for the bathroom vanities.

A cold, elegant combination of the gray and blue fits more the living rooms and the bed rooms than the bathrooms and the kitchens. These colors are deprived of the male or feminine beginning”s accent so it’s gonna be the same attractive for both of them. To make this color bathroom vanity looking more smooth, you can definitely place it to the bathroom which walls have the patterns or some draws.

Gray and yellow combination in the bathroom base vanities.

It definitely looks like some kind of a happy celebration because yellow brings a note of happiness and the sunny warm. It’s brightly shining on the gray background in case if it’s not too much yellow.

Gray and red or orange combinations for the bathroom vanities.

We can definitely say that this combination is a really bright and exciting one. For it’s smoothing it’s advised to use more gray and to dilute it with the creamy color shadings. Red is usually used only like an accent color of the accessories and decor elements. But orange can be used in a really big quantity as its way less aggressive that the previous one. And the last thing to note is that those combinations are used really successful in the bathrooms made in high-tech style.

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Gray and green combination for the bathroom base vanities.

The green color doesn’t really “shine bright like a diamond” on the gray as the others can do. It’s a really calm and peaceful color and can be definitely used in the Eco-style bathrooms. This interior solution is interesting, but a bit too easy so definitely won’t fit your expectations of you were dreaming about something truly gorgeous.

Gray and beige combinations for the bathroom base vanities.

If you are not brave enough to turn all your bathroom interior into the monochrome side, but you still don’t want it to be too much bright then you should definitely pay your attention on this variant. Why? Beige can be easily called the warn analogue of gray and will make you feel comfortable and definitely won’t annoy you. Moreover, beige can be used just like a frame to the bathroom vanities made in the different shades of grey.

Gray and brown combinations for the bathroom base vanities.

This combination is a bit too problematic and it’s able to somehow press the atmosphere around you. But if you are the man living alone, than it can play its role pretty well. More standard variant is the wooden bathroom vanity with the golden shades that has the grey colors details like the hangers of a frame. Looks fresh, but not too much annoying at the same time.


So here we are leaving you a really big choice of the gray color combinations for your bathroom vanity making and we hope it’s gonna help you to make your perfect choice.



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