Dye bathroom vanity, how to choose, tips

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How to choose the right type of a bathroom vanity.

If to talk about the varieties of the bathroom vanities that the market provide us with we can notice that there are many of them including the different types of form and colors. Some of them are made for the big bathrooms and some for the really small ones. If to talk about the forms and the types on the bathroom vanities than it really depends on the shape of the sinks. It can be:

  • Overhead figured.
  • Overhead rectangular.
  • Embed with the different forms and sizes.

There are some exclusive forms of the sinks, for example, rounded or oval. That means that in every case we gonna have some or another constructive features.

The floating bathroom vanity is a really good variant for those who want to save the space in the small bathrooms. The floating bathroom vanity free the space on the floor and let to quickly and with no problems clean the bathroom floor. This type of bathroom vanities can be done in such different styles as high-tech, eco-design and the others. But the most important is that it can be made by yourself.

The floor bathroom vanity is the most popular variant. It’s constructive features make most of the functions come true. Such as covering the pipes and also it allows to keep under it some small bathroom stuff. But anyway, it’s not gonna be convenient in the small bathrooms, only if it’s gonna have the really small sizes itself. Most of the times it’s really huge which doesn’t make it possible to establish the washing machine.

The angular bathroom vanity. If you leave in a really small house, then the angular bathroom vanity is just gonna be what you really need because most of the time’s it’s bathrooms are really small as well. Moreover, there are some models that are not just angular, but also floating that will safe even more space. And that will allow to place more things in the bathroom. But the things is that it’s almost impossible to cover the pipes in it so maximum for what it can be used is to keep the extra toilet paper, hair dryer and stuff like this. If you decided what kind of bathroom vanity you want to make, then you should definitely desire where you want to place it. This fact will also effect which bathroom vanity is better to make. The bathroom vanity choice will be effected by your choice of where you want it to place. After its installation it shouldn’t make you fell uncomfortable. So think about the following moment while establishing it.

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If the sink is already established than there is nothing rally to choose, only if you are not planning to do the redevelopment. In this case you can really choose any place in your bathroom.

In some cases the place choosing really depends on the placement of such communications as sewerage and water supply.

While planning the bathroom sanitary engendering placement make a map or plan of the sanitary pipes wiring in such way so finally you can establish the bathroom vanity in every place you want.

If the bathroom vanity is gonna have some shelves then make sure that the pipes don’t prevent it’s placement.

A really important moment is also not just the height of the bathroom vanity, but the entering fittings for the sink’s switching. It conserves also the sewerage pipes.

If to talk about the pipe’s form here most of the things depend on your bathroom’s area size. If it’s small than you will need to be contented by the floating one. And logically if your bathroom area is big enough then you can choose even the one that is placed on the floor. The most important thing is to smartly use the space you have.

The purchased bathroom vanity’s assembly.

If you don’t have the time to produce all the pieces for the future bathroom vanity by yourself than you can buy the ready bathroom vanity which you just need to purchase. In the most situations you will get a detailed instruction and also the pieces of it.

  • The bottom;
  • Two side walls;
  • Accessories;
  • Two jumpers;
  • Two doors;
  • The decorative façade;
  • The legs.
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Some of the bathroom vanity types can be a bit different, but most of he times it’s done in the following way.

So let’s see what the purchasing means.

  • First of all you should drill the holes in the bottom and in the walls of it.
  • Then you make a construction using the side walls, the bottom and the jumpers. On this stage you should make sure you tighten the bolts really tight.
  • The next step is the mixer’s establishing which get tightly pressed to the sink. There are also getting installed the pipes for the old and hot water.
  • Then the siphon is getting installed.
  • When everything is ready, the sink is getting layied on the bathroom vanity and get fixed by the special bolts that usually go in the set with the bathroom vanity’s pieces. Then you should drill the extra holes in the walls and it’s diameter should fit the holes on the sink itself. On this stage the whole bathroom vanity is almost complete except for the doors.
  • The doors are getting installed in the end. In the end it shouldn’t cling to each other so regulate it after the establishing. Pay your attention on the fact that when the bathroom vanity is established you won’t have a possibility to fix the bolts so you should do it well from the beginning.

So you can see that installing and establishing is a really simple process. For sure you will need the special tools for it. But the whole another thing is when you need to make all the pieces by yourself because than its gonna take way more time.

What to make the diy bathroom vanity from.

One of the main demanding is the moisture-proof. It’s really important because the bathroom is a place of it’s high level and moreover it’s obvious that that bathroom vanity is gonna be mostly in the contact with water. So if your bathroom vanity won’t have this characteristic then it will fast turn from themes looking to the one that can totally go to the dump. Another important thing to know is if it needs to have an extra decoration or not and also what kind of texture it has. Don’t forget that the bathroom vanity should make the interior look more interesting, but not to spoil it. And the choice of the materials is really wide:

  • If you noticed most of the cabinets are usually made from this material. It consists of well pressed wooden fibers. And because of the glueing material the MDF panel easily copes with the temperature and moisture changings. Moreover it’s really easy to make the cabinet of the bathroom vanity from this material.
  • Wood is already way more expensive then the previous material. Of cause the well treated wood gonna last way longer, moreover this material easily mKe home looking more warm and cosy. Talking about the technical characteristics wood doesn’t really like the moisture and can soak it inside getting bigger. So pay your attention that you will need to take more care about this material and work more on it.
  • Plastic is really good if you don’t have that much money for the house repairing. Of cause it’s not gonna look gorgeous, but at least it’s gonna last really long and not even afraid of the moisture. So from the practical side this material is really amazing.
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Glass. If you want to make the bathroom vanity that you gonna be proud about then you can definitely make the one made from the glass. You will definitely need the glass with the big thickness, but the main limiting is the cost, because it can be really expensive so you should think really carefully before getting this variant.



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