Double sink bathroom vanity, top tips and photo

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In the conditions of the modern tendentious to the global perfection especially in the building part and the interior designing we have recently got such a new sanitary engineering tandem as the double sink bathroom vanity. This is a species of a traditional bathroom vanity represented by the two storage tanks linked on a base of one bed. The construction is single, but we have many of the execution options. A novelty is definitely made for the big bathrooms so this decision can interest those who has an extra space with many square meters on it. So let’s talk today about the advantages and the limitings of this bathroom vanity so you can surely decide if you need it or not.

What can you need the double sink bathroom vanity.

But first let’s see if you really need it or just want it as an element of chic. The double sink bathroom vanity is a new designing solution which is not just gonna make your bathroom look more charming but also will bring the ponderable practical advantages competing to the ordinary single sink bathroom vanity. This double sanitary engendering solves one important problem such as comfortable bathroom using by every family member.

First of all its comfortable. The double sink bathroom vanity makes it possible to keep a safe calm morning atmosphere because in this case two people can have the morning bathroom procedures which is really important because we all know how morning time is precious.

Second of all it helps to keep the hygiene of the whole family members as one of the sinks can be given to the children so you can make sure that they are not in a contact with the adult’s bacterias. Or you can even use another sink while another one is getting disinfected.

Moreover you are getting the possibility to organize you own private space as you want by putting your favorite soap at hand or place the shelves on which you gonna put your personal hygienic and make up stuff.

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If to talk about the limitings then we can say that the double sink bathroom vanities almost don’t have them. The only thing is that the place you will need to wash is getting a bit bigger which obviously is gonna take more time, but for a good housewife having the good cleaning product it’s not gonna be the problem. Moreover the bathrooms in the modern flats are really pretty big so this variant of bathroom vanities can really be perfect.

The types of the double sink bathroom vanities and it’s installing variants.

The main signs the double sink bathroom vanities are getting classified with.

  • A shape: it can be squared, rectangular, rounded or oval.
  • The material: metal, ceramic, glass, marble and granite.
  • The type of mount: with the mount on the wall, mount on the pedestal and embedding.

Talking about the constructive solutions the double sink bathroom vanities can be very different. It helps to choose in every situation the right bathroom vanity that is gonna fit exactly your kind of the interior. For example, there can be a single mixer, but a long pallet fitting both of the sinks at the same time. Or there can be a long pallet having two mixers.

The other variant is to establish two sinks linked together. Between the most respectable models we can notice the ones made from the real or a fake stone. A very practical solution is to establish the double sink on some kind of a bathroom cabinet or a simple bathroom vanity as we call it. It’s a really great idea because then you have a space to keep all your bathroom towels and the other inventory. The esthetical part just wins from the cabinet completing, it looks really harmonically together.

Double sink bathroom vanity is a perfect solution for the big bathrooms.

The main advantage of the big bathrooms is a possibility to use the big areas in the way you want. It’s pretty logical, but if you think more carefully about this fact you understand how lucky you are if you are the one of those big house’s owners. Because unlike you the most of the citizens have the small flats and can place only the things that are really impossible to leave without fighting for every centimeter of the area. While the big bathroom give such an opportunity to make all your decoration wishes come true and if you decide to work with the designer than you can be sure that he is gonna be glad to have such a big area to proof his master skills. Moreover, this bathrooms don’t give you the opportunity to place here just what is impossible to live without, but also that kind of furniture and sanitary engineering that you can just wish.

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So especially for those beautiful and elegant bathrooms the furniture producers constructed the double sink bathroom vanities and that what most of the big bathroom’s owners prefer. So let’s find out how to choose the right double sink bathroom vanity:

How to choose the right double sink bathroom vanity.

First of all you need to decide which kind of sink you will choose to embed inside of the bathroom vanity and what is even more important is what shape this sink is gonna have. When you are buying this type of bathroom furniture don’t forget also to check all the installing details because there are really lots of nuances you should know about before buying and depending on that it’s gonna be more clear how long this bathroom vanity is gonna last.

If you have lost of personal hygienic things, towels and some kits apathy you should pay your attention on the quantity of the shelves inside and think about its perfect way of placement which is gonna work for you better. Moreover, this type of bathroom furniture can be aquifer with the special basket made for a dirty clothe collection which is super functional and can be really useful so we advise you think bout this possibility as well. So the main idea is to think as much about the functional side as its just possible.

How to install the double sink bathroom cabinet.

Most of the times to install this kind of bathroom vanities you hire a special master who does it for you as its really not simple to do it on your own, but we can still say few words about it. The only thing that makes this process easier is the fact that most of them are already equipped with the special installing system and all you need to do is just to follow the certain. We will just shortly talk about the main kinds of their types:

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The base double sink bathroom vanity. This is the first and the most popular one and surely it’s installing is same easy and clear as the floor installing provides you with the lasting and ergonomic using of the bathroom vanity’s inside space.


The wall double sink bathroom vanity. This variant means the installing of the bathroom cabinet under the two sinks. This type of installing is good in the way that it helps not to fill the whole space with the bathroom vanity and to have the possibility to clean on and under the bathroom vanity. Moreover it’s getting less sensitive by its location to the moisture which is really important in the bathroom. You shouldn’t also forget that by this installing type the mount should have a maximum strength so it doesn’t fall on your feet. So it’s actually more advised to buy the bathroom vanities on the legs than to choose the floating model. Also don’t forget to chalk that the inside shelfs don’t cross with the pipes.



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