Double sink bathroom vanity, 72-60-48 inch, photo

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To fill the space in the same style where nothing crosses each other, has the same decor elements and looks harmonically in the whole space is what exactly the modern designers are doing producing the new functional and esthetical solutions that we definitely need in our daily life. And this is the exact principe of the well-equipped bathroom where everything should be convenient and well-thought. Generally convenience is the way of the most perfect and optional using of the space, the free possibility to get what you want. And the key to all of this is hided in every element of our bathroom including the bathroom vanity.

Even this choosing process seems to be easy, actually you can get a mass of dilemmas and doubts while buying it and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

Of cause if you want to make everything just really perfect looking and resist any possibility to make a doubt than you can ask the designers help who will definitely help for some amount of money. But if you are used to count on yourself and don’t want to pay anyone for such a thing than you should read a following article. But still, don’t forget that some fresh looking from the side has never been an unnecessary thing.

The double sink bathroom vanity.

The double sink bathroom vanity is the best solution nowadays. The possibility of varieties the sanitary engineering shops provide us with nowadays are so different so you can easily loose your mind while choosing. The double sink’s constructions with the bathroom vanities or without is so popular and convenient nowadays so most of the people just refuse the possibility of choosing the old conservative variants. The modern double sink bathroom vanity is a gorgeous and fantastic alternative to the typical sink or a bathroom vanity with the single sick established just for one person. Because that variants looks just like a simple relic of the past. Nowadays the people are looking for the variants that will let them have the luxury life details in every aspect of their life’s even in the bathrooms where you can actually make some kind of a personal kingdom. But don’t be in a hurry because you should definitely use some time to choose the right kind of the double sink bathroom vanities and think clearly about all the details as the bathroom furniture is usually getting established not just for a year, but for so many.

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For the perfect composition you should smartly use 3 points such as:

  • A bathroom vanity.
  • A sink (double sick).
  • A mixer.

So for now everything is clear and the next step we should do is to choose the right bathroom vanity’s. It’s not difficult to make it if you generally follow the main principe of keeping everything looking in the same kind of style that perfectly complete each other and generally look harmonically. For your dream coming true all you need is a good taste (or a taste of your designer) and two main sources: money and time. But all of this can be way easier if you choose a double sink bathroom vanity as the house of the modern man should be functional from the floor to the ceiling.

How to choose the right size of the double sink bathroom vanity.

The double sink bathroom vanities make it possible to get the ready set of the bathroom furniture with the exact form and color that we can only need and receive the effect we want. Generally the double sink bathroom vanity solution is really interesting and will fit your interior on,y if your bathroom is big enough. But just imagine what you’ll get – mom can easily make her hair done while her child is cleaning the teeth preparing for the school and no one will interrupt or hurry each other. And since then all your mornings will go in the comfortable and calm atmosphere where the main resource – time is effectively saved.

First thing you should pay your attention while choosing the right bathroom vanity is who is gonna use it. Because if there are two adults who wanna order online or buy such a bathroom furniture than they can definitely stop their attention on the bathroom vanities that width is smaller, but the sinks are deeper. But if you have some children home than its more effective and safe (for the space around) if you gonna choose the bathroom vanity’s with the bigger width and the smaller depth of the sink so the water is not gonna be spoiled all around.

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The huge variation of the double sink bathroom vanities choice.

Some of the producers make the whole bathroom vanity projects with no joints or connections. They can be done to with the really thick walls, but still can be really lasting, or they can be cut with the perfectly straight angle, but still have the different forms. And it’s gonna be a perfect choice of you want to have the “aggressive” looking bathroom vanity. Is it gonna be a dull structure or more wide and convincing material – only you can choose and decide. Moreover you can choose the same kind of color for the whole double sink bathroom vanity or make it in a color composition with the different decorative elements. And the same kind of advices also fit the bathroom vanity top situation.

Moreover the main sink or both of them can be made from such a variety of materials as natural or fake stone, glass and etc.

The natural stone looks really noble, but surely has a bigger price and needs to have a really lasting bathroom vanity under as its gonna have a really big weight and can simply break it if the bathroom vanity isn’t able to keep it and you can definitely agree that in this case it’s even dangerous for your life.

The fake stone will definitely cost less, but also has the different a forms and colors which makes it easy to use all its advantages in the bathroom decoration.

The 60, 48, 72 inch double sink.

The 60 inch double sink bathroom vanities is one of the most popular variants. It’s big enough, but not too much, especially if to take into accounting that this is the width without the bathroom vanity. So if you had enough place for the 60 inch double sink than you gonna fully enjoy the pleasure of the daily self washing. Moreover size size is also gonna be enough to do some other stuff like a baby quick washing or the shoes cleaning.

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Thinking logically 72 inch double sink bathroom vanities are just too big and it’s gonna look good only of your bathroom is just enormously big, like almost huge. Which I think you understand isn’t really convenient or even comfortable and will perfectly fit only if you have the children because then you can be definitely sure that no water is gonna be splashed around.

And 40 inch double bathroom vanities are able to look good only if your bathroom is really small. Most of all those sinks are never deep enough so you can be sure that the water is gonna be splashed all around. Generally the sinks with this size are usually getting established in the restaurant or cafe’s bathrooms where customer’s comfort in the bathroom isn’t a priority and it’s used just for the simple hygienic procedures.


So hopefully we helped you a bit nervous you gonna use our advices to make a choice. Don’t forget that any detail here is important and moreover you can make another interesting accent by choosing an extravagant bathroom mixer that doesn’t become just an interesting interior element, but also will help you to use all the double sink bathroom vanities’ advantages.



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