Diy bathroom decor

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How to decorate the bathroom with their own hands and make the original? Overhaul including installation of new sanitary ware, tiles and other innovations is not possible to do in the apartment, but there is a great desire to freshen the interior. The task is difficult. But it can be done independently, without asking anyone for help.

Design made with your own hands has such directions:

1.Decorative trim or ceiling decoration and bathroom walls.

2.Changing the lighting (installation of new and replacement of old, change location).

3.Replacing or adding curtains and carpets.


When designing a bathroom, consider how you can change the decor or add their own hands.

Ideas for decoration diy beach bathroom decor

Ceiling Decor and bathroom walls with his own hands – it is the foundation of your creative transformation of the premises. Therefore, consider in advance what kind of harmony with the background color palette you prefer for your bathroom? It is especially important to decide what design you intend to implement, if the walls are covered with plastic or lined with tiles.

Decor small bathroom look great, if the walls are light. It is better when the colors one at the apartment. This interior is stylish, but it is to your taste.

A winning combination is a white ceiling, white walls and dark tones of the floor. This combination of the dark with the light, visually raise the ceiling a small bathroom.

Decorating  4 ideas with their own hands

1.Fast and cheap, you can change the interior of the bathroom, paint the walls. The new design with their own hands to change the overall atmosphere in the room and would be against the prevention of mold fungus. The paint will hide the imperfections of the walls, and each color carries its general atmosphere. It will change.

2.When you choose a new color for the bathroom walls, consult with professionals – designers, not just rely on your own taste. The best wall decor for a small bathroom in warm pastel colors and are especially good pale yellow or beige. Or turquoise, navy blue, sky blue and other shades of green and blue, will remind you of the sea, travel and lift mood in the morning for the whole day.

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3.Today, popular decorations, which adorn the walls of the apartment. He is one of the stickers. Stickers are made of vinyl, which is not afraid of high humidity bathroom. Labels can not buy, decorate the interior, painted with using homemade stencils, such as plumbing and abstract mirror. Be creative.

4.Try to realize conceived design, such as “Sea Breeze”. Curtains and other elements to choose a similar color scheme. For example, stand for a toothbrush and a bar of soap can be purchased with a floating inside the shells that add color to the bath room decor. Or lay on the shelves of shells and sea pebbles, it will remind you of summer vacation at sea and cheer up in the morning or not relax in the evening.


Looking a bit into the future, we will see the original decorated bathroom design, made with his own hands. It is decorated in “decoupage” style. The free version, both in his style arrange the room. Place your order in a flat with their hands.

Materials for decoration

To realize the idea of the materials needed. Buy any large supermarket, with a pattern that is like, paper napkins. Usually, 50 pcs. per bundle. They will last for decor. Your interior will be a highlight.

You will need paint and glue (special) for decoupage. If a nail will not find, buy acrylic. Require: Golden outline for decoupage and brushes (take soft). Set Ready, begin to embody in life is conceived design.

jewelry Technology 4 steps

Take the prepared tissue, expand and carefully cut out the pattern. Embodying design – buying napkins, choose brighter picture to stand out against the background of the tiles or other skin, but was in the same range of colors such as blue.

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1.Carefully remove the bottom of the napkin. Attach a picture to a tile on top and soak the glue. We coat the entire surface, do not leave the bubble.

2.Wipes are ideal for decoupage, they repeat the tile surface. It seems that the picture on it has always been. The cured adhesive is transparent and not visible. Cover the surface with varnish. For durability, in two layers.

3.Using the circuit for decoupage on tile edges have the opportunity to put their hands pattern, which is similar to the basic pattern. The same pattern repeat on the other tiles. Optional on each, you can make drawing on a square of 9 tiles, for example.

4.Technology decoration of any object in the bathroom is the same. Embody design. You can decorate a basin for washing, stand for toothbrush, bar of soap, a bucket of garbage and the cover of the toilet bowl. Get the original interior, filled with his own hands.

Making carpet

Put a nice fluffy rug in the bathroom and enjoy the comfort. Rug buy dark or light solid color. If you like, with abstract patterns, floral patterns or pictures of animals. It’s nice, take an invigorating shower or bath, sink bare feet in a fluffy rug. Life consists of small pleasures.

Strips bath decoration

For many people, the shelves in the bathroom – it’s a simple piece of furniture, but not the design. On the shelves are powders are sponges, and often, they are simply clogged with trash, which are not currently needed at hand. But the shelf in the bathroom and can perform completely different role. Recently we talked about what can be shelves for the bathroom and how much they change the interior and content, but they are also much more – their best original decor empty walls and high-quality equipment of bathroom of any size. Wooden shelves in the bathroom, metal and glass shelves made of stone and ceramics – all of them can become a marvelous décor, you only choose the shelves in style and try to fit them into the overall design in harmony.

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Naturally, the shelves do little to change the look of the internal space of the bathroom, but the objects they set – easily. On the shelves of fine wood combined shelves of glass and metal, as well as shelves of other materials, you can always place the vases and vessels for special colors, creams, lotions. Also, install these shelves you can type the original container with sea salt, flavoring agents, foaming bath. Their plane can be placed and other objects bathroom decor, but everything depends on the style, the overall content and your preference.

The paintings to decorate the bathroom


Few of us versed in painting and writing style paintings, but we do not need to go back to the Renaissance, or to seek a work of the Renaissance, as in the bathroom, such work will be useless. We need just a beautiful picture in the style of the original frame, with a positive image. This may well be a classic bath nautical theme, or views of nature, which we taste, the painting above the sink or around the screen for changing clothes can portray even still lifes and paintings in modern baths to be as minimalistic, with elements such as Cubism.

But, unfortunately, not in each bathroom are possible such decorations as a picture in a small bathroom can only be small, and not as an additional decoration but as an accent room comfort, so here is worth considering. Pictures may look bright accent on neutral background bath.



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