White bathroom mirrors for any interior: Discover white magic

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White color is unique in many ways. Being neutral, it is the brightest color at the same time. White is formed by adding all colors of color spectrum which means that it perfectly goes along with any colors and shades. When paired with dark or very intense colors, white helps creating contrast. These unique features of white open great opportunities for using this color in design. Thus, white bathroom mirrors are widely used in various bathroom interiors.

10 reasons to choose white bathroom mirror

The only negative aspect of white mirrors can be said is that such color requires frequent cleaning indeed. So let’s move on to the motives for preferring white colored bathroom mirrors.

White color symbolizes purity which makes it a perfect color for a room, main purpose of which is to get clean. On psychological level perception of white color can be described as safe and calming which is ideal for the second main purpose of modern bathroom – pampering and psychological retreat.

White color has a quality of brightening up the rooms. Since most of standard bathrooms have no windows, white interior decor helps the room to look more lighted and, thus, more positive.

White elements help to create an illusion of more spacious room. Not many standard city bathrooms can boast of enough space so any trick is of great value.

Many inevitable bathroom elements as sink, tub and toilet are naturally white. So it makes a perfect match with white framed bathroom mirrors.

One of traditionally used colors for bathroom tile is white – either plain white or white tile with some décor on it. Yet another popular color scheme for bathroom is white tiles plus tiles if contrast color as green, blue, red, black, etc.

Once again, white is the most popular color for bathroom furniture, such as vanity and cabinets. White towels and toiletries accessories are classics, too.

White colored mirror fits in any style.

White mirror naturally looks in any color scheme – both colorful and neutral. It can play as an accent or complimenting color with equal success.

White mirrors can survive through remodel since there is 99% probability they would perfectly fit in new interior.

White mirrors, as a clean canvas, can serve a base for any decoration ideas whenever your eyes get tired of their simplicity.

White bathroom mirrors in different color schemes

There are three main approaches to color schemes of interiors, in which white mirrors can be used.

Monochrome totally white bathroom. In absolutely white interior white framed bathroom mirror is a must. In monochrome interior textures and shapes become important elements of décor. Type, size and frame of bathroom mirrors can vary, depending on interior concept. For minimalistic, modern and high-tech white bathroom rectangular or square plastic framed mirror would look optimal way. For luxurious classic interior white oval mirror with richly decorated frame would fit perfectly. Wooden white frame would add some texture and prevent mirror from vanishing in white color surroundings.

Contrast duo-color scheme. Most popular combinations with white are white plus black, white plus blue, white plus red, white plus yellow or orange. In such interior styles white mirror plays the role of contrast and draws attention so it is very important to choose high quality mirror in beautiful white frame.

Color scheme with no domination of white. In such case white bathroom mirror is supposed to keep it neutral, matching plumbing facilities and looking functional. So it is recommended to stick with simple ergonomic designs.

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White mirrors in antique bathroom interiors

Antique white framed mirror for bathroom can be one of dominating interior elements in interiors, inspired by different historical periods.

For example, oval baroque style frame would enhance lavish interior, styled accordingly 16th-early 18th years in Europe. As a rule, baroque mirrors come in golden frames and might look way over the top for bathroom. Coated with matt white paint, such lavishly decorated frames look more appropriate for bathrooms, matching colors of sink and toilet. Antique white framed mirror usually can play the role of wall mirror, vanity mirror. In some cases if bathroom is spacious enough and includes dressing room a white antique large standing mirror can be put. For this kind of interior best color schemes would be either monochrome total white or luxurious combination of white and gold.

Frames made of white stone could decorate bathroom interior inspired by Antique era. Such massive mirrors require spacious room. It is recommended to use matching stone in sink and other pieces of furniture.

White distressed vintage mirror can fit in shabby chic and vintage bathroom interiors. Some manufacturers produce brand-new mirrors with purposely distressed frames which look as if they are bought in antique shops.

Ode to practical functionality: white cabinet mirrors and mirrors with shelf

Since most medicine cabinets are naturally white, white cabinet mirror seems to be an obvious choice. Medicine cabinets are used for keeping toiletries, cosmetics, tooth paste, some medicines and other necessities. Cabinet mirror is highly practical piece of furniture as it combines both functions of mirror and storage. Toiletries, put away inside of special cabinet, don’t cause clutter on vanity countertops, and thus bathroom looks neat.

Bathroom cabinet mirrors are traditionally considered to be a budget solution for small standard apartment, that’s white they are usually made in white – a color that not only looks clean and neat, but also visually enlarges a room, makes it look lighter and easily combines with all possible colors. White cabinet mirror can serve for long years and even survive through bathroom remodel since it can be easily fit in most color schemes and styles. But at the same time some cabinets with mirrors are real statements of beauty, being of elegant design and richly decorated. So there is a choice for different budgets and interior designs.

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If there is not enough space in a bathroom or homeowners prefer more light weighted constructions over sinks, white bathroom mirror with shelf can be a good alternative to white cabinet mirror. It is very important to choose high quality materials for this kind of mirror and take care of it daily in order to keep white surface of shelf clean and neat.

Lighting of white bathroom mirrors

As it was mentioned above, white framed mirrors visually enlarge a room. Proper lighting helps to get maximum effect. The more lights added, the more spacious bathroom looks. For white wall and vanity mirrors lighting fixtures placed just above in the middle or by each side of mirror would provide enough of light. LED illuminated mirrors could be even better solution. Backlit large white mirror above the sink will look exceptionally good, adding some space and lightening up bathroom in perfect way.


Cabinet mirrors and mirrors with shelves often come with in-built lights – point lights or LED. To additionally brighten them up some extra point lights can be fitted in tension ceiling above this area.

Lighting fixtures in neutral colors of crystal and white would accompany white mirrors in best way.



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