Discount bathroom vanities

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On the issue of the various repair techniques, the choice of those or other written material is more than enough. Indeed, today you can decorate the bathroom and how, and anything good, the corresponding range of products is not only huge, but also constantly updated with various new products. But that’s only if all of these recommendations can be implemented, given the “fullness” of the purse of the average Russian? Discount bathroom vanities with tops help save the budget and space.

4 stage of planning discount bathroom vanity

For some reason, few people think about the extension of the turnaround time for a bathroom. But if you carefully calculate all, you will find that a little bit of money and time spent (at once) in the long run turns into impressive savings, and nerves, by the way, too. Therefore, this issue – from the category of “cheapening of repair.” This approach will avoid unplanned costs in the future. In addition, many do not simply remain a minimum stock of materials, and so much that sometimes they fit to trade. Or throw – dried paint, for example. Much depends on the condition of the bathroom. But since I decided to do its repair, it is necessary to do several operations:

  1. “Expose” all surfaces. It is clear that this is tedious, and in general – what’s the point? If the first statement can agree, then the second – no. Careful examination of the basics, be it a wall, ceiling or floor, will reveal all the defects. Any cause cracks or dilapidated “sealant” at the joints – this is the reason violations temperature and moisture balance in the room. Perhaps there is no need to explain that many finishing (facing) materials do not love their differences.
  2. It is necessary to treat all surfaces spetssostavami. Mould and fungus, rapidly developing in conditions of excessive humidity, literally destroying any material and equipment. If they are found, the composition will need to remove them (all ways of dealing with mold).
  3. Prodefektovat all utilities. Do not leave the old metal pipes, it is better to replace them with plastic (metal and plastic). Any leakage is fraught with extraordinary repairs, hence the new spending. The same applies to the plumbers. Does it make sense to repair leaking toilet forever (mixer), or better to buy a new one? Do not forget about the old water meters, which are constantly “wind the”.
  4. Remove all sizes. And not just to write, and create a scale drawing of the room, with all the niches and ledges. This will calculate the exact volume of purchases (with some margin). You can use the online 3-D planner sites.
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Tips for selection of materials

1.Firstly, can I make them finish their own? After all, you have to pay the hired spice. And many, as the prices are directly dependent on the amount of work. What they “bigger”, so in general is cheaper (by analogy with the gross).

2.Secondly, and that it will take further? For example, if it is decided to sheathe bathroom typical panel, the need crate, fasteners, drills for concrete (brick). And all of this costs money, too. Therefore, to assess the feasibility of using the material you need, and from this position.

Treatment of walls for discounted bathroom vanities

1.Carefully align and paint. The same, but with a coated film (adhesive). The range of large, so there is plenty to choose from.

2.Paneling. Now on sale there are plastic products that are glued to the base. Joints are easily characterized by durability and ease of care.

Materials for ceiling for bathroom vanities discount

1.The cheapest option – to paint. But after a year and a half have coverage refreshing. In addition, a lot of time and effort will be spent on leveling floors, so the paint will not hide defects.

2.The best – suspended ceiling. Firstly, it will protect the entire ceiling, “hide” gouges, chipped, uneven. Secondly, it quite regularly cleaned with a soft cloth – that’s all the care. Third, you can forget about the ceiling for a long time. His “refresh” (and spend the money) is not necessary. So installation costs are justified. Fourth, if the neighbors will flood, then repair the bathroom again needed. The cloth can withstand up to 150 liters of water.

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Finishing the floor for bathroom vanity discount

1.It is necessary to think about its waterproofing. If you flood the neighbors below, apart from the scandals have yet to lay out a tidy sum. The best option – to cover the floor membrane. Given the modest size of the room, small money.

2.Practice has shown that the alternative cheap tile domestic production there. And as the room is small, then it will be a minimum consumption, and put on their own will not be too difficult. But from the linoleum should be abandoned – it does not last for a long time in the conditions of high humidity.

How to choose a plumber? 2 Board

Mixer. Since we are talking about reducing the cost of repairs, the answer seems to be clear – the inexpensive model. But if you think about it – and whether it makes sense to save on this device? After all, he is the subject of daily use. We must focus on the quality of water entering the house. If it contains even the smallest suspension, then there are 2 options.

First. Purchase and install an additional 1 filter (fine). But it is not always possible due to space constraint.

Second. Navigate to the model whose ball cartridge, rather than ceramic. Pottery is very sensitive to mechanical stress between the plates in contact with the solid fractions, and a permanent repair of the mixer can not be avoided.

Toilet. Popularity become models pendant. They are more compact, and cleaning of the room easier to carry out. But for this installation, perhaps inexpensive instrument will need framing.

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Shower cabin / area. It is necessary to consider whether all its “bells and whistles” needed – radio, various lights, and the like? It is better to buy a simple, but practical model. How to properly install it, you can read on the Internet.

Tips to save budget

  1. Attend sales. In any salon from time to time there are sales. This most often happens when you update the exposure. Discounts can be as high as 50-70%. This is your chance to get a quality product at an affordable price. When buying a showpiece not forget to consider meticulously it!
  2. Buy last year. Forget about updates – they are always more expensive than previous collections. This is especially true of ceramic tiles, which are frequently updated series.
  3. Down expensive finish! High-quality but inexpensive repair the bathroom – it’s a reality. Avoid decorative finish as such: just otshtukaturte and color wall waterproof paint. This is especially important for the spacious bathrooms, where a large number of decorative materials required.
  4. Do not chase high design. Pay attention to the “no name” stuff. They are cheaper than the works of famous designers. Ask “budget.” Explore the range of “luxury” manufacturers. Many of them do not produce very expensive collection, the quality is not worse than “luxury”. The difference – only in design and materials.


5. Discard the extra functions. Buying a hot shower or a bath, you can choose what it will be equipped with. Consider whether you need features such as aromatherapy or chromo, FM-radio, extra lighting? In everyday life, you will probably use them rarely. A model without them cheaper.



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