Deer bathroom decor in the typical flat interior

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Today we gonna look closer and Annalise not just the standard decor ideas as we always do talking about the main colors and furniture accessories, but we gonna talk bout the deer bathroom decor being based on the real decor example which was made by Ukrainian decor designer Alena Yudina who just cleaned up the whole interior from all of the nit necessary details to follow the aim to keep just the really necessary furniture elements that are really needed for the normal living that are definitely accenting the attention and demonstrate the character of the place and it’s owner.    

7 main deer bathroom decoration ideas.

  • The main point of this interior accent was…the deer as we are talking about the deer bathroom decor. First of all there are the paintings that has it’s noble animals drawn on it. Surely it’s made by oil as it’s hard to find the material that will not get destroyed by the high moisture level. But don’t you think that the deer can be just the accent, the main part, but shouldn’t be placed all around to overload the bathroom that’s why this animal can be kinda “backlighted” with the other wild nature pieces such as the birds that can be placed on the bathroom lighting fixtures made worm the stained glass.
  • Moreover let’s don’t forget about the nature these animal live in such as the wild forest so it’s pretty logical if you take the green as one of the main colors and kinda embed the deer in it.
  • It’s gonna look really organic and dynamic if you will keep the walls in green and will make the bathroom curtain with the deer in the wild nature on it. But you know, it should be like the typical bathroom curtain with the almost hilarious print, but should look like almost the “National Geographic” photo as this noble animal doesn’t like when someone is joking about him. That’s why also it’s gonna perfectly fit the minimal or a high-tech style as it can be definitely made in a lighting fixture metal mounting form or get another accessories shapes.
  • Moreover it can be always painted on the walls looking like a fresco or even be made like a mosaic on one of the walls.
  • Moreover if you are the owner of the big bathroom then you can definitely decorate the bathroom with the natural wild plants placed in the different tubes: the biggest in the floor and the smaller ones are on the bathroom vanity or even the bath.
  • The natural wild green with its dark color will surely make you bathroom look more like a piece of the real wood where it’s really not such a surprise to meet a real deer.
  • You can not just decorate the bathroom with the real deer drawings, but if you want to go really wild then you can even place the deer horns.
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So now let’s talk a bit about the main color solutions and mixes that you can use in a such an Interior. First of all let’s say that you can get really inspired by the old family paintings that were pretty popular in the middle age Europe or a bit later. As the deer is such a Nobel animal it perfectly represents the family trees that were popular to make at this time and this animal was usually a symbol of the family house. That’s why if you really want to discover more about it you can just open the photos of the old family houses or even castles and see all the accessories deer motives were used for. Most of the times it’s been metal or wooden with some varnish covering and was placed mostly in the head’s of the houses personal cabinets so by getting inspired by this you can choose your own places you want to put it into interior. So talking about the colors we should totally mention that it’s gonna look good if you use the beige, creamy or the brown colors as then you can place even a single deer and it’s gonna look gorgeous as this kind of visual accent is can be something that can be a shame and surely it’s gonna get all the attention on it.

3 professional advises for the deer decor placement.

  • Talking about the professional advises we should remind you that all of them totally day that you shouldn’t place so many of the deer patterns or even some kind of it’s texture in a small bathroom as too many elements will totally overload the place with the details and the eyes gonna get tired super quickly.
  • You can surely play with the brighter colors, but the thing is that it’s not the tropical birds and you should be really brave to try such a thing as the totally red background with the dark brown or black almost looking like it’s made with the stencils deers. But if you choose this type of the bathroom decoration than you should choose the really bright gorgeous red which is also called a “Russian red” and then you will definitely not loose.
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  • Also to use such the deer accessories as the horns you don’t really need to be a hunter as you can definitely buy the made ones or if you are such a nature lover that you will never touch a single deer or you are even against any natural product using then you can even find the replica made looking like the real ones, but actually made from plastic and covered with some paint making it look like the real ones!

So many solutions, just choose the one you want!



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