Custom bathroom vanities, top tips for womans

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Every woman dreams about a beautiful and elegant bathroom vanity. This interior detail isn’t just useful, but also well esthetically made so it’s just perfect uniting what we really need and what we want to see in our bathroom. 

Bathroom – is truly a kind of a personal space where you can relax after the hard day at work and retire from the whole world. So this is exactly the place you want to spend insulate oneself and to be complacent. And to place everything you need for this intimate process is exactly why you need a bathroom vanity.

This decoration bathroom element will profitable emphasize the calm atmosphere and the unique of the decorated zone. Moreover, which is even more important, all the accessories, tubes and the other things of your personal hygiene will be always at hand.

The bathroom vanities styles, textures and colors are can be really do different. For example, the ornate carved and the patterned made in white color or the minimalistic concise shape with the bark blue table top or even with the embed sink.

So how to choose the one that you want? And is it even possible to choose just by going to the nearest furniture shop? No, sometimes the varieties of choosing are definitely not enough: or it’s not the shape you want, or material or the color won’t fit the rest of the interior. But why not to make the custom bathroom vanity then?

How to choose the right custom bathroom vanity?

First of all you should remember that the style of the bathroom vanity should perfectly fit the rest of the bathroom style, if you just don’t make it upside down choosing the rest of the interior based on your bathroom vanity of dream.

What kinds of custom bathroom vanities do generally exist?

The ornate and the figured bathroom vanities with the golden or just masterfully traced patterns made in the palace, baroque or the traditional English style.

The bathroom vanity made in a modern style is more functional and probably even more avant-garde, completed with some interesting neon lighting or the other decor elements. Also you can check the bathroom vanities made from the stainless steel which is a really modern and practical variant.

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The futuristic bathroom vanities made in an abstract for or ethnically styled to look more like the eastern style. Here you can also find such a mass of the variants so you will surely find something you are definitely gonna like.

Moreover the bathroom vanity can have the embed sick that will make it even more useful and it’s gonna be more like a separate part of the interior. Your possibilities are limitless just remember to fit into the rest of the atmosphere.

The custom bathroom vanity should be chosen right, taking into account the measurements of the whole bathroom and what is called “the moving space”, which means the place where you can move free from one functional detail to another. Sometimes it happens that the huge bathroom vanity makes it difficult for the others to move in the bathroom or an opposite variant when the small table top is just not enough for all you things keeping so finally the small limitings can become the really huge problems that we definitely don’t need in the high comfort zone where all we need to do is to relax.

The size of the custom made bathroom vanity shouldn’t be chosen based on a principe “just because” . Of cause your wishes should be taken into accounting because that’s actually why we are making the custom made bathroom vanity, but still we should think a lot about the rational part which means that it should fit good the bathroom general perimeter sizes. So you shouldn’t even try to fit the bathroom vanity with a nude tabletop to a small bathroom room even if you have the aim to fit as many things on it as you only have, because finally all you will have is a mass of discomfort which is gonna annoy you day by day. The experienced designers give the following design – to pay your attention on the bathroom vanities that have such sizes as 53 cm depth and the width is 53 cm. These is the most optimal variant, but if you have a bigger bathroom then you can think about the bigger custom made bathroom vanity.

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You should also pay your attention on the originality of the bathroom vanity because the sink isn’t supposed to be embed in the middle of it and can be established where you can only wish. Moreover the size and the depth can be chosen also so if you choose the one with the bigger depth then the surface of the bathroom vanity is gonna be automatically less wet and dirty.

A really good choice is a radius or angle furniture. Moreover it can also have a really interesting form.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets.

This is also that kind of thing can be done based on your personal wishes and this is exactly what we need because only you can know what kind of things you wanе ещ hide in there. So here we can choose a set of few small bathroom vanity cabinets where you can fit your personal hygiene things. Or to choose the one where you gonna have a not tall, but a lonп cabinet which is gonna be places exactly under the bathroom vanity top where you can keep all your jewelry or the things you always need the most so it’s gonna be exactly at your hand. Moreover you can always leave one big cabinet for keeping there the bathroom cleaning stuff. Of cause everything is gonna depend on the size of your bathroom, but you can’t disagree that it would be more then useful to use the bathroom vanity cabinets topic there all the things that you can need there. But it’s the matter of choice as not everyone is gonna agree to use it for anything else, but as a decorative part.

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Semi-custom bathroom vanities.

The main idea of this kind of bathroom vanities is that you choose the frame which is already made and then only decide what material and color you want it to be . The advantages of this kind of bathroom vanities are:

The constructors already thought about anything you could need while using the bathroom vanity;

You can still choose the material and the color you want;

Now, as the main construction is already made the producing time is gonna take less.

But also it has the limitings such as:

  • The choice of varieties is limited by the catalogues the producing company provides;
  • You can not make it fitting your personal size the bathroom has.

So actually there are not that many limitings, but even if there would be more, it’s sure that no one would be really able to dissuade you from buying the bathroom vanity. Because this is not just a sink, but the interior part that every woman adores. You will always have the best mood if you get one because only this single detail can turn a boring looking bathroom into the home beauty salon or you just for sure won’t want to leave it.


The bathroom space is such an important place in every home. We come there to have a cold shower to wake up in the morning and the warm bathroom to relax in the evening. So you should really turn on your imagination to make it all in the best and wise way so exactly for this you can use your opportunity to make the custom bathroom vanities. Some people think that this kind of bathroom furniture is nothing, but the waste of money as you can establish just a single sink, but they forget that decorating the place you gonna live in you actually invest into your future, you mood and the comfortable leaving. So only you can choose!



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