Custom bathroom mirrors: main rules and benefits

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Mirror is one of the traditional attribune of the bathroom. Without this functional product it is hard to imagine the full implementation of the hygienic and cosmetic procedures. This applies particularly to the ladies, turning makeup into a real ritual. A well-chosen hanging mirror in a bathroom, You not only create comfortable conditions in it, but also add a striking element of the decor. However, many owners of houses and apartments, inexperienced in the matters of interior design, hard to choose for this attribute. In order to facilitate your efforts, we have prepared some recommendations.

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

Please note that the bathroom mirror is significantly different from its “brothers” intended for a hallway, bedroom or living room. It is intended not only to give people the opportunity to look at themselves, but also to provide additional convenience for cleaning your teeth, shaving and aiming to “make-up”. In addition, features of operation of the premises, impose certain requirements on the materials constituting the objects of its interior.

When choosing a mirror in the bathroom, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Size. Here you should consider the size of the room: the more bathrooms, the more the mirror and Vice versa. The recommended height for average size should be equal to half of the adult height.
  2. Shape. Modern manufacturers produce rectangular, oval, round and curved mirror, so the choice is limited only by Your imagination and style that made the bathroom. Most traditional products are considered to be rectangular, which will fit almost any modern interior.
  3. Functionality. This characteristic can be assessed by the presence of additional shelves for cosmetics, lights, outlets and other handy devices.
  4. The materials of manufacture. It is from this criterion affect the operational characteristics of the product and its durability, so to neglect them is not worth it. The coating for the mirror is often made of aluminum or silver. Experts recommend the second option, however, the cost of such products is higher. For the frame should be used high quality water-resistant materials – glass, plastic, chromed metal and particleboard and MDF, treated with special tools.
  5. Style and personality. Hanging a beautiful and original mirror in the bathroom, You will be able to give the room uniqueness, without the help of a professional designer. Fans of the classic style should be preferred square and rectangular products in wooden frames, but the High Tech style involves an abundance of glass and metal.
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So before to buy or to order custom bathroom mirror you should to get answers for several important questions:

  • where it will be located?
  • what size of mirror required?
  • what style room, where there will be a mirror?
  • what roles you lay on this piece of furniture?

Custom bathroom vanity mirrors: book your own style

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. It is an indispensable item, not less important than the sink or tub. But if you think that the bathroom mirror you only need to perform their direct responsibilities, then you are greatly mistaken! In fact, the it is an important element of the interior space, which has a great aesthetic burden. Expertly selected high-quality mirror in your bathroom will make it brighter and more beautiful, because of its physical characteristics to reflect existing light.

Besides, it can create the illusion of extra space, making the visual perception of space is much larger than it actually is. Correctly chosen and installed the mirror will help even the most “gray” and a small bathroom to make a very attractive, light and visually most beautiful, pleasing to the eye. It is very important to choose the right mirror including the size.

Custom bathroom mirrors: 3 main advantages

What are the ways in the manufacture of mirrors could make them moisture-proof? It usually is applied two ways: on the reverse surface of the mirror is covered with a special silver or aluminum composition. A variant of the application of silver is considered higher quality, however, cost is such a mirror will be more expensive. Quality silver compound applied to the mirror can be distinguished by color blue-green shades. But in the case that the back wall mirror has a purple hue – this is a clear indication that the mirror neogothique and cannot be used for the bathroom.

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There are many advantages why mirror, custom, will be more practical and as accurately as possible will be able to fit into the interior of your bathroom.

There are the main benefits of order the manufacture of the mirrors:

1. Custom bathroom mirror is produced exactly according to the required sizes, which can be very unusual and you find it difficult to choose ready-made mirror, suitable for interior of your bathroom perfectly. The shelf under the mirror is also made according to your order if it’s not necessary – you do not have to pay for it.

  1. Experts will add a special flavor to the uniqueness of the interior of your bathroom. Please note that lighting shall be installed by the customer.


  1. You get the guarantee high quality and long life of furniture.



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