Country bathroom vanities

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The bathroom in country style shan’t be located in the rural house at all. Also the city dweller wishing to surround himself with a cozy and comfortable situation is able to afford similar stylistics. The high content of a tree and textiles in design is characteristic of such style. Besides the color gamma can be different: both light (in this case), and dark, also the combination of contrasting elements is possible. Special attention in case of such design of a bathroom needs to be paid to accessories and fine details of an interior.

Today rural style (rural or style of a country) is in an interior at peak of the popularity, whether it be a drawing room, kitchen or a bathroom. To issue a bathroom in rural style, decorative elements of neutral tones will be necessary: color gamut, ivory, wheat and color of a tree.

Terracotta ceramics, willow, straw, bamboo. Bathing country in style always warm and friendly.

style of a country in a bathroom

Bathroom in style of a country

And though the modern and minimalist furniture is more actual, the decorative mode stakes also on rural style which, saving a charm and beauty of other eras, combines, also, and all modern conveniences.

He survived, thanks to that beauty and charm which he scooped from the rural environment, from fields. In it there is all palette of the nature, a harvest, trees and flowers.

Natural stone, wood, mosaic, wrought iron, porcelain, straw, willow – here some of the materials used by style of a country.

bathroom in style of a country

Style of a country in a bathroom

  • Wooden (pine, ashen, akatsiyevy) furniture for a bathroom if it ancient and slightly lacquered, and is better if the new furniture imitates old. The furniture of this style uses all charm “already used or old”. Wooden furniture with weaving, baskets from willow rods, a bamboo.
  • Wooden beams under a ceiling.
  • Color of a tree, ochre, brown, беж, ivory, yellow, terracotta, coral, green. In a country and bathroom the palette consists of flowers of the nature.
  • Walls with finishing from a stone, wooden facing, as ornament – rural painting.

bathroom in style of a country

Trough in style of a country

  • If the place allows, it is possible to deliver the trough trimmed in rural style, or even old. If you prefer a shower, there are options of country style and for it.
  • Furniture for a bathroom from a bamboo, a willow or wattled. Baskets from willow rods. Wooden beams under a ceiling. On walls a natural stone in combination with the patterns figuring rural landscapes and drawn in wheaten, salmon or beige tones. Also on walls wooden facing is used.
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Those inhabitants of city apartments which read style of a country unacceptable for design of the apartments are mistaken. It is not only very cozy, but also incredibly comfortable psychologically, and all who live in rhythms of the big city lack this psychological comfort disastrously. Attempt to issue a bathroom in style of a country can also become a peculiar experimental testing – based on its results it will be already possible to draw more accurate conclusions concerning whether it is worth “communicating” with this direction generally.

In this article the concept of a bathroom in style of a country is explained in details:

– color and motives of design of location;

– bathroom equipment choice;

– the furniture and accessories responding to spirit of style of a country;

– textiles role.

Color and motives of design of a bathroom in style of a country bathroom vanity

The translation of the English word country can sound on a miscellaneous: it has two values – “villages” and “country”. If to speak about interior style, then it is necessary to be repelled at the same time and from the first concept, and from the second. The matter is that rural life and rural life becomes the main subject of style of a country, but also the binding to a certain country, to its cultural and national traditions is of great importance. Popular Provence style in a bathroom – too variety of a country in which color of the old French village is beaten. At British, Germans, Russians or residents of the Scandinavian countries views of this stylistic direction can significantly differ: all these people have ideas of rural life different.

Style of a country differs in limit simplicity, and it is easy to note it even on color gamma which designers traditionally offer in such cases. Or rather, on two main color gamma. The first exploits soft and gentle pastel tone – from cream and pink to magenta and lavender. Warm wood shades set the tone in the second.

French country bathroom vanity.

Finishing materials for a bathroom in style of a country As the country – conditionally rural style, encourages finishing from materials of a natural origin, and the explicit priority is given to a tree. Perhaps, any more wooden floors in a bathroom, as are so not pertinent in case of design of this location according to rules of style of a country anywhere. On walls the covering lining, but not expensive wall-paper or democratic plastic panels will organically look.

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The ceramic tile – the truth also will be suitable for finishing of a floor and a ceiling in a bathroom, she shall “move” absolutely in other foreshortening, than, for example, in case of experiments with the Greek style. The country doesn’t suffer excess gloss and a luster, but it is loyal to so-called artificial “sostarivaniye”, various attritions, picturesque and juicy cracks and chips. From this point of view the terracotta finishing tile is much more preferable glossy and glazed.

Bathroom equipment for a bathroom in style of a country

Canons of style of the country adapted to a bathroom require that configurations of wash basins, troughs, toilet bowls, urinals or a bidet were the simplest, pretentiousness and a design delicacy is perfect to anything here. In the photos illustrating different embodiments of retro style in a bathroom it is often possible to see original troughs with high semicircular backs and refined shod pinches. They not bad look also in “rural” interiors.

To buy troughs from a natural tree rather difficult, and to make with own hands – even more difficult. But if it is possible to get so unusual piece of bathroom equipment – means, the destiny directs to you to a way, a name to which – style of a country. The same can be told also about some wooden shells: if in case of their manufacture special rates on “glamor” weren’t made, then they in general shall correspond to a rural subject.

Furniture and interior accessories for creation of style of a country in a bathroom

There is no need to buy a special set of furniture for a bathroom is not “in a rural way”. It will be far more logical to be accumulated by couple of curbstones and dressers or a hinged cabinet which once your grandmother quite could buy. The furniture is usually colored light enamel color and create effect of the cracked surface. When in design of a bathroom style of a country is cultivated, inevitably there is a question of what to be to a mirror. If within technological concepts hi-tech and a modernist style the large rectangular mirrors which are built in in a wall “registered”, then for a country the large mirror of the oval or round form in an impressive wooden or wattled frame will become more logical.

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Pure towels and small-sized toilet accessories can be stored in the compact baskets weaved out of a rod, and dirty linen – in analog of larger size. Quite often for storage of linen volume linen bags which are attached to walls by means of holders are used.

Textiles as an element of design of a bathroom in style of a country.

Many read that in a bathroom there can be no textiles, except towels. But in relation to style of a country it is the statement you shouldn’t consider seriously. And it is valid, difficult to imagine the rural house without abundance of fabric curtains and curtains everywhere where it is only possible – at windows, at doors, from the inside of the glazed cabinet doors, as “masking” of hinged shelves and so on.

On textiles for a bathroom in style of a country flower or checkered prints often meet – they became already “classics of style”. Tucks, assemblies, ruches and frills give to textile accessories an additional charm.

Some secrets.

Starting point of an interior – the details executed according to a retro era mode. For example, the chromeplated details of adders and easels. Here also the trough on pinches with a round back – enters in spite of the fact that many will read it too glamourous, it will excellently add a bathroom interior in style of a country provided that it the bathroom sizes will allow. By the way, in the Internet log, we considered how to make kitchen in retro style.


It is the simplest to give compliance to style by means of a tree – on walls lining, and around a trough – wooden panels will perfectly look. However, at the request of them it is possible to replace small-sized, colored manually, with a tile. Windows are made out by a wooden sun blind or blinds though, besides, curtains, as those which make out windows in cafe can become alternative to them at the request of the client. Ease of an interior will be added by several independent lockers.



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