Corner bathroom vanity

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It would seem to choose a bath is not difficult, because today in any store plumbing represented a huge range. But in fact, it is not so simple. Decide you need not only to the appearance and price of the bath, but also its size, shape and material of which it is made. Perhaps the best choice is an asymmetrical corner bath.

If earlier, mainly buyers interested in steel and cast iron bath, it is now a great demand for models made of acrylic. This is an excellent choice and the practical, and from an aesthetic point of view.

Using acrylic baths allows to produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Models of acrylic are easy to use and not too whimsical to clean. In these baths are combined iron dignity and steel products from acrylic have high thermal capacity and, at the same time, very easy.
In addition, the smooth surface of the acrylic does not retain dirt, so cleaning the bathroom will not spend a lot of time.
And thanks to this useful quality acrylic as plasticity, buyers are offered baths of all shapes – oval, square, round, polygonal. Very popular and asymmetrical corner bath.

Tips for choosing the size and the bathroom. Corner bathroom vanities

Before you make a choice to be taken into account:

1.The bathroom;

2.The presence and size of the other pieces of furniture in the room bathrooms. pad size to the bathroom to get in and out of it was convenient.

4.Location sewer pipes.

Bath – it is the largest object in the room bathrooms, so its shape and dimensions define the interior of the room. Communications The location is not a determining factor for the choice of the location bath, however, this factor should be taken into account to make it easier for eyeliner.

The emergence of models such as the asymmetric corner bath, was a revolutionary breakthrough, as they were able to turn the idea of the standard interior of the bathroom.

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Corner models fit perfectly in the interiors of any style. These baths are chosen by people who are models of traditional forms seem to be boring and too simple.

In addition, acrylic corner bath asymmetrical – it’s a great option for small-sized bathrooms. It is no secret that in homes built on standard projects, the bathrooms are not too large.

Set in a small rectangular bath model classic bathroom design will occupy almost the entire area. And if you choose a bathtub Acrylic asymmetric corner, the space is enough for the installation of other necessary equipment.

The unusual shape of the angular models makes them attractive for the owners and large bathrooms. Naturally, in this case, does not need a compact corner bath asymmetrical acrylic, for a large room, you can choose the model interesting shape, equipped with additional features. For example, built-in lighting or hydromassage.

Modern asymmetrical corner bath are available in all shapes and colors. You can find a model with sharp or rounded shapes. Since the model is asymmetric, manufacturers produce it in two designs – left- and right-handed. This allows you to put a bath in every corner of the room.

With regard to the color design, the very popular classic version – white bath. Although you can buy and the color model, the choice of this parameter depends solely on the taste of the owner.

Self installing corner baths. Bathroom corner vanity 6 types

Installing a bath – is not easy. If you decide to perform the installation on their own, it must first be read carefully the instructions given by the manufacturer. The fact is that when installing each model may have details that need to be considered by performing assembly work. Corner bathroom sink vanity help save a lot of space.

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Stages of work:

Before buying a bath need to determine the installation location. If this angular symmetrical bath, it can be placed in any corner of the room.

If the selected asymmetric model, you need to choose a specific version (left- or right).

  1. In a first step, check the angle of the converging walls at the site of installation of the bath. Not in all cases, this angle is perfectly straight.

Therefore, to acrylic corner bath asymmetrical stood close to the wall, will require additional alignment walls.

Perform measurements of the angles you need even before finishing the walls in the bathroom. Otherwise, the owner will be faced with the need to remove a freshly installed tiles on the walls.

2.Suschestvuet two methods of installation. In the first case, the angular asymmetric baths are mounted on the legs and arms, which are included in the delivery.

This method is the simplest. The second way is the construction of an additional base, in which, as in a niche, bath set. This is more complicated, but also more reliable method of installation.

  1. To carry out the necessary measurements bathtub is put in place. Now you need to align the bumpers using the adjustable feet.

Bath rim must be perfectly level, slope in any direction is not valid.

  1. If you plan to install the second method, the bath is temporarily removed, and in its place is laid out skeleton of foam blocks and bricks.
  1. After this bath is put in place, connect the drain and overflow system.

Tight connection is checked by filling the bath with water and then drain.

If required by the design of the model, the bumpers are attached baths with special hooks to the adjacent walls.

6.Zazory between the wall and rim of the bath filled with silicone elastic waterproof and close a plinth.

Characteristics corner vanity bathroom

The most common among consumers considered corner bath made of acrylic. Modern shops offer baths of different sizes, that does not affect the parameters of their functionality. This material has a relatively low weight, can take any desired form, if necessary. This enables relatively well played out professional designers who can fully realize their creative potential. The only point which can be attributed to negative is the fragility of this material.

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Speaking about the advantages of acrylic bathtubs, can be identified such positive characteristics, such as:

1.An attractive look and design;

2.Portability and ease of transportation process;


4.Long-term operation with gentle handling.

When installing a bath should be remembered that, if not installed these baths are characterized by a high noise level.

When buying a modern solid steel bath is necessary to pay attention to the degree of the quality of the applied enamel coating, which can be up to 10-15 years. Usually after that required to produce the restoration process.

Speaking about the main characteristics of a corner bath it can be noted that such a bath can be made of high quality cast iron. At the moment, they can be found more and more rare, as they gradually go out of use. Despite the high strength characteristics of the bath, its high cost and very heavy weight reduce the performance of its popularity. Corner bathroom vanity sink It looks stylish and modern.


This form of bath requires certain decisions to be characterized as non-standard. It is worth noting that now almost all acquire corner bath equipped with hydro-massage, is the best option to ensure not only an attractive aesthetic appearance of the bathroom, but also an ideal method for relaxation.

Corner bath in all respects is the best option for the modern urban apartments, which can not vary a great area.



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