Corner bathroom mirror: variants with cabinets

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Not forgetting the versatility of the bath, do not work without furniture where you can hide cosmetics, dishwashing, towels and other necessary stuff. Open-type shelves are not very cute because they disrupt the view of the room, concentrating on household chemicals, which put everyone’s mind. Significantly it will be good to hide all the cans, boxes and other hygiene products out of sight in a closed cabinet.

Advice on corner basthroom mirror cabinet selection

Simple furniture perfectly suited to a large, bright room with a bath but will look worse in small bathrooms, taking up all the space. And in a fairly small room with a bath current wardrobe even not fit.

Therefore, choosing the furniture in the room the bathroom small size, you need to look at corner mirror bathroom cabinet. A rich selection will give the opportunity to choose fashionable, comfortable and comfortable corner furniture and again it is possible to save space. So what furniture to furnish a room with a bath?


Racks can be hanging or floor. They can not only save home chemistry, but in many models already include built-in basket for dirty linen.
The rack that hung on the wall more convenient from the point of view of sanitation. Under it is very easy to clean, because the absence of legs gives you easy access to the corners. You also don’t be afraid if you suddenly will forget to close the faucet, and the floor is formed by the large pool, curtain furniture is not fouls. From the flood most likely affected only the legs and/or base cabinet.
The usual size of a cupboard – 90 cm in height. If you put it under the ceiling, remains a place under the wardrobe and other furniture.
Models for the floor or cupboards, as they are called, a perfect solution if you are limited in space. Polufinale is the small size of the canisters, similar to the nightstand.

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Because of the reasons of the small size tubs in ordinary homes, to choose a comfortable and trendy atmosphere – heavy task. In this embodiment, a small corner wardrobe is indispensable for a bathroom small in size.
Wardrobe corner type – quality solution with the benefit to find the use of free space.
As to the angular shape of the furniture, then the lines can be as straight and perfect, and the asymmetrical, of varying depth. Look beautiful stained and frosted glass, fitted in a straight or curved facade of the cabinets. Again the doors can be translucent or completely transparent.


First, the selection of furniture in the store or in the catalogs are guided by color. After all, if the furniture will be out of place color, it will make a disagreement in the room.
But today’s furniture manufacturers are not content with the usual set of colors and not recommend more shades of furniture and different colors. The furniture in the same color palette and if desired with the application of a high-quality image on each component, run your bath more harmonious.


Cute corner cabinets with corner bathroom mirrors not only in the outer appearance, they are also useful in everyday life.
Usually cabinets have hinged door of ordinary type, but is also comfortable enough with boxes who are nominated. However slide out drawers are more popular in the Cabinet under the sink, they are embedded in any kind of furniture.
Comfortable to use pentagonal (right, left) corner locker. Choosing furniture with the multifunctional door is opened, you still have the selection on what side of the wardrobe to hang the door. And practical furniture surface will give the opportunity to put swimming gear during the bath or shower.
The depth of the Cabinet can change 260-350 mm. system have the shape of a triangle or trapezoid. Many consumers love the model of a rectangular corner, not paying attention to what is practical it cannot be different.


    The main advantage of the canister is that such a cabinet due to its own capacity performs the optional presence of other cabinets in the room. This is very convenient if the place is very small or you adore that room to be less cluttered with furniture.
    Basically, such a Cabinet is considered to be outdoor, but maybe to order design of the canister mounted type.
    Dividing shelves in the pencil case in the target area, you will appreciate the practicality of the canister. For example, at the bottom you can put a basket for dirty linen, and above all the need to put home chemistry. On the upper shelves can accommodate items of personal hygiene and keep towels. Similarly, no need for towels to hang hooks, and dirty socks will not be dumped under the bath or lying in a pile on the nightstand.


    It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Mirrors visually perform the room wider and brighter. But why not abandon the ordinary mirror hanging on the wall above the sink and no place to save money, placing it on the cabinet door? Mirrors are required in narrow spaces, and will be more so than the mirror size, the better.
    The corner bathroom mirror looks great from the outside of the cabinet. But if you love practicality – hang a mirror on the inside of the door. Similarly, you rarely need to wipe it with.

Mirror cabinet requests the caring relationship. Buying such model, you need to be careful with doors, so that the mirror is accidentally cracked and crashed.
Along with as a mirror of the hanging wardrobe must be purchased and favorable style corner sink with cabinets.
Just fine mirrored wall cabinet is suitable for hi-tech style and minimalism. But still looks great, if the bathroom you want in the style of classicism.



The corner bathroom mirror cabinets are a must-have in small spaces. Plus, it is possible to use not only the wall units, and, for example, to fill them front ordinary furniture.
If properly applied the free space under the hinged corner wardrobe, can be positioned underneath corner sink, small washing machine or polupenal.
Not paying attention to the small size, these cabinets are quite roomy, they are very easy to fit all needs (personal hygiene items and various homemade stuff). Manufacturers mostly recommend customers often narrow and large models. On the upper shelves of large cabinets, you can hide the drugs or unwanted home chemicals to protect them from children and animals living at home. It all depends on the room width, you can choose the model wider or narrower, more massive or little.



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