Corner bathroom cabinet, top photo

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Talking about the multi-functionality that the bathroom should provide you with and be itself we should also notice that we can’t make the bathroom without establishing and placing there that kind of furniture that is gonna include the possibility to hide and keep such things as the towels, the make up kits, sanitary engineering cleaning products and the other small things.

Based on this conclusion we should notice that the opened shelves are not that good from the side that it’s not gonna look esthetically as you surely don’t want everyone to see what you have got and what product you clean your toilet with. So it’s way more better to hide all the boxes from the stranger’s eyes. So here we should say that the light color furniture will perfectly fit the big and light bathrooms that can also have the windows, but it’s definitely not gonna look good in the small ones. Moreover you won’t really be able to fit the full bathroom cabinet into the small bathroom. So talking about this theme we should notice that you should pay your attention on the angular bathroom cabinets. A really huge mass of choice will provide you with the mass of colors, styles and shapes that will make your bathroom a really stylish or cozy place (it’s up to you). So how to choose the right bathroom corner cabinet?

Wall bathroom corner cabinet or the base bathroom cabinet?

The bathroom cabinets can be base or the wall models. They can be used not just for the sanitary engineering products, but also most of them are equipped with the basket for the dirty clothe which is mostly used for the base bathroom corner cabinets as its really difficult to imagine the bathroom corner cabinet wall cabinet with the dirty clothe in it as we usually try to keep it as far as possible to make people think you don’t even have it.

The wall corner bathroom cabinet is more practical from the side that it’s really easy to clean under such bathroom cabinets as the lack of the legs makes it easy to reach the corners. Moreover you don’t need to be scared that in the case you forget to switch off the water, the whole floor will be full of water and everything you have in the bathroom cabinets will become wet. Moreover, it’s so common to have the wooden bathroom cabinets which means that if the bathroom cabinets will be base than its pretty possible that it will soak all the water and get deformed. So if you flood the floor than all that can be damaged I’d the bottom or the bathroom cabinet’s legs.

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The standard size of the wall bathroom cabinet is the 90 cm tall. So if you place it under the ceiling than you will have the place for another furniture establishing under it. The base bathroom cabinets or the “pencil-cases” can be a really good solution for the small bathrooms. The “semi-cases” are the small bathroom cabinets that look like a base style bathroom vanity.

Texture, decoration and the shapes of the bathroom corner cabinets.

Because of the limited space in the standard bathrooms it’s not such an easy thing to choose the bathroom furniture that it’s gonna be stylish and convenient at the same time. So based on this conclusion we can say that that the bathroom corner cabinet is such a convenient and necessary thing for the small bathrooms if you want to have an opportunity to combine the decorative and functional sides of the bathroom furniture.

The bathroom corner cabinets is a convenient solution for those who wants to fully use the area of the bathroom with the maximum of advantages.

Talking about the forms of the corner furniture we can say that here can be the straight and perfect lines or the different and asymmetric ones. The dull and the stained glass embed in the straight or the radius furniture facade can look just gorgeous. The doors can be also fully or half transparent.

Because of the exclusive decor the furniture can harmonically look in every interior style. And the standard bathroom set is usually represented by the following 4 elements:

  • pencil-case.
  • Semi-pencilcase
  • Floating bathroom cabinet
  • The base bathroom cabinet with the sink.

And surely it’s better if you choose the furniture from the same set. If you want to buy the bathroom furniture then you can choose the one fitting your bathroom taking the personal measurements into accounting or you can even make it customized. Buying the ready to install bathroom set you don’t need to limit yourself with the variants that the furniture shops can provide you with, but also can choose such kind of its facade that you wish. Moreover, you can choose the accessories and the milling that you prefer.

You have a possibility to decorate the facade of the corner bathroom cabinets using the different technologies, but in the modern production it’s getting more and more common to choose the printing technology and the spraying. Moreover, it’s also on a top such a technology as a thread on a tree and an engraving. Moreover you can pay your attention on the glass doors that look just gorgeous being encrusted, they will make your bathroom looking rich and chic.

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The bathroom corner cabinet color choosing.

First of all, by choosing the furniture in the catalogue you pay your attention on the fact if the following bathroom furniture is represented in the furniture shop in the color that you want, because if you buy not the right one than its gonna be a visible dissonance in the whole house. But don’t worthy, because the modern furniture producers don’t get limited by the standard colors and can provide you with more than 300 different colors and shades. The bathroom corner cabinets made in the same color gamma on which you can also place some patterns of draws will make your bathroom looking more feminine and elegant.

The convenience of bathroom corner cabinet using.

The bathroom corner cabinets are good not just from the side of its esthetical part, but also from the point of it’s convenience as being placed in the farthest corner of the bathroom can be so useful. Usually the standard bathroom vanities have the normal swing doors, but there are also so convenient bathroom cabinets that have the pullout boxes. Even the pullout boxes are more common in the bathroom vanities they can be placed in any kind of the bathroom furniture.

It’s really convenient to use the pentagonal corner cabinets. Choosing the bathroom cabinets with the universal way of the door’s opening you will have a choice on which cabinet side you want to put the door. And the functional surface of the furniture makes it possible to simply put the products for the bath taking on it. The depth of the bathroom cabinet can be between the 260-350 mm. The construction have the shape of the triangle and trapezoid. Some of the buyers prefer the rectangular corner model, even taking into accounting that these models are not really functional.

The bathroom pencil-case corner cabinet.

The main advantage of this pencil-case buying is that it’s so functional and spacious that you don’t really need to use and buy the rest of the bathroom cabinets. It’s really good if your bathroom don’t have such a big area or if you are such a person that doesn’t like when the bathroom is full of the furniture and there is no more space for just a comfortable being. Most of the times this model is a base bathroom cabinet, but can be also a floating model that will make it so much easier for you to clean the floor under it.

By separating the shelves in this bathroom cabinet on the objective zones you will surely measure the practical side of this corner bathroom cabinet. For example you can place the basket for the dirty clothe in the lower shade and place the shelf for the bathroom sanitary engineering cleaning products on it. On the highest shelves you can place the personal hygienic products and the towels. So in this case you don’t need to place the hangers for the towels and the dirty socks won’t be scattered all around.

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The mirror bathroom corner cabinets.

It’s not possible to imagine the bathroom without the mirror. They make the place looking wider and you will definitely have a falling that it’s much bigger than it is. But why not to refuse the simple mirror using that is usually just placed over the sink or a bathroom vanity and why not to save some place by placing the mirror on the bathroom cabinet surface? The mirror is really such a thing that you can stay in the bathroom without. It looks really effective when the mirror is places on the front side of the bathroom cabinet, but if you prefer it to be more optimal, then it’s better to place it inside of the angular bathroom cabinet as then it won’t be necessary to clean it all the time. The mirror corner bathroom cabinet need to be really careful in use as it’s pretty simple to be damaged or even fully broken as the glass is fragile. And the wall mirror bathroom cabinet can be perfectly completed by the corner bathroom vanity with a sink.

This type of the bathroom cabinets will perfectly complete the style made in high-tech or minimal style, but don’t be scared as it’s also gonna look good in the standard classical style.

The material the corner bathroom cabinet can be made from.


The quality of the bathroom furniture is the main thing that makes it lasting and this fact is surely cone cited to the material that has np been used for its producing. For the modern bathroom cabinets there is a DSP or veneer material is the most popular, but surely wood is still pretty popular for the bathroom cabinet producing as it’s the most ecological material. Sometimes the surface is made from more lasting material as most of the times it’s subjected to the bigger pressure than it’s walls. But sometimes the materials can be smartly combined as the construction can be made from DSP and facade is made from the colored MDF. The constructure is decorated with the decorative elements made from metal, glass and mirror, also it’s sometimes made with the plastic layer.



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