Contemporary bathroom vanities, 14 photo

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The question of a right bathroom vanity choosing always become one of the main when you plan to make a bathroom repairing or just want to change you sanity engineering “miracle” to something way more modern. Let’s say first that the bathroom vanity has already a history in not less then a thousand years and the first of them were really primitive and were represented just as a puddle in a cave.

But latex of course the humanity was actively developing the idea of the bathroom vanity’s perfection. And nowadays the bathroom vanity isn’t just the central place in any bathroom interior which is used by its main destination, but also a decorative part which can bring the esthetical hatch into any bathroom interior turning it into the most popular place in the house. So you should be really responsible while choosing the right bathroom vanity or otherwise its design is gonna annoy you during all of the time you have you morning and evening shower procedures.

The standard bathroom vanity – console which is mounted to the whole by the kronshteyns is already the last century. Because in the modern designed bathrooms the pipes and a siphon looks more then just incongruously. Nowadays the most popular way is to establish the “tulip” sink which has some kind of a “leg” that perfectly covers all the communication systems. The same name have the typical bathroom vanities.

One more type is the bathroom vanities that are established on a semi pedestal without the back wall. But this kind unlike the previous needs the drain removal just on some special height. The sink can be embed inside of the table or even a chest of drawers. Usually it’s going in a complex with the mirror and the bathroom vanities are made from the MDF panels that have interesting and creative decoration.

There are two main approaches to the bathroom vanities classification. First of all it can have the different shapes such as:

  • Rectangular;
  • Rounded;
  • Angular;
  • Rounded;
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And the second classification type is that it can be separated based on its type of establishing

1) The simple bathroom vanities;

2) The embed / mortised bathroom vanities;

3) The floating bathroom vanities;

4) The bathroom vanities with a pedestal;

5) The overhead bathroom vanities.

Moreover nowadays we have many types of material the bathroom vanity can be made of such as

1) Ceramic.

2) Marble metal.

3) Glass.

4) Corian.

Talking about the ceramic bathroom vanity we should say that most of the time we call this way the sanity engendering that was made from the pottery of porcelain and this is generally the most popular variant. Marble still keeps its top position between all of the bathroom vanities materials giving you the opportunity to choose not just a natural one, but the fake one as well which is still gonna bring into your bathroom some kind of expensive chic. But here is a limiting – this material needs such a special care as its surface has a really pore structure and there can appear some cracks that are gonna collect the dirt in it. If you don’t have enough money to provide yourself with a real marble then you can buy its replica made from the fake one as it looks totally same, but it’s cost is so much less.

The metal bathroom vanity is such a rare thing nowadays comparing to the later times when you could see it almost in every bathroom.

If you dream about a real masterpiece in your bathroom then you should pay your attention on the bathroom vanity made from the corian which has not just a special color and form, but also a high shockproof.

On more interesting material is a glass. Of cause it looks just gorgeous, but at the same time it’s one of the most capricious materials that totally doesn’t fit the places where the small kids are that always try to break or damage something.

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Nowadays we have a mass of bathroom vanity variants that are so different by it’s forms, colors and textures. Sometimes it’s even too much so you can’t concentrate on something special and forget what you actually wanted, but at the same time you can make all your designing wishes come true and the most selective clients can order some unusual and individual design.

Contemporary bathroom vanities made from the stone.

For the natural materials and the luxury unrepeatable thing’s fans there is always a choice of the modern contemporary bathroom vanities as this material is exactly on a top now.

Every bathroom vanity made from the stone is always such an exclusive thing. These bathroom vanities production is always such a complicated process and can be almost called a masterpiece. First of all you should separate the main needed sized mountain mass. And than by using the special machines you cut out the future constructions. The other most time-consuming operations are mostly done by hands.

Of cause this type of bathroom vanities have lots of advantages:

1) Lasting.

2) High level of strength.

3) High functionality.

4) The environmental friendliness.

5) Good adaptation to the temperature.

4) Lasting original novelty.

5) Stylish and presentability.

6) Big choice of textures.

But surely it’s has some limitings, not many, but they still exist.

  • First of all, most of the times the cost of such things is really high and not everyone can handle to buy it.
  • The second thing is the big weight that is usually the reason why you can simply transport and establish it.
  • And the last thing is that the absorbability makes it harder to take care of it. So if you think that the limitings have a bigger weight then the advantages then you should pay your attention on the contemporary bathroom vanities made from the fake stone.
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The types of the contemporary bathroom vanities.

Most of the times that kind of bathroom vanities safe made from the marble, granite or onyx. And more often we can see the bathroom vanities made from a travertine or basalt. So let’s talk about each of them more detailed.

The contemporary bathroom vanities lighting.

The modern human’s comfortable living is unthinkable without the satisfaction of his hygiene requirements. Actually, people spend lots of time in the bathrooms making the routine, but necessary actions. So to make these actions more resultative and productive you should think about the effective lighting because most of the times the bathrooms have no natural lighting.

The lighting of the middle zones is usually made based on the working zones. Even in the smallest bathroom you have the bathroom vanity with the mirror and this is the most important working zone as you use this place for brushing your teeth in the evening, doing make up and your hair in front of it so if you don’t have a window (which is most of the times also made from the dull glass which delays the lighting making it less bright) than you will surely need a good source of bathroom vanity lighting. For its lighting there are most usually used the lamps of the natural daylight that doesn’t distort the facial features.


Another important thing is that the lighting shouldn’t be reflecting in the mirror. For the small mirrors its enough to establish two lighting fixtures having the white diffusers from the both sides of the mirror. The big mirrors can be lighted by the lighted fixtures places on the perimeter of the mirror. But the most optimal way is to establish the mirror with the embed lighting.



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