Contemporary bathroom mirrors for stylish interiors

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The bathroom is applied and washed off the makeup, applied revitalizing mask, doing self-massage. All these actions are performed, usually in front of the mirror. Therefore, the mirror in the bathroom should be large enough, well lit, conveniently located. Thanks to contemporary mirrors bathroom can be modern and stylish.

The correct size

The size depends on the intending use. The main parameter in this case is the length of the mirror plate. The appropriate length helps to reflection:

  • to the chest line – 40 cm;
  • to the waist line – 60 cm;
  • to the line of the knee cups – 120 cm.

A small round mirror usually allows you to see the reflection only on the face and neck.

The mirror is an important element of the decor. Its form needs to emphasize the general line of the interior. Mirror size must match the dimensions of the bathroom. Small round mirror in a large hygienic room is simply lost as a decorative element. A huge mirror in a small room will look awkward. Properly chosen mirror will help to visually expand small bathroom, accentuate the merits of its plan and finish.

How to choose high-quality bathroom mirrors contemporary?

You should to know which material mirrors could be made of:

  1. Aluminum cover for the vanity mirror is the cheapest. However, aluminum quickly collapses under the influence of moisture, so it quickly will become worthless.
  2. Titanium is less susceptible to degradation in a wet environment. A mirror with such a coating can last longer. Themain disadvantage of titanium the reflecting layer is smudged, blurred edges, broken form.
  3. Silver is currently considered the best option coverage for cosmetic mirrors. It is moisture proof, durable metal. A mirror with such a coating will last a long time. The reflection will be clear, allowing you to take the most rigorous steps in the care of the skin of the face and applying cosmetics.
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When you choose a mirror for your bathroom, you should take into account that the indoor climate is humid, with extremes of temperature. In such circumstances, the conventional mirror is destroyed reflective coating (amalgam). So for the bathroom you have to buy a mirror coated in silver, which will be quite moisture proof. But it’s not enough to select the desired mirror.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the absence of air bubbles in the glass of the mirror, and the quality of reflection. The latter should not be distorted, otherwise it will not be a bathroom, and the kingdom of crooked mirrors. A good mirror should have none of these defects.

The lightning aspect

Consideration of these points is selected and the illumination for the mirror. If it is intended to use only for decorating the bath areas and general inspection, you can use a built-in or located behind a mirror plate on the backlight.

Contaporary bathroom mirror surely has lighting. It helps to get a clear reflection, for example, while applying makeup, and will serve as an additional light source. It must be placed so that the area of illumination was not only the mirror itself, but prisicilla area: shelves, table, sink.

How to mount lighting

After reviewing the intricacies of the installation, the question of how to make a mirror with their hands will be solved without difficulty. The main thing – to know the basics of work with wiring, to comply with security measures.

Pre-pave the hidden wiring. Observing that the room will be high humidity.
All the appliances for the bathroom, must have the protection class not lower than 2 levels. In advance include the presence of ground fault trip. The cable must be double insulated.
It is strictly prohibited in wet areas to use a harness without a shell, thus to place it in the sleeves, the pipes of metal.

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5 installation steps of mounting contemporary bathroom mirrors

Plan a place of attachment. By marking the drill holes of the necessary diameter, insert dowels, screw up the screws.
2. Then mount the mirror.
3. The next step is the connection of illumination by bringing the reflector to a power source.
4. Prior to commissioning carry out inspection of work performed.
5. The final stage – the installation of shelves and accessories.

If the surface sweats: practical solution

Amazing Lunar Backlit Bathoom Mirrors on the Modern Bathroom design

The bathroom is one of the most humid. The condensation on the mirror surfaces performs consistently. Resorting to little tricks, it is possible to correct the situation. For this we need to buy a special heating mat. He will play the role of a mini-heater. It must be placed behind the mirror. At the right moment it is heated, and the glass will not appear water.

The low-power device, the power consumption quite a bit. Usually it is connected in parallel to the lighting. In this case, the heating is switched on at the lamp, turns off similarly. This technique can increase the longevity of amalgam glass.



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