Contemporary bathroom cabinets

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The main idea of the contemporary bathroom cabinets isn’t just the way it looks like, but also a real functionality those bathroom cabinets can provide us with. We could see in the old movies and even being at a granny house that before most of the people were satisfied just with the wall cabinets that had the mirror on its surface and we usually remember this scene from a black and white movie where the man looking like James Dean is standing in from of it shaving. Of cause we still have this part of the bathroom furniture as its really useful, but nowadays we have such a beggar variety of choice and can see that the modern contemporary bathrooms can combine everything we need in itself and provide us with the best quality of living. 

The contemporary bathroom cabinets types.

The wall cabinets. As we already told the wall bathroom cabinets are the most well-known and have way bigger history then the others. And nowadays this solution is still so effective especially for the small bathrooms where the space is fully taken by the washing machine, dirty clothe basket and the sink or even the bathroom vanity. The modal variants of this bathroom vanity types is so different in its frontal size first of all. Which means that it has different parameters sucks width, height, depth and the stylistic way it can be made in.

3 advantages of what to pay attention on while choosing the bathroom cabinet.

Don’t forget that choosing the bathroom furniture you should always pay your attention on such fact as the moisture-prof of the furniture as this zone has a really high level of it. That’s why the bathroom cabinets made from DSP and MDF can be definitely used because moot of the times it has the special layer on it which resist the possibility of the water soaking. Moreover this furniture is way more available than the one made from the wood and costs really less. The facades, walls and the inside shelves – all should be covered from every side from the moisture effect. And also, may be you already saw, but some of the unfinished furniture has the wood cut, so of you see it – you should now that this place will surely soak the moisture which will straightly lead you to the deformation

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The geometrical part – all the doors should be able to get closed as tightly as it’s only possible to prevent the possibility of the moisture coming inside of the cabinets.

The accessories. It’s always better to pay a bit more and to buy the bathroom cabinets with the metal hangers then the one with the plastic ones, even it’s gonna be covered by chrome. The last hanger type isn’t that good with the temperature changing and it’s cover will remove really fast. Moreover, make sure that it has the anticorrosive cover.

The good advice of that if you establish the bathroom vanity above the sink then the space between them shouldn’t be less then the 40 cm. otherwise you sill hit your head with the bathroom cabinet again and again and we all know how annoying it is.

The contemporary bathroom vanity cabinets.

Here we also have such a big choice of varieties and can choose as the construction varieties as the design and it’s elements including the color. Talking about the colors and decor elements we should not forget to make a note about the fact that even the vintage or rustic bathroom vanity cabinets can be counted as the contemporary because it can be totally modern by its functional side, but still be antic looking just being a perfect part of your interior. Moreover the vintage looking can be just even better than the ones we have in the standard bathroom vanities.

The contemporary bathroom pencil-case.

This is a really modern bathroom cabinet as the designers just explored it not long time ago, but it got popular so quick! Almost like a bomb explosion. What are the main features of it? Well, let’s find out!

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First of all it’s always long or tall – whatever you want it to call and like a really pencil-case looking being placed just next to the wall as we usually place the book cabinets in the room.

It can be really functional as most of the times there is a dirty clothe basket on the last shelf which is really useful as most of the times you want this thing to be covered.

It’s a really optimal solution as being thin this bathroom cabinet can be placed in any corner of the bathroom without being super large or taking too much space.

The medicine contemporary looking bathroom cabinets.

In this case the most important thing is the functional side as most of the times we need to use those bathroom cabinets fast and easy. We should say from the begging that the standard bathroom cabinets can be also party or even fully used as the medicine cabinets while you can just leave the few shelves to keep your pills and medical kit on it. Also most of the times this kind of the bathroom furniture is straightly made with the mirror on it which is really useful as sometimes you really need to use what exactly you are doing and it’s just simply convenient. The good thing is also that the providers already took care of everything and made the special kind of separated boxes where you can keep all your medical stuff separately. Sometimes you even have the possibility to write on the box’s surface the names of the different pills to refuse the chance to forget it.

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So here we see that not just the technology is getting explored more and more, but also such things as bathroom furniture and especially the bathroom cabinets can really change or make our lives easier by increasing its functionality. So nowadays we can definitely forget about such a luxurious solution as a single bathroom wall cabinet with the mirror and step into the new life full of comfort and functional solutions.



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