Christmas bathroom decor 9 types, photo and ideas

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Christmas is around the corner and most of us will decorate the house for the occasion. The whole house will look after this Christmas for the bathroom, with the exception of. In the bathroom there is one place in the house where once the Christmas decorations are not welcome. This would be the case in most homes, but it would be very nice to have Decorated bathroom this year. For this Christmas, your bathroom will be simple christmas changes. This will make the atmosphere of the holiday, even if it is C in the bathroom, and it will be perfect for Christmas parties. Changing the decor in the bathroom for Christmas will create a festive atmosphere.

What needs to be done before the decoration of the bathroom? 2 types

1.To get started, you need to make sure that the bathroom clean in the first place. Find all the cleaning supplies and begin to clean up in the bathroom. Remove all the things that you do not want there. To decorate, to bring a festive mood in the bathroom should be, above all, clean.

2.If you have planned a party this Christmas, why not put a welcome Christmas garland on top of the bathroom door. The advantage of using a Christmas garland in the fact that there are many types and designs that you can choose. Simply select the one that you find suitable to go with the decoration of your home interior. Christmas garlands can be put in the bathroom, as well as, in particular, around the tub and bathroom with a mirror.

Decorating the bathroom window

Introduction to a New Year’s interior apartments starts with window decorations. How to decorate the window with his hands? There are many ways to do this from the very simple to quite complex and creative. Simply choose the option that came to your taste, and start to create. Do not forget to bring this work of their children. They, certainly, will be delighted by this process:

1.The most usual way for us to Christmas window decoration – a paper snowflake. You can cut your own snowflakes using only his imagination, and you can use ready-made stencils, printed on a printer. Attach snowflakes best with soap solution, it is so then you can easily remove them and wash away the traces of a simple wet cloth.

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2.Quite often we decorate windows for the new year with the help of toothpaste, as it is also easy to wash off. To work with the pasta, prepare a special brush, turning into a tube piece of foam rubber. This brush will leave traces on the beautiful screen. Making pictures is easiest with the help of plastic stencils.

3.Another interesting decor using toothpaste can be created as follows. Stick to the window paper snowflake and stir the paste with a little water. Dip a toothbrush into the mixture and gently spray it on the glass. When you remove the paper, you will have a beautiful pattern.

4.If you love to paint, then paint on the window, a simple piece of soap. This is much easier than paint colors as wash soap after the holiday for you is not difficult.

5.You can also decorate the window, just hang on the ledge Christmas balls on colored strips of different lengths.

Emphasis will be placed on the decoration of small bathrooms and common bathrooms. If the bathroom is large, there is a whole lot easier – a large space, which means you can use all the options of transformation, as in the other rooms.

Making the bathroom door for the new year – Christmas bathroom decor

Before entering the bathroom, the first thing we found? That’s right, the door. That’s it and you need to dress up in the first place. This can be done by hanging him on the chest or eye level (as you prefer) a small Christmas wreath made of spruce branches, with the addition of dry cones and different colored balls and bells (here imagination has no limits – wreaths are different, you can buy, and you can do with his hands).

Carpet in the style of Christmas. Nightmare before christmas bathroom decor

Entering the room, we get on the mat – giving it the form of the New Year is also important. Ideally, it is best to buy a new one. There are plenty of bathroom rugs, made in a New Year’s theme, and they give the room a special kind. You can make the transformation and manually sew on an old mat different cut from beautiful fabric color, snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, pine cones, etc. (This is possible if you have a carpet fabric, not foam or cork). You may be useful to our ideas to create a bath mat with your hands.

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New Christmas towels

They are also better to buy new ones. As a rule, they are embroidered with Christmas pictures or wishes a Happy New Year and Christmas. those towels you can buy for yourself or as a gift.

Making curtains for Christmas

With them, you can safely experiment with different sew Christmas pictures of fabric, plastic curtains if you can decorate it to your liking markers; on top of the curtain, where it is fastened to the ceiling (to the mounting tube or someone like), hang the rain, passing it through the mounting ring. You can buy a set of Christmas: Christmas curtain with retaining rings.

Making toilet for the New Year

If the bathroom combined, then it is bound to be the toilet, and it is also possible to decorate. Of course, if the owners of the house are not without a sense of humor and are not afraid to pee so frank decoration of their guests.

This can be done by replacing the cap on the New Year. To avoid unnecessary costs, attach the fabric pattern on the old cover. Here you have no limits: a new, holiday cover can be chosen to your taste, and that’s to make a pattern with his own hands – you need a little imagination. Sale and special kits to design a toilet for the New Year.

Additional bathroom decoration

To truly festive spirit reigned in the bathroom, accessories: ordinary soap dishes, glasses for toothbrushes, liquid soap dispensers – can be replaced by the New Year. If you look for them in the local souvenir shops or online shop, you can buy pretty attractive sets.

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To give even more New Year’s mood in the bathroom can be decorated with lamps, wall paint waterproof markers, rain and hang streamers from the ceiling of the room perimeter. Garland hanging in the bathroom is not necessary – it is not safe.

Remember also that the bathroom is always relevant minimalism because of its small size, and therefore try to implement all the tips in this article within a bathroom is not necessary – just select one or two of the most liked your ideas and bring a touch of Christmas in its interior.

Making light sources

You also need to dress up for the holiday and your chandelier. You can for a few holidays to replace conventional lamps in her color – green, red and others. You can also hang on the chandelier twinkling beads that reflect light and fill the room with a mischievous twinkle. And finally, you can simply hang on the chandelier Christmas tinsel and streamers.


We also decorate the house for the new year with the help of an abundance of bows and ribbons. These little things give any room a special festive atmosphere. For example, you can stretch out across the room one or two paper garlands to attach curtains shiny rain, and to the cushions – fabric bows. The main thing with the decor not to overdo it, because everything is good in moderation, but from the excessive abundance of decorations your guests will simply dazzled.

Another version of home decor, which will especially enjoy the kids – balloons. You can hang around the house balloons filled with helium and can order the whole shape of the balls. Now it is fashionable, so to find a wizard that will make for you an inflatable Santa Claus, is not difficult.



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