Cheap bathroom mirrors: available beauty

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At all times the bathroom was not conceived without a mirror is like a wedding without the bride. The mirror as a bride always is a jewel and center of the whole surrounding. Without a mirror shine even the fanciest bathroom looks dull, and its design is clearly underdeveloped.

But it would be a mistake to assume the mirror is only a decoration for the bathroom, one of the elements of its design. It must be remembered that the design is constructed in a specific sequence – first, one considers the functionality of a given element, and then decorating. Agree that the room should be a minimum of any “trinkets”, the major share of which falls on the decor (statues, paintings, etc.). What is the functionality of the mirrors in the bathroom?

The mirror and its functions: 5 useful tips

  • First and foremost, the mirror is used to “tell” you that you “fairest and lovelier”. Everyone knows about this its purpose. But just someone pays attention the fact that using a mirror can visually enlarge the space of the room.
  • In order to increase the space, veneer the entire wall or part of mirrors. By the way, if you compare the cost of lining per square meter of wall with ceramic tile or mirror, then you will be surprised by the result – costs will be quite comparable. But if you make the wall cladding tiles premium, the mirror wall will cost you much less.

    But if you would like to do the bathroom a Kingdom of mirrors, we get a rather unpleasant feeling from a lot of reflections. Experts do not recommend use such “savings”.

  • You should also think about the reflection of the cheap bathroom mirrors. They should reflect worthy of your attention image.
  • In turn, designers are advised to place a mirror at an angle or against each other. The depth of the space of the room will increase significantly.
  • Some types of mirrors have built-in lights, allowing you to have the bathroom for more light. The latter function prevents fogging of the mirror and extends, respectively, of its life.

The rules of mounting the bathroom mirrors cheap

Choose the installation location. It depends on how it will look bathroom, because the mirror is not only visually expands the space, but also creates his image in reflections. What will this way be, depends on your approach to the choice of location.

Choosing a place for a mirror, it is precisely to delineate its outline on the wall, leaving a minimum allowance for the grout. Then this is the place stained with paint for the reliability of its subsequent attachment. For fastening used liquid nails to withstand high humidity and temperature.

To ensure that the mirror plane was at the same level with the wall surface, you should consider the thickness of the cladding material.

After fixing the cheap bathroom mirror with liquid nails, definitely is sealing gaps between the mirror and the wall. To do this, use neutral silicone sealant action. Otherwise, increases the likelihood of damage to the reflective mirror coating. When you are finished installing the mirror, you can enjoy its decoration, that is, a frame.

Stylish decor options mirror

To highlight the mirror in the interior of the room, it is massive enough frame whose color needs to stand out from the overall color of the background, down, up contrast. It is important to note that the decor of the mirror should match the style of interior room.

  • Mirror in a classic style
    It comes wooden frame with no frills (which is to bring “the village”).
  • Mirror in country style
    It can be generally without pronounced frame.
  • Mirror in minimalism style
    Possible and just improvising with mosaic tiles. If you are a creative person, you can make a nice handmade frame for the mirror. Remember even cheap bathroom mirrors for sale could be unique and pretty, if you turn on your own ideas.

Illuminated mirror: lighting ways

Mirror lighting plays an important role in the proper reflection, even more so than the mirror itself. The lamps should emit a bright, but diffused light. Good with one of these fluorescent and halogen lamps. Physicians more preference is given to fluorescent lighting, the flashing frequency which does not affect humans. We should not forget that the lamps should be waterproof.

Often a bathroom mirror is illuminated by spotlights located in the ceiling. Due to the greater distance of their residence from the mirror than in the other embodiments, provide the necessary scattering of light, without glare and shadows.


If we talk about rectangular mirror, stretching up, then it is recommended to install side lights. Such a location will provide uniform light distribution.

If you install a wide mirror, the best option will be the location of the lamps from above and below. But it is better to use hidden light sources.

The “coolest” will be the mirror with in-built lights. Most often the backlight is on the perimeter or on the sides.



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