Brushed nickel bathroom mirror: what customers should know

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The bathroom interior is impossible to imagine without a mirror. If you pick it correctly, you can make a small room more narrow, wider, and dark – lighter. So, how to choose the right mirror for the bathroom, changed by using this accessory the interior, and what you should look for when purchasing it.

4 important aspects

1. Different shape – different effect

Selecting brushed nickel bathroom mirror, were only guided by personal aesthetic preferences. But another is to consider the size, layout and the flaws of the room. There are a few tricks that will help you to make a choice:

• A round mirror will give the room some extra volume and will make the situation harmonious.
• Square mirror make the room visually more proportional. This is especially true in rectangular and narrow rooms.
• Elongated mirror will visually raise low ceilings. It can be rectangular or oval.
• Horizontal rectangular mirror will make the room visually bigger and wider.

2. The size of the mirror

Mirror size can be arbitrary. A large mirror is a plus for a small bathroom. But do not need to place an accessory too low. Optimum height of 35-45 cm from the shell. To adjust these settings have already given the growth of all family members so that everyone was convenient to use the mirror. As for the width, then the best option – the width of the shell, although strict there is no limit.

3. Mirror with light

Any size any mirror, it should be well lit. Therefore, it is necessary to consider additional sources of illumination at the stage of repair. If it is not possible to hang several lamps, it is necessary to position the mirror so that it reflected as much light as possible. Then the room will always be bright and visually larger.

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4. Style

To mirror harmoniously fit into the interior, it needs to be selected in accordance with the General stylistic pattern. The room, decorated in ecological style looks perfect mirrors in wooden frames. For marine interior a good solution would be accessory, decorated with ropes. Mirrors in massive frames relevant in the large bathrooms. In small rooms look best options in the laconic style of hi-tech.

What mirror to choose?

For the bathroom it is better to buy silver variant, not on the basis of aluminum. These accessories are more resistant to moisture, and they are visually more attractive. On the reverse side of the mirror must be smooth surface. Bathroom mirrors brushed nickel will be a good choice for any interior.

Why need you a bathroom mirror?

*  The mirror makes the bathroom more visually

*  The frame for this mirror in any case should not be made of particleboard, as it is not resistant to moisture. It is better to stay on a stainless metal material or plastics.

*  The interior becomes easy and interesting

*  Unusual mirror is able to become the highlight of the interior and become a true art object.

*  A necessary and important part of the bathroom is a mirror for the bathroom. Every day, going to the bathroom, You see your reflection in the mirror and make cosmetic or hygienic procedure.

The modern market offers a mirrors huge selection of. Mirror paintings can be decorated frame with carved decor or built into a mirrored cabinet with lighting. Modern technologies allow to bring the mirror housing, any color, extra to decorate frosted glass, fusing, ceramics or other decorations. Mirror with cupboard, mirror with light, mirror with shelf, mirror, pencil case and this is not a complete list of offerings from different companies. We pay your attention to the wealth of choice, but don’t lose your head, only the eternal classic.

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Fundamental in the choice of mirrors for bathroom is the size, style, shape. The mirror in the bathroom not a classic, asymmetrical shape is often different in general style from the main interior and can ruin the overall tone in the bathroom. Straight or smooth lines to the mirror sheet may look and seem simple enough, but time will pass and you will realize that they’re flawless through the year or five years of use. Determine the size, we recommend to pay your attention on the mirror for bathroom in modern style. The advantages of such mirrors: a built-in lamp, soft close hinges, a convenient lower shelf for various accessories, mirror with cabinet, modern fittings and will suit almost any decor in the bathroom.

Beauty, comfort and a sense of satisfaction from well-chosen furniture for bathroom will help you maintain the positive mood for the whole day.



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