Black bathroom mirror: how to make cozy interior

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One of the unusual and contemporary solutions is bathroom in black color. Traditionally this room has always been bright, but the color of coal fell by the way. Properly designed space looks great. But to achieve such splendor, you need to know about some features that do not allow you to turn this place into a dark closet.

The interior, built on the contrast: 5 main rules

1. Contrast is the white color. It’s used for bathroom in black color looked too dark. The best option would be to use more white, if the room is small, and more coal, if large enough.

2. In any case, either large and or small space you can’t use black color only. By the way, it can also be different. Looks good so-called crow’s-wing color, which shines blue. You can dilute and dense charcoal gray shade.

3. There are many options of how to harmoniously arrange the coal and snow. For example, ceramic tiles, laid in a staggered manner. Its dimensions can be different. Can also be horizontal and vertical stripes or just different walls of these shades.

4. Not recommended the whole gamut of interior design to create a fully night. The room is too dark, some bright lighting in it might be used.

5. You must take into account the fact that vertical stripes visually increase the height of the room. And the horizontal load. But they increase width.

6. You should be very careful approach to the placement of such elements, their width, the pattern printed on light or anthracite background.

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The place for mirror

Bathroom in black color, very attractive, but to make it correctly is not easy. If you have problems, it is necessary to use the services of professionals who correctly selects a ratio of snow and anthracite.

It is not recommended to produce shale mirror frames, as they are associated with mourning frame around the photo. Transparent glass border wall is also on the slate is not recommended. By placing the black bathroom mirror, you need to ensure that they are not reflected stripes. The mirrors should reflect a solid wall. After all, motley reflection will break up the integrity of this design.

Special attention to cabinets

Depending on needs, size of premises, individual taste of the owner, type of mirrored furniture can be wall mounted, built-in or a corner.

The capacity of the cabinet must be large, given its future population. As people tend to constantly increase the amount of the desired trinkets, perfume and hygiene products.
The opening mechanism of the doors shall be equipped with a roller system or have a special door closers to prevent slamming when closing and the integrity of the mirror glass.
Verge mirror blade should not have sharp edges or chips. The canvas itself should have shockproof characteristics or be covered with a special film that protects against mechanical damage and flying debris.

The appearance of the selected model should harmonize with the interior finish and the overall design of the room. The black bathroom mirrors are interesting solution for any interior. It could be called practical and universal.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the material of manufacture of the furniture, as it will be kept in conditions of excessive humidity. It can be:

  • Chipboard – the most budget option with a small lifespan;
  • Plastic is practical, inexpensive, durable material that can imitate the texture of wood, marble, natural stone;
  • Wood – eco-friendly, practical and expensive solution, made of oak or beech wood, varnished.

Black mirrored bathroom cabinet installation

Today to self-install in a bathroom mirror cabinet is not difficult. For successful operation the furniture design is necessary to initially worry about good ventilation and hygienic facilities. In addition, you need to consider that between the sink and the bottom cabinet must be followed a standard distance of 40 cm for the convenient use of the sink.

For a start it is necessary to properly determine the best option mounting system that suit to your wall. Mostly, anchor bolts suitable for ceramic tiles and most facing surfaces. To the distance between the centers of the hinges on the hull rear wall of the cabinet. Then, this size is transferred by pencil on the wall using a level to adjust the horizontal.
Then, in the middle of the markup is sent to the drill punch and gently made its first pressing. At low speed the drill will drill a shallow hole. Further, the speed can be increased and the hole to the required depth.


After you need a rubber mallet to hammer into the ready hole plastic dowel and tightly screw it in the anchor bolt, using pliers. The hooks of the anchors should look up.
The optimal distance to keep between the hook and the wall should be within 1 cm below when installing the cabinet top not led down. For the final date of installation will need an assistant to guide the loop of the rear wall on the bolts.

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Mirrored wardrobes are considered to be one of the most modern interior design of bathroom arrangement. They combine beauty, harmony, practicality and create a certain effect on the perception of space.



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