Belved bathroom mirror: useful tips from professionals

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Sometimes from what we see depends on our mood for the whole day. Reflection we will either delight or…. But just few who come to mind that a lot depends on the mirror and lighting around. In this article I will try to give a few tips on how to choose the right mirror in the bathroom, in order not to get disappointed later in your reflection.

Save space

So, the selected beveled bathroom mirror must fit into the interior of the room, combined with basic furniture. If you choose it, then your task is greatly simplified, as is likely, the designers have tried for you, creating furniture, perfect for each other.

Often the mirror, glued on waterproof chipboard, serves as a facade for a wonderful cabinet with lots of shelves and compartments. This locker is a perfect solution for a small bathroom, where it is generally difficult to place. And in general, for small spaces, with a deficiency of area on the floor (often flawed in this respect the kitchen), there is one perfect solution to the placement of all necessary walls. If you have not enough space on the floor – look at the walls! In fact, you can hang anything, would be a fantasy and confidence their own abilities. Well and not interfere with the ability to beat all this is true, not to hurt the interior of the apartment.

Mirror with silver coating: 4 reasons

Beveled mirrors for bathrooms with silver coating is more resistant to moisture and damage than, for example, with aluminum coating. But it is so necessary to us here because of the special microclimate of the “bath room”. Actually, I should say that silver and aluminium are most often used in the manufacture of so-called household mirrors. But, if you try, you can find mirrors in the production of which had been used chromium, nickel, gold. Accordingly, the price will be much higher.

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The mirror silver has a number of advantages:

  1. more resistant to moisture;
  2. better reflectivity;
  3. not so prone to mechanical damage;
  4. improved accuracy of reflection.

Drawback – high price. However, despite this, I’m still going to insist on this option for the bathroom as a cheaper mirror will quickly fog up, and will eventually lose its reflectivity, that is what we actually bought.

Importantly, what material is made frame, framing the mirror. They have to choose the moisture-proof material. It is best suitable for this purpose stainless steel, chrome metal, plastic, glass. If you stay on the tree, ask the seller how the frame was processed. So as the particular conditions of operation, increase the processing requirements significantly.
If the mirror is on the front of the locker, the locker shall be made of moisture proof chipboard, covered with plastic. Of course, if it is done qualitatively locker, the slice you see is unlikely, but to demand all necessary documents and certificates from the seller to you, it is not obstructed.

Heated mirrors

Increasingly mirrors for the bathroom equipped with heating, similar to what is on the car side mirrors. A trifle, but nice – the bathroom mirror will not fog up. If you do not want to spend the extra money, you can simply wipe the mirror with a special solution for mirrors of the same car. The special composition of this liquid will prevent fogging for some time.

Do not trust buying it to third parties. After all, to look in the mirror will have for you, the perception of the reflection of all people are different. Find a mirror where you will look perfect. If you look in the mirror and understand that life is much more beautiful, look for more!

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Cosmetic mirror for bathroom

If the house lives a girl, a woman or even a grandmother, so take care of the installation of special cosmetic mirror for applying makeup and examining my face in great detail. Although something to hide, we men also love ourselves porazglyadyvat. Such mirrors can be put on the countertop near the sink (especially useful if the top corner, as it has a larger area), and can be hung on a wall near the primary mirror. The main advantage of cosmetic mirrors is the possibility to turn them at different angles. For convenience, such mirrors are often equipped with additional lighting. And don’t forget to ask the seller which materials were used in the manufacture of mirrors.

Mirror organic glass

To give a particular expression to the interior of the bathroom can install a mirror made from organic glass. This new material is lightweight, durable, safe. Such a mirror is glued to the double sided tape to any surface: wood, tile, glass, plastic. Such a mirror can’t be broken, can have any shape: butterfly, fish, cats, flowers….. This can be used even in the nursery. These small decorative mirror (sometimes they are sold in a set of several pieces) can stick directly on the tile in the bathroom – they effectively will have to beat the main big mirror, at the same time decorating the interior and visually expanding the space.


The size of the mirror depends on the size of the bathroom in which it is installed. If you are a happy owner of a large bathroom, you can afford the luxury of a large mirror, which will be able to admire herself in full growth. Just remember to leave yourself enough room to move the necessary distance. In a small bathroom, I think, such a large mirror to put irrational. It’s hard to find a place for it, it will look awkward. Yes, and will perform its basic function – show host in full growth – it will not be. The best option is a medium size mirror over the sink.

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By the way, most often the installation of the mirror is produced right above the sink. The result – a large number of ugly marks from water splashes. To avoid this, you can hang a small shelf between sink and mirror, which will serve as a barrier to water.



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