Beer bathroom décor and the spirit of a wild nature.

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Talking generally the Bears are the wild hunters, but who will want such an aggressive piece in the bathroom where you want just come and relax after a hard day at work. So most of the times the bear decor will perfectly fit just the saloon or the private cabinet where this kind of symbol will remind you about your professional and career goals and you can definitely associate yourself with this animal fighting for your place in this world.

But what if we talk about the baby bear – a cute little bear that we always associate with the good old Pooh from the childhood fairytale? Then it’s logically that we gonna place it not anywhere, but in the children bathroom. We already talked about some children bathroom decoration varieties, but here we gonna accent all our attention on only this fairy tale hero who we all know well as from the book as from the Sunday cartoons when all the family wakes up later and spend a good time by watching this eternal story about the Pooh and his friends. So you can be definitely sure that the kid will like the bathroom decoration made in this style.

What is good about this kind of a beat bathroom decoration is that it’s gonna fit any children bathroom – doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy as both of them surely like this kind story. But what you should definitely pay your attention on is that this kind of interior won’t fit any children age as most of the times it can be good just for the children till six years old as then it’s better if you change the bathroom decoration into the more adult one while leaving just few the most important pieces of the childhood that are not easy to let go. This decision is really important to make as the kid is going into the adult life and should psychologically get older, may be first he won’t really like this idea, but finally most if the children do really hurry up to get older.

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As we were already talking about the ways this decoration can be placed into the bathroom interior we gonna just quickly repeat that in the zone with the high moisture level as the bathroom has its better use the ceramic tile at lest to decorate the floor, but most of the times it can be also used for the walls covering. But don’t worry that in this way your bathroom will look standardly and boring as the small tile same as mo aid let us use a it’s great opportunity such as the one as the picture making. Just imagine that you are making mosaic – your kid will definitely like this idea. Well, of cause he won’t really be the part of the decoration making as the tiles should be really placed carefully and strictly straight, but the good new here is that you can order any kind of the picture you want. You can even ask your child to help you with this and he is gonna be truly happy to have the opportunity to choose his favorite scene from his favorite cartoon and to see it every day on the wall. You have ever had the problems with the baby washing when it’s almost impossible to make him go into the bathroom? Now you can definitely forget about it and make the bathroom the most popular place for the kid in the whole house!

Well, of cause there is always a possibility just to draw the cartoon scene on the white wall with the special moisture-proof painting on the recently threatened wall background and it’s also gonna work or even to buy the same old good bathroom stickers that can be easily placed anywhere and same easily removed without the bathroom walls damaging. Don’t forget to complete your interior with the pooh accessories which are really a lot on the modern market and you can definitely order it online choosing it with your kid.

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If you really decided to put the real wild bear into the bathroom interior and you are totally sure that you will find a place for it than you should remember that there are two types of them.

2 types of bears you can use in the bathroom decoration.

  • The wild grizzly bears that lives in the while Canadian forests and the white beard that we usually find more cute. Well, we should tell you straight that the brown bears are also not supposed to look dangerous or crazy so they can be definitely found in your interior looking like they are just walking around between the forest trees. In this case it’s better if you keep your bathroom color gamma in the brown and dark vp green shades. These colors can be really calming down, but definitely shouldn’t be used in the small bathrooms as they futon a look make it look even smaller.
  • If you choose the white beard as the main bathroom accent, then it’s pretty logical that its better to complete it with the polar accents such as white or lightly blue walls and accessories made on this style. Moreover, you can make the snow feeling, but then having the warm bath won’t really feel like the global warming is coming?


So we gave you such a mass of varieties and now you can definitely choose which one is closer to you. And now you can definitely see that the bear interior should be chosen rally carefully, but at the same time can fit any age.



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