Beautiful and practical lining in using bathroom decor sets

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You prefer tile? Here, too, is where carousing modern design for bathroom decor sets:

  • For the design of the walls are selected in a contemporary style tiles, granite tiles, and other tile materials from worn metal texture.
  • Single color wall tiles of light colors (it has a considerable size) is used in combination floor tiles darker shades of normal size.
  • To finish the “herringbone” the walls are selected two close color tiles.
  • Tile “under the tree” is ideal for bathroom design in a modern eco-design.
  • Decorative plaster deposited on the walls of the type of concrete surface, will bring in an interior style notes.
  • Relevant in the modern bathroom design wood veneer in combination with tiles or mosaics major parameters.

Zoning, which involves the use of the tiles in the shower and staining the remaining wall portions waterproof paint, give the room originality?

The trend pattern, inlaid with tiles in the shower area by the type of quilt.

Finishing the floor

Flooring bathroom decor sets in modern design is preferred over dark colors, especially in combination with light color wall. Interesting pebble stone floor cladding. It is necessary to highlight also the option of single-color light walls and bright, with floor patterns. The original solution – self-leveling floors with 3-D drawing. Pebbles, sand, grass, marine life, coins, star-like. These pictures are suitable for spacious bathrooms.


“Heavens” modern bathroom is seen in white. Ceiling painted surface or settling stretch ceiling. In the second case, unable to mount recessed lighting.

Plumbing equipment in bathroom decor set

Sinks in the modern bathrooms take mostly fancy shapes. Heath is round or oval bowls, which are set on the dark tabletop. Bribes outdoor version of whole-shell boxes. Effect of room to add two identical shell-boxes placed over them with similar mirrors. The modern design of the room simple sink support “square” or “rectangle”.

Bath in the style of “modernity” is selected unusual format. However, oval, round, square, trapezoidal and other geometry required for its installation space. Especially showy interior sanitary facilities with a white round or oval bathtub in the finishing of the dark tone.

Shower in contemporary bathroom design allows you to focus on the corner of the allocation to this area of the mosaic, patterned or metallic tiles.

Toilet bowl in the modern interior takes on geometric forms with sharp corners or to offset the roundness.

Bidet necessarily selected in the same style as the toilet.

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Modern style requires a space that is not cluttered with excess furniture and details. Therefore, any bathroom, and even a little more so, visually enhances your footage by hanging cabinets in the same color as the wall / ceiling paneling. And with open shelves placed on them jars and boxes of cosmetics and decoration bring “flavor” in the design of bathroom decor set.

Low floor cabinets in the interior of a modern bathroom definitely made with tops made of natural materials or artfully imitating them. Facades of such furniture – smooth, without serving accessories and ornate decor.


Today, the right lighting for the bathroom of the room is considered to be a combination of different types of fixtures. This ceiling installation in the form of built-in lamp Edison lamps, LED ribbon lighting for ceilings, furniture, mirrors. Lighting must necessarily be regulated in intensity, as required by the modern style.


The main subject of the decor is a mirror of a non-trivial form – with or without framing it. Decorate bathroom accessories handmade – decorative mats, baskets for placing cosmetics and so on.

Live potted plants – the trend of modern bathroom design. They have a 2-3, even form a mini-garden or equipped with “green” wall, placing on it a lot of pots. Using the decor in the style of hi-tech – the indispensable features of a modern bathroom design.

Construction of the bathroom interior in modern style requires abandoning the abundance of bright colors and space congestion excess of jewelry and accessories. The original design is achieved brevity and simplicity unobtrusive.

Hydrotherapy treatments are necessary not only for personal hygiene. They help to cheer up in the morning and in the evening to relax, relieve stress and daytime fatigue. Even if you see yourself in your bathroom for a total of half an hour per day, and in fact some and that’s enough, it is important that the room was dominated by comfort and beauty. Harmonious interiors help to find psychological comfort and cheer up. What could be the beautiful bathrooms, and what to consider when choosing either option?

What to look for kids bathroom decor sets

The design of the bathroom needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. Usually this kind of room is small in size, so any flaws will be very noticeable. Thinking over the future design, first of all proceed from the bathroom size. Indoors 3-5 sq. m not affords to turn what could have been done in the area of 10 sq. M. The beautiful kids bathroom decor sets everything should ideally be combined with one another: and plumbing, and flooring, walls and accessories. Therefore, we first analyze the original data, that is, what you have initially. If you change the tiles, consider how well the color scheme will look tub, toilet and sink.

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If you are updating all the plumbing, and the walls and floor remains the same, you also have to think about, it is unwise to be slightly change the usual form of attribute data. Perhaps better to replace the bath shower, sink standard change in the angular and buy toilet without cistern. Unfortunately, not always possible to combine your own ideas of beauty with their financial capabilities. Therefore, the cost factor will also play a big role. When there is no hesitation, it is better to invite experts in the money. Professional design differs refinement and originality, so in this bathroom is always a pleasure to be. In addition, it avoids the annoying errors and save significant time.

How to avoid embarrassing blunders

The renovation of bathrooms, there are several restrictions, which can not violate. Beautiful dark tile will look luxurious in a large bathroom, but for a little taboo, because it will make her look like a closet. Any dark decoration material is “tight”, that is, narrows the space. Light, low-key, pastel colors – this is what you need for a beautiful small bathroom. Experiment with color and contrast should be extremely cautious.

Often, the decision to use innovative ideas, creating a stylish contrast design, taking young people. But after a while they get bored by the similar style and they start again to save money on repairs. However, if you are an extraordinary person, you will, on the contrary, it is quite comfortable to be in the extravagant interior. Visually reduce the room is too small tiles.

However, the large plates to produce lining the small bathroom are not worth it. Small tiles in conjunction with a panel of small mosaic – this is what you need for a beautiful bathroom.

Style and Functionality

Beautiful interiors can be made in different styles: from classic and refined gentle romanticism to futuristic high-tech. The main thing that selected style was maintained until the end, and consistent with the tastes of the owner. Otherwise, the room will not look complete and harmonious. However, in the pursuit of beauty cannot forget about functionality. Even the most beautiful cheap bathroom decor sets are not just for aesthetic pleasure, but, first of all, for hygiene procedures. This means that there is a lot of detail and intimate things that you do not want to put on display even close.

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To conveniently store all hygiene items and household chemicals, special furniture in the bathroom should be provided. If, however, toothbrushes, soap, razors, ear sticks and rubber bands for hair scattered all over the bathroom, you can say that all the efforts to design, in vain. Already no one will pay attention to the beauty of the plumbing or a good combination of colors tiles and rugs. Also, do not forget to take care of the lighting. Uniform, pleasant lighting is important for both small and large bathrooms.

The bathroom should be comfortable

Beautiful bathrooms should be, above all, comfortable. Add comfort in several ways. Primarily, it mats. These not only make the room atmosphere in a sweet, but also prevent slipping, and do not allow the foot in contact with the bare cold tiles. Of course, if you have children who like to splash around in the tub, spilling water on the floor, such a decision cannot be called practical. In this case, you can use the floor heating system.

The key to comfort are designed accessories like beautiful mirrors, shells, candles, flowers. All these little things require care, but because of them are gorgeous interiors.

Absolutely all of the space in the house and the apartment has to be beautiful, functional and comfortable. If you are going to create an interior bathroom, room with WC, it is imperative to take into account these requirements, as for the toilets is extremely important absolute hygiene, practicality and convenience.

Features specific to bathrooms


How many people, so many opinions. Attitude to the cheap bathroom decor sets, room with WC, is ambiguous. Some believe that this is the best option for small apartments, which allows you to efficiently use the inner space. Others are categorically opposed to such a decision, because they believe that it creates a lot of inconvenience to households and to the same is not quite hygienic.

The design of the bathroom, room with WC, has every right to exist. However, taking a decision in his favor, a number of requirements need to be considered and to comply strictly with them.



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