Bathroom wall art décor, 14 photo

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The choice of interior design – always interesting and very time-consuming process. You need to match the scale of your room, room space, to solve the problem with the expansion or contraction of space to take care of the light filling and, finally, to determine the main idea and the embodiment of your design ideas. There is nothing easier than to choose the accessories for the bedroom, living room, and the choice of the interior to your personal account is not difficult. Difficulties arise when design solutions premises filling process goes to the bathroom.

What we used to see in a regular bath? Naturally, it is the very bath or shower, sink, toilet and bidet, if we are talking about sharing the bathroom, you also need to bath the presence of mirrors, various shelves, cabinets, possibly washing machine, foot mats and many other things, that every man for himself sees fit. This is a standard set of interior design and accessories, which is present in almost every bathroom. If we talk about the more daring and innovative design solutions, then everything for bathroom use very diverse additions to the interior. These can be scented candles in candlesticks vintage chic, personal towels, pad feet of natural materials, with automatic switch flavoring premises, musical shower, jacuzzi with a microphone and, of course, paintings.

Wall art for bathroom decor

It may seem a strange idea to equip the interior of a bathroom with the help of pictures. We are accustomed to contemplate them in the foyer, hall, classrooms, hallways, and in the extreme case, in the bedroom, but that in the bathroom.

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The paintings in the bathroom – a highlight, which is popular in America, Asia and even Europe.

All aspire to something new and extraordinary. If you look into the depths of ancient eras, one can observe a tendency of having pictures in the “waiting room” or in most bathroom. According to legend, even Catherine II preferred to admire its picturesque images in the bathroom. It drew great artists of the time, but to see pictures ever not all. Interior bathroom in modern times more evolved, but some elements are still passed through the era and survived. Available paintings extraordinarily capable to decorate your bathroom and give it a distinctive style.

How to choose the right picture for the bathroom?

It is necessary to pay attention to the overall design and interior space. It is important to maintain the style and the presence of a pattern did not break the thin line of bathroom design. With a choice you can help an experienced artist or interior designer. If you choose your own picture for a room – consider all the selection criteria, from the color scheme, ending themed paintings and lighting facilities.

Choosing a picture to a bright and spacious bathroom, you can safely stop on the works of famous medieval artists and fill the interior of your bathroom. You can decorate pictures in the rough, bulky vintage frame. This will give the room a royal greatness. If you are alien to the ancient era and closer to the heart of modern art and minimalist space, choose bright, “juicy” picture of small size with thin frames or at all without them. It is pertinent to your interior will own photos borderless randomly hung on the perimeter walls of the bathroom.

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Care wall the bathroom art decor

Given the peculiarity of the room, condensation and air circulation, the presence of paintings in the bathroom imposes upon you certain responsibilities to care for them. Art requires not only the victims but also reverent attitude. To have your picture and the overall look of the room did not lose the old style and the kind of organic, you should remember some rules. So, if present in your interior painting with a wooden frame, make sure that the tree was covered with fixing varnish. So you reduce the risk of corrosion of the material under the influence of temperature and moisture level. The main part of the exhibition is better to hide under the glass so that the image does not fade and resist temperature “torture.” Hanging a picture on the wall of your room, attach a few bottle caps between the wall and the picture. So you will ensure uniform air circulation between the wall and wall paintings. And do not forget to open the door to the bathroom at night, even if it is well ventilated.

Mosaic in bathroom art decor


Note the choice of material for the pictures. Optionally, select the image or paper paintings on canvas. In modern times quite widespread variant of decorating the bathroom is the use of mosaic images. With the help of multi-colored mosaic pieces, you can create an original painting for your room. Most often a mosaic made of ceramic, stone, wood or glass. Glass is the most common and the best option for the bathroom. This material is fairly durable, not moldy and can not be influenced by the change of temperature and humidity of the room. To care for these murals is enough to perform wet cleaning work walls made of microfiber material with the addition of your favorite detergent.



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