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The different types of sanitary engendering in the modern world isn’t just a human whim, but also just a normal necessity to have a space for collecting all the personal hygiene stuff and the other kits such as the one for make up. Of cause you can’t keep all your stuff opened so anyone could see as the people in 90’th were doing when every cream box was some kind of index of the family’s prosperity. Now another time came at it needs another kind of caring so in this article we gonna find out how not to choose just a bathroom vanity, but how to choose a whole set that can fit all the stuff you can need. Moreover to keep the stylistic directionality it’s better to buy a whole set, but not just a piece by piece that it’s gonna look totally separated.

Bathroom vanity sets. The main advantages and requirements.

It’s not that easy to choose the whole bathroom vanity set as it can be thought and we are not talking about the color, texture or shape, everything is so much more complicated. The bathroom furniture should be chosen based on a mass of requirements, otherwise it’s not gonna last long and will go to the dump just after few years of exploitation. So what are those requirements for the places with a high level of moisture and what we should pay our attention on while buying such a bathroom vanity set?

The first and the most important thing is a high and safe protection from the moisture. If you pay your attention on this fact then you will understand why bathroom vanities are never made of a simple laminated DSP. Most of the times the facades of the bathroom furniture are made of MDF and covered just by a paint and varnish. That’s what happens if we talk about an expansive variant as the cheaper one is gonna be covered just by a membrane. The main surface of the bathroom furniture is mostly made with the same kind of requirements, but here is not allowed to use DSP if it’s only not covered by the tiny plastic layer. Generally, there is a full special furniture category made specially for the bathrooms and it’s all made from plastic. This material surely is t afraid of any kind of moisture, but it has one and really important limiting – it’s way of looking is just simply not esthetical. And of cause the main construction should be made from stainless steel or as an alternative variant you can pay your attention on the bathroom vanities which handle is made from the chromed plastic.

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The decorative elements. The bathroom vanity set should be in the full harmony with the rest of the interior and should perfectly fit is stylistic direction.

The ease of washing. It’s not a big secret that the water drops leave not esthetically looking drips not just on the mirrors, but also on all of the gloss surfaces. Of cause it’s not that hard to remove it, but if to take into accounting that you will need to do if often then it becomes a problem. That why the bathroom vanity set’s surfaces should have the minimal gloss effect or have some kind of covering from the sink.

The bathroom vanity sets varieties.

Talking about the bathroom sets varieties we can notice that it’s not much to say because it can be separated based just on two classifications such as:

1) The establishing variant.

2) The accessory’s varieties.

If to complete this list with all the color varieties and the materials that can be used for decoration and moreover use the designer’s fantasy, then we gonna end up with lots of production which you will need to sort out. So, first of all let’s consider the first two main species that most of the bathroom vanities sets can be proud with.

1) The establishing variant. In this variant the modern furniture factories can provide you with the two main furniture combinations. It can be trim and corner. The first variant will perfectly fit the big and wide bathrooms and the second one is gonna be good for the middle size areas because it allows you so use your bathroom area more economical and optimal. If you are the owner of a small bathroom than it’s better not to buy a whole set or to buy just a part of it like bathroom vanity and the floating bathroom cabinet or otherwise the small area will become just impossibly small.

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The accessories. Talking about the bathroom vanity accessories you need to understand that we are talking at least about two pieces, but most of the times it consists from four. So let’s look closer to the standard one and find out about its construction. So the following bathroom vanity set consists from:

1) The bathroom vanity. It’s simple, on the top of it there is a sink and inside there are the shelves for the bathroom stuff keeping.

2) The wall bathroom cabinet. Most of the times it’s separated by the shelves and has a mirror on its surface or, talking more detailed, on it’s doors. If there are not any mirror doors than you should think really good if you really need it as it becomes not really functional. In some of the bathroom vanity sets the bathroom cabinet is replaced by the mirror with the glass shelves.

The “pencil-case” – in the bathroom vanity set there can be only one or even few. Most of them are provided with the shelves that are used for the clean towels and underwear keeping. The low shelf of one of the “pencil-case” is usually kept for the dirty underwear basket.

Here we talked about just some combinations of the bathroom vanity sets and you should understand that if you want you can always complete it with the other elements such as another wall bathroom cabinets or another “pencil-case”. Here most of all it’s all based on your bathroom configurations and planning that’s why most of the bathroom furniture producers call it some kind of a module variant. Which means that you can combine your own bathroom vanity set being based on your wishes and preferences as any element can be bought separately. You can buy just a single bathroom vanity with the the mirror or a whole set. And don’t forget that any bathroom vanity can be also customized and produced basing on your own plan. The simple example is when you like a set, but it’s just way too big for your bathroom. Or the one you chose is all good, but you would like to change the color gamma. It’s easy to solve all of this by ordering your personal bathroom vanity set, but the one limiting you gonna handle is that then you will need to wait. Bit until it’s produced.

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The cheap bathroom vanity sets.


We have already told that the less components you have in your set, the cheaper it’s gonna be. But surely it will also depend on the colors, material and texture. We have already told that the white plastic it the malt standard description for the bathroom furniture as surely the cheapest one. The bathroom set made with the ceramic or even marble pieces is gonna already cost more and more. But don’t worry, because as for the clothe we have the sale for the furniture we have the sales as well. Sometimes the fabric is getting closed and sometimes the shop sells everything out or this model just wasn’t popular enough, but it can perfectly fit your unrepeatable interior. Also you can check the worldwide antic and vintage furniture sales where you can buy not something just cheapen as most of the times the modern shops offer, but also something no one else would have. So cheer up and surely you will find something you gonna be happy with!



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