Bathroom vanity mirrors

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Which bathroom today do without a mirror? It was not only functional but also decorative element each bath, as can significantly change the appearance of the premises, to expand the space, giving it unique. But in order to mirror as much as possible into the interior bathroom and had all the necessary functional qualities, it is necessary to pay attention to his choice.

Vanity mirrors for bathroom

Today the choice of bathroom mirrors is capable of impressing even the experienced designer. They are so different that everyone can find a suitable option in size, shape, and additional features. Although the conduct of their classification is not entirely easy, we will try to divide them into several types.

1.cosmetics that have average parameters and are intended for cosmetic procedures;

2.Magnifying and panoramic have a much larger size, and are not only for cosmetic procedures, but also to the expansion of visual space.

3.square and rectangular – a classic of the genre, it is the most popular option, which is now found in most bathrooms;

4.round and oval – is also a fairly common option, which brings a certain flavor to the space;

5.mirror irregularly shaped and curly – the most unique and original, they can become a real highlight of the bathroom.

6.combined with a certain piece of furniture, such as cabinet, shelf. This option is best suited for small bathrooms, where every square centimeter counts, and multi-functional pieces of furniture – a real salvation;

7.freestanding mirror, as the name implies, is not aligned with the furniture and carry only one single function;

8.decorative mirrors are not intended for cosmetic procedures. They just need to decorate the interior, visually increase the space.

Bathroom vanity with mirror- necessity in today’s world.

In all this variety does not end, because the modern market offers a heated mirrors, rotating, domed, portable models and a lot of other interesting solutions.

Dimensions of mirrors for interior

Today, a buyer can find a mirror of almost any shape and any size. And even if the stores has been no suitable model, the mirror with the required parameters can be made to order. But before you make a purchase or order, you must decide what the size should have a mirror. Of primary importance in this respect are, alas, not personal preferences and the size of a bathroom.

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If the room can not boast of a large area, the mirror will be sure to be placed above the sink. It is better if the width is not more than the width of the basin, so in advance is necessary to measure this parameter. But if you opt for a round or oval mirror, then there are no specific rules, but more importantly, to eventually mirror looked harmonious and fit into the interior of the bathroom.

Owners spacious bathrooms provide a wider choice, because you can choose a full-length mirror. Importantly, do not forget that the mirror must be space to allow comfortable look.

By measuring the bath parameters and deciding which approach the mirror, it is better to allow a small error. For example, the width should be 70-80 cm, and length – 60-70 cm, while in the store will be much easier to find a suitable alternative. If your plans do one of the walls in the bathroom completely mirrored, and can significantly increase the space thanks to this acceptance, it will have to make a mirror to order.

Bathroom vanity mirror lights can be found in many stylish journals.

Do not forget that the mirror elements can be used perfectly in any vanity bathroom mirrors. For example, it is necessary to replace several conventional tiles on the mirror, and the space will be perceived by an entirely different way. You can set the screen at the bathroom mirror. With it, you will achieve a significant expansion of visual space, but will need to choose toughened glass, and make sure that it was reflected in the aesthetically pleasing from all sides.

Selection of spraying bathroom vanity mirror

Bathroom – a room where there is often high humidity and temperature fluctuations occur. All items in this room should be well endure such conditions, and the mirror is no exception. It should be moisture-resistant, not to lose time with their reflective abilities. Main characteristics of the mirrors are defined sputtering type, which can be:



Mirror with silver plated well withstands moisture better different reflectivity than mirror with aluminum coating. In addition, the silver coating makes the glass more resistant to mechanical damage, and it will be reflected in a more precise and clear. True, there are such a mirror is not cheap, as used expensive equipment and raw materials, but still a preferred option for the bathroom during their production.

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Mirrored bathroom vanity will look stylish and visually expands the room.

Mirrors with aluminum coating although cost much cheaper, but will quickly mist over, and after some time, they may lose some reflectivity and thus have to re-look mirror for the bathroom.

Today the demand is for a mirror made of organic glass. This is a relatively new material, which is lightweight, high strength and safety. A distinctive feature of mirrors – the ability to stick to absolutely any surface using double-sided tape. These items can be absolutely any shape, they do not break and will be an excellent decoration of the bathroom. Today they are used as a supplement to the primary mirror: in the set, as a rule, several such organic mirrors, they can be stuck on the tiles in the bathroom, in any order, embodying any undertaking and adding zest room.

The mirror should have at its surface chips, cracks or any other defects. Scratches, bulges, bumps, blisters – all considered marriage, so the purchase of such mirrors is better to abstain. If you choose not prevent to look at himself in the mirror: it should not ruffle and jumping. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention to the back side. It should be smooth, smooth, without chipping and damage. Incidentally, usually, it has a green color.

Framed bathroom vanity mirrors

Equally important when selecting a mirror in the bathroom playing his frame. Since this is a room with high humidity, not every material there will normally feel. Ideal for bathroom fit frame from materials such as stainless steel, plastic, chrome-plated metal. You can select all the mirror without a frame: this option fits into most interior styles.

Mirrors for bathroom vanity It will look stylish only if there is a beautiful frame.

As to wood, it is known to be very susceptible to adverse effects of moisture. An ordinary chipboard in the bathroom – not a place, but the natural wood treated with a special solution, or water-resistant chipboard may well be used. In addition, the mirror can be combined with the cabinet, which the material must also be resistant to moisture.

lighted bathroom vanity mirror

Illumination for a mirror – a necessary thing, thanks to which all the beauty treatments you can perform more comfortable and convenient. It should be such that good coverage of the mirror itself and face the beholder, without distorting the reflection. Placing lighting need so that you do not obstruct when you look in the mirror. Of course, the best option – lamps on the sides and on top of the mirror and already their style must be chosen depending on the design of the room. You can organize the backlight around the perimeter of the mirror, then you will have the original frame.

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If the mirror is aligned with the cabinet, the lights will play and one additional feature – the lighting of its content, and it will be easier to find the desired object. Moreover, such lamps can even be built into a locker. Today popular steel mirror with light: they allow you to maximize correctly illuminate your face and become a stylish addition bathroom.

On sale already and mirrors with illumination, which can be switched on and off thanks to one hand movement. In particular zone mirror has touch switch: it is enough to run your hand around it, as the lighting turns on or off. In the bathroom, when the hands are often wet, it is very convenient.

Selecting functions mirror. Bathroom vanity mirror ideas

A mirror can not only be a reflective surface in the bathroom, but complemented by a host of other useful features:

1.heated, whereby the mirror is never mist, even if the temperature and humidity in the bathroom are at high level. But if you do not want to spend money on this function, there is an alternative – to wipe the mirror solution for the car mirrors, and for some time the surface really does not fog up;

2.built-in magnifying mirror, through which it is easier to apply makeup or shave;


3.Mirrors are equipped with the most advanced features such as a hidden monitor, which allows you to view videos in the mirror; connection with the phone via Wi-Fi, through which you can stream music, etc.

  1. Bathroom vanity mirror cabinet help to find a free place to put other appliances.



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