Bathroom vanity clearance, tips in 2018

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Bathroom vanity is such a simple thing, but so necessary one in such a place as a bathroom. Nowadays we have just a mass of varieties including the different forms, colors and designing solutions. But he most important fact is still the convenience. While buying a new bathroom vanity you should pay your attention not just on the way it looks like, but also on the place you want it to establish. So you should choose the one that gonna have the width big enough and also place it on the height all the households can use it easily. 

The most optimal width.

Choosing the new bathroom vanity you should pay attention not just on the designing and the styling part, but also on the sizes of it. Because if the chosen bathroom vanity can’t fit the place if has been chosen for then it’s just simply unnecessary. So before you go to the shop or order it online you should do the following things such as:

  • To make the exact measurements of your bathroom.
  • To make a project of your bathroom on a piece of paper.
  • In your project you should mark all the bathroom pieces that you want to place in your bathroom and it’s sizes.

This simple technique will definitely help you to understand the optimal bathroom vanity’s perimeter sizes, but the first thing you should find out is the optimal width from which you gonna start your planning. The standard bathroom vanity width is 50-65 cm. the rounded edges of the standard sink doesn’t let the water get splashed around and get on the floor and walls. So by buying this kind of vanity you automatically continue the time of the bathroom decoration exploitation. It’s not really optimal to buy and establish the sink that is less then 50 cm, but does it mean that you should pay your attention on the bigger ones? Of cause yes, if your bathroom is big enough. The sinks which width is bigger then the standard one will perfectly fir the spacious bathrooms, but only those. Because by establishing the huge bathroom vanity in the small bathroom you just waste your precious square meters. We remind you one more time that while buying the bathroom vanity you should compare the sizes of the product and the place so you won’t have the questions while installing such as “how to establish that?”

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Those who are really lucky to have a huge bathroom area can establish the soluble sink bathroom vanity. Of cause it also means that you will need to establish two mixers, but at least it will make you life much more comfortable as you won’t need to make the morning timetable as who use the bathroom next which totally saves lots of previous morning time. By establishing the double bathroom vanity you should pay your attention on just on the width of it, but also on the space between the sinks. For it’s comfortable using the space between it’s centers shouldn’t be more then 90 cm.

Should the sink of the bathroom vanity be deep?

The depth of the sink is also a really important thing for choosing the right one. And it straightly goes to your comfortable living point. The depth has its own standard which is 48-61 cm. sometimes this value isn’t written on the packaging, but you should definitely check it, especially if you want to embed it into the bathroom vanity. Even if it’s said on the packaging that the size is standard, still don’t be lazy to double check because even few extra centimeters can be ask all your plans. It’s not really advised to buy the deep sinks, so try not to exceed this standard for more then 10 cm, because than its really not convenient to use it. And moreover it’s establishing also need som especial skills.

How to choose the right height.

The height of the bathroom vanity should be definitely super comfortable for those who is gonna use it. But we should pay your attention on the fact that the height is exactly the perimeter that is really not that easy to pick up. This conclusion is based on the fact that even the family members have the different height. Which means that to getting really difficult if you have the children. Of cause there are some regalements where the optimal height is written that is gonna fit as children as adults, but even using those it can be not that easy to establish the bathroom vanity with the perfect height.

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So we see that you shouldn’t fully rely on the bathroom sanitary engendering regalements as it’s mostly made for the state institutions such as schools, kindergartens and the hospitals. So the most optimal height of the bathroom vanity for the kindergarten is 55-60 cm, for the teenagers the height is already 65-70 and for the adults the height of the sink shouldn’t be less then 80 cm.

we all know that it’s not really possible to establish the bathroom vanity for each family member, the only exception is the big bathrooms where you can place the double or even triple bathroom vanity where the sink is gonna be perfectly made for the each member of a family. So what is the most optimal height for the single sink in the small bathroom? The most standard height of the main bathroom vanity should be somewhere between 70-85 cm, but basing on your own height is can be placed more up or down from this value.

Does the main height depend on the type of the bathroom vanity.

The easiest way to pick up the needed height is to establish the floating bathroom vanity. It’s getting fixed to the wall by the special mounts or the kronshteyns so if first you wasn’t really lucky to pick up the best height then you can simply take it off and reestablish it. But now we talk just about the models which have the mixer because if the mixer is embed in the wall then you will need to have some special skills to place it more up or down with the bathroom vanity.

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If you decided to choose the bathroom vanity made in a special pedestal then you deprive yourself a chance to adapt the height to your own need. It’s also told about the sinks that are embed in the bathroom vanities. It’s height it’s gonna fully depend on the pedestal height or the height of the bathroom vanity on which it should be placed. Of cause it’s not that hard to change the main bathroom vanity height and if you want to place it a bit higher then you just need to equip it with the furniture legs. And in the opposite way, if you want to place the bathroom vanity lower then you can just remove those legs or cut it off.

How to establish the mixer.

Nowadays most of the times buying the bathroom vanity you will see the special holes that are already made for the mixers. And it’d super convenient because it totally rids you from the not needed hustles. But what to do if you got your bathroom vanity with no hole for it? The only variant is to search for the fitting establishing height. So the standard of the top edge is 70-85 cm from the floor and the mixer should be around 10-15 cm more height. Of cause you can establish it higher, but then all the water is gonna get splashed out. So to count the perfect height of the mixer you need to take into account not just the height, but also the length of the mixer and the place of its establishing.


Such parameters as width, depth and the lengths are really important. By the right choosing of such values you can not just save the previous bathroom space, but also provide your family with the daily comfort during the washing procedures. So we wish you luck in such a difficult thing!



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