Bathroom vanity cabinets. 4 Council for the organization of space

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Modern wall cabinets bathroom special variety do not differ. No, with the colors, different layouts, sizes and similar distinctions are no problems. Speaking of the small variety of bathroom furniture, we have in mind the variety of cabinets, which differ from each other not only in color and arrangement of shelves, but in general appearance. In this regard, all hanging lockers bathroom can be divided into four types. bathroom vanity cabinet – a great idea to save space.

1.Standard or as it is called, classic cupboard in the bathroom. Nothing interesting this cabinet is not a – this is a standard solution that is suitable for any bathroom and can successfully place the makeup, which is currently in use. In stores you can find a huge number of all kinds of cabinets of this kind – as an ordinary consumer goods white color and more refined models equipped with mirrored doors. The last is perhaps more attractive than the others, since it is able to replace the mirror above the sink, since this is where most of these pieces of furniture are installed. But in general this cabinet can be hung almost anywhere in the bathroom – even over the bath, unless, of course, it will be convenient for you. Particular attention when choosing a standard hinged cabinet bathroom should be given to its size. It all depends on where it is installed – if you plan to hang it over the sink, then the width of the cabinet must correspond to the width of the basin or tables on which it is installed. Washbasin column book-rests – is generally a separate conversation. If possible, the hinged cabinet is better to buy a set with a washbasin column book-rests. In general, it should be remembered that the excessive width of the cabinet, hanging on the wall, you can create some problems in the process of movement in the bathroom.

  1. Corner wall cabinet in the bathroom. This unconventional approach to the manufacture of furniture allows you to use the space in a room that is almost always remains untapped. Problems with the placement of the cabinet in the bathroom, as a rule, does not arise – it can be installed in any you liked the corner, but as is the case with a standard product of this type, it looks much more attractive, complete with an angular washbasin. Corner wall cabinet has one significant drawback – despite its ergonomics, it is usually less capacious than its standard counterpart.
  2. Horizontal wall cabinet for the bathroom. The peculiarity of this wall of bathroom furniture is its horizontal structure – if the standard and corner wall cabinet for the bathroom made a height of about 800mm, then the horizontal size of the cabinet does not exceed 400mm. But its width can be quite large – at least during the entire length of the wall. Unlike all other models of the wall of bathroom furniture, horizontal cabinet offers the convenience of operation – thanks to its low height does not have to reach for items, which are located on the upper shelves. And the doors of such products can be called safe. Think how often you beat my head against the open door wall cabinet, which, incidentally, is by no means takes little space. The horizontal models of cabinets, it can be folded up and kept in the open position due to a small hydraulic cylinders, or even be a roller shutter systems. Wall cabinets with roller shutter doors is much more convenient to use.
  3. A separate type of wall mounted furniture may include a mirrored closet for the bathroom – it can be both standard and angle and even horizontal. Its main advantage is mirrored door – a wardrobe in a position to replace the mirror above the sink and in this way to further save space in the room bathroom, which can be used to better advantage.
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Types mirror cabinet. Bathroom vanities cabinets

Bathroom gradually ceases to be a technical room. The modern approach to the production of furniture allows you to make it stylish and beautiful. The universal solution for this could be the mirror-cabinet in the bathroom. In everyday life, it can combine the several basic functions, it is very necessary for the bathroom. For example, organize household stuff, that will always be on hand, but at the same time remain out of sight and do not create chaos in the bathroom. Also, in any bathroom it is difficult to do without a mirror. In addition, the mirror surface is visually increase the space of the premises, that is undeniable positive effect on the interior of the bathroom space is limited.

Choose a safe bathroom with a mirror, it seems simple, but often result from the timing does not converge to the desired. Because when you choose this furniture for the bathroom, you can not use any one criterion. It is necessary to take into account a number of important selection factors to the closet perfect fit for your bathroom. Bathroom vanities cabinets- peace and security.

Сheap bathroom vanity cabinets:

The most important of them – is:

1.Features of different types of cabinets with a mirror for the bathroom;




Types cabinets:

  1. Closet-case with mirror. This version of the classic pencil case, with a mirror mounted in the door. In addition to saving space due to form the cabinet, positive aspect of this option it is possible to have in the bathroom full-length mirror that undeniably appreciate the female part of the room users. The weak point of this design has the disadvantage of using such mirrors being in front of the sink, because it can be put only on the side;
  2. Wall cabinet mirror. This type of furniture in the bathroom frees up floor area for other purposes. Located, usually in the top half of the bathroom. Attach it over the sink, you can simultaneously receive the shelves for hygiene little things that are always at hand and necessary at this point the mirror;
  3. Corner wardrobe mirror in the bathroom. This cabinet will allow more efficient use of the space corner of the room, which is usually ineffective. Very nice interior closet mirror corner bathroom looks with the same type of sink. Also with corner cupboards unlikely to suffer from the impact of sharp edges that are normally present in the square enclosures;
  4. Mirror with lockers. The main difference with the above structure is that the main area here covers mirror cloth, and a locker fitted as a supplement. It may be one or two narrow lockers, which are located on both sides or one side of the mirror. Also, they can be joined shelves from both above and below.
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6 features mirror cabinet. Bathroom vanity cabinets only 6 tips.

1.The main functional feature that must have locker with a mirror in your bathroom – it’s capacity. When choosing, look inside, and imagine clearly what and where you should lie, what height will the shelves if you need boxes and in what quantity. It would be better to choose a model that has the height of shelves can be adjusted, then you can have at home edit capacity of your closet. 42 inch bathroom vanity cabinet are not a problem for the modern interior.

2.Also, the cabinet can be combined with laundry basket. This is an important functional component of the bathroom facilities, but often it wants to hide from prying eyes. At the moment, manufacturers are many cabinet models with this capability. Shopping can be mounted on the door and opened with it, or equipped with wheels and a convenient exit from the cabinet if necessary.

3.Also on the walls, or inside the dryer may be present on the outside of the cabinet for towels and shelves to have dried to always have on hand. This variant configuration can also be useful if your bathroom does not provide details of the interior elements separately.

4.It is not necessary, also, to forget about the options of opening doors of lockers. The most common has a safe mirror for the bathroom with opening doors for themselves. But there is a risk of hitting the open door mirror in the cramped conditions of the room. Therefore, the best option may be moving in the direction of the door, like wardrobes. Popular right now there is a model with doors opening up. Bathroom vanity sink cabinets can save space and budget.

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5.Do not overlook the options mirror cabinets with lighting. It is very convenient to look at myself in the mirror when the soft light streaming from the mirror, illuminating the face and does not shine from behind.

6.Mirrors in the bathroom because of the abundance of vapor misted frequently. This can be called a lack of the furniture, but modern manufacturers here and be smart. There are models where the cabinet with a mirror equipped with a special heating that does not fog up a mirror.

Pros mirror cabinet. 42 bathroom vanity cabinet

Compliance with safety very important characteristic to which you should pay attention when choosing the cabinet with a mirror as a bathroom with a wet and slippery floor itself can be traumatic. Bathroom vanities and cabinets excellent perform space-saving feature.

First check all the facets of the mirrors, it is important that they be polished without chips and sharp edges. Also it is necessary to check the quality of glass mirrors – it must be shock-resistant, or at least, pasted film, which protects against cracking to pieces by mechanical damage.

For security mirrored doors, also important are the opening mechanism, but rather their quality. The best option would be a massive loop with automatic locking mechanisms, so as not to slam the glass door once again. It may also come with a version of the roller systems for opening-closing of doors in the closet, in addition, such systems can greatly facilitate the movement of the room without taking up too much space in the open state.

Features mirror. Bathroom vanity cabinet only

Mirrors themselves, which are used in the construction of cabinets for bathrooms, they can further be decorated in various ways. Fabulously look mirrored surface, decorated with sand blasting treatment.


Faces mirror cloth, processed by beveling angle, too, look very impressive as the door to the cabinet in the bathroom. The color gamut of the mirrors can also choose to your taste and style of the interior. To date, available shades such as green, blue, graphite, bronze. Bathroom vanity cabinets without tops of these materials have a long service life.



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