Cheap bathroom vanities with tops, 7 tips

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Many believe that the repair of small baths is much cheaper than repairing baths large areas. The idea is that this is the case, if a calculation of the material and the cost of the work. But also do not forget that repairs small bathrooms can result in unforeseen costs for unusual design, and on plumbing. After all, not every store has plumbing available for small bathrooms. And that’s just a few items … so do not judge the value of not spending preliminary calculations. It depends directly on the bag, and desire, and in this case, even in a small bathroom can make repairs more expensive than the budget repair standard or large bathtub.

What actions should be taken to save the budget? 7 tips for discount bathroom vanities with tops.

1.Initially, determine the budget, on which you originally calculate. On this will depend on many things – material assignment works specialists, design, quality of work, purchase of sanitary ware and accessories. Bathroom vanity with top may also be included in these costs.

2.Draw a rough design of the bathroom, a plan of action, make a scheme of “wet spots” and “elektrotochek”. Spend the purchase of necessary building materials, supplies, sanitary ware, accessories, and clearly distribute their location;

3.Conduct a thorough preparation of the premises for repair – cleaning, dismantling the “old repair” taking out the trash, etc.;

4.In the next step you will need to replace old water and sewer pipes with new ones, such as metal and plastic. To do this you need to cut off communication and clearly paying attention to the design you have created, to bring new “wet spots”. We recommended before the end of the works to install all the plug points;

5.Do the same with the wiring. Just mark where you are located sockets, lamps, switches, and perform the electrical wiring (sure to follow all safety rules when working with electricity, and do not forget that all the electrification of the point shall be located at a safe distance from the “wet spots”) ;

6.Now you can start to repair itself and tiny bathroom. First of all, prepare the surface for repair, take irregularities power trowel them, fill the floor self-leveling mortar. Then proceed with the repair. The first to do the ceiling, then the floor, and then the walls. Each master has its own consistency, but this – most correct; Upon completion of the main works, perform fine work – cleaning, grout, tint, gluing baguettes and baseboards, as well as the installation of plumbing and “elektrotochek”. After cleaning can place the necessary bathroom accessories – mirrors, heated towel rail, laundry basket, small tables, hooks for robes and towels, etc.

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7.We can say that at this stage of repair small bathroom in your apartment is finished. Any of the work you would entrust to specialists. The most common – is the electrification and working with water supply and sanitation, but the professionals can access and other issues. Just remember that the less work they perform, the more expensive they are, since any rate changes on the volume. Bathroom vanities with tops will also be a great option for saving space and budget.

Recommended flooring

Linoleum and tile. In our budget fit only the following flooring for the bathroom – linoleum and tiles. it is possible to find an interesting color and texture solutions include a series of inexpensive PVC-linoleum. At a special water-resistant linoleum money will likely not be enough – it is necessary to dwell on the usual. Average price – from 200 rubles / sq. M. m. The calculation should take into account the width of the roll (3-5), in order not to pay the extra yardage. For about the same money you can buy a one-color floor tiles domestic production.

Wall design. Bathroom vanity tops with sink.

Tiles and PVC lining. The most cost-effective solution – finishing the bathroom plastic panels. They are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), may be self-colored or patterned. Firms-manufacturers – the mass. Among them, “Evroplastservis”, “SM Holding” (Russia), Grosfillex (France), Eucatex (Brazil). Cost of goods depends on the size and texture from 100 to 150 rubles. / PC. (Size 270h25 cm). In terms of area, finishing bathroom plastic panels will cost 150-220 rubles. per square meter. If you do not fancy panels finishing, then for a similar sum to buy the simplest tile Russia, as a rule, without a pattern. When you make a bathroom renovation, make sure you pay attention to what will sink. If your sink will be the top, you can easily attach it to the wall. In addition, the top allows you to save a lot of space, because it is possible to place cosmetics and other necessary things. Bathroom vanities with top They are an excellent option for any room. Bathroom vanities with granite tops are reliable and have a long service life.

What materials can be used for the ceiling?

Paint and rail. The easiest and cheapest option – a waterproof paint for the bathroom. But if there are bumps on the ceiling, you have to spend extra time and money on his alignment and putty. Only the surface after these operations can be painted: otherwise it will look ugly, and the paint was peeling off quickly. The total cost of the work is quite high. Therefore, if the surface is in need of serious repairs, you might think about reechnyh suspended ceiling. This solution eliminates the need for alignment, and ultimately will be cheaper paint. The most fuel-efficient models (with quality) offer, for example, the company “Albes” (Russia), Catena (Italy), Geipel (Germany). Package inserts with rails and fasteners – bearing profiles – will cost from 500 to 600 rubles / sq. M. m. If you want to place the emphasis on the ceiling, you can use the same materials as for the top. Sheap bathroom vanities with tops perfectly fit into the overall solution

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White bathroom vanity with top

Baths with top recently gaining increasing popularity as a great way to save space and organize additional space for different things. For example, at the top you can place household appliances and other small things that you will have nowhere to put. Baths with top released any detail: the upper panel of the valuable materials, underwater lamp, impressive size, ergonomic shapes, aesthetic perfection. It can also be equipped with backlighting for area. The method and design for maximum performance with the highest ease of use. Just one touch to turn on the function, which is the top version also offers a comfortable display.

Can I use the wallpaper in the bathroom?

Make the bathroom cheap, and at the same time beautiful correct repair is possible by means of wallpapers. Even special, vinyl wallpaper, you can buy much cheaper than tile or tiles. However, in choosing wallpaper is also need to mind. So, you should never buy bath conventional paper wallpaper. With a good location to hold paper wallpaper month, in the worst case, get wet and slezut after the first bath procedures. Paper wallpaper are talking strict “no”! And then what you have to? Just what you need – vinyl and washable wallpaper.

Compared with PVC tiles such material is more convenient and safe to use. Perform finishing bath vinyl wallpaper walls of the room you can own. You do not need to call anyone, because you can do everything with their own hands, thus saving a lot of money! When choosing wallpaper for your bathroom, you should pay attention to one very important detail. A special icon (three wavy lines next to the brush) means that the wallpaper you selected water-resistant and are ideal for the walls in the bathroom. These wallpapers specially treated and impregnated with substances that repel moisture and does not allow it to pass through the wallpaper. If properly handle such wallpaper and watch them, they will last you a very long time.

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Never forget that even the best option may be their own flaws. Flaws vinyl and washable wallpaper has long been their airtightness. This is a very bad effect on the indoor bath. The result was almost the same as in the case of PVC plates. The condensate accumulating under the wallpaper, there is mold factory, which is why the wallpaper was black, and after a while disappears. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, many manufacturers have developed a special ventilation system wallpaper – micropores. With micropores vinyl wallpaper can easily breathe condensate no longer going under the wallpaper, but appears on the surface. Thus, you and your bathroom safe from mold emergence and development.

Small bathroom vanities with tops. How to breathe life into an old bath? 3 tips

The easiest option is considered to be a normal economy, redecorating. For the purchase of new finishing materials you somehow need the money. So do not be better to simply repaint the bathroom? Of course, the paint also need money, but you will agree, it will cost much cheaper. Commonly used types of paints for rooms with high humidity:

1.Water-based paint. It repels water from the surface. Divided into a latex, acrylic, and silicone.

2.Chlorinated rubber. This type of paints normally used for swimming pools, because they do not absorb moisture.

  1. You can use any cover for the stamp of your items so that they will last you a long life. This is possible, provided that you will be careful to use.


Alkyd enamel. Such paints are universal. They are often used to protect the metal from corrosion and damage. This type of moisture resistant paint. It dries very quickly, as well as special forms a thin layer that smoothly flows around the surface of all the irregularities existing floor or ceiling walls. The only negative alkyd enamel – a sharp, unpleasant smell. Paint the walls in your favorite color is the most simple, inexpensive, but at the same time very effective option to revive your bathroom. We hope that these tips will help you to make cheap repair in the bathroom.



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