Bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors: useful furniture and nice decoration

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Today owners of not-so-big apartments prefer installation of the furniture, optimally combining the execution of several options. It saves a lot of space and create a certain style of interior. A remarkable example of practical options for such functional furniture can be called bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors. It does not take much space, perfect for people who want to evaluate their appearance, need to create beauty, to comb, to shave, to dress, to hide from prying eyes and to keep in order:

  • Required quantity of all kinds of cosmetics;
  • Care products for body and hair;
  • Personal hygiene items;
  • Certain medicine.

Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of the furniture, anyone can pick up for his own family the model at the appropriate interest criteria.

Why the mirror cabinets?

Bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror is a versatile piece of furniture. It is easy in use, because of a number of its valuable qualities in a mobile arrangement of the effective area, expressed in:

  • Functionality;
  • Save space;
  • Security;
  • Huge variations of design solutions.
  • The additional options;
  • A variety of functional features.

The diversity in the number and dimension of all kinds of shelves in mirror cabinets, allows you to select one of them for storage of valuables, which takes a woman during the water treatment or handwashing.

Excellent choice of location to the mirror sheet in such furniture serve as internal built-in trellis. Here, their doors can be positioned to create a 3D reflection that will help make a chic hairstyle or reduce the time for process of care.

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The presence of optimally placed power outlets in some models, helps all tenants to enjoy at any time with a hair dryer or electric razor. It is very convenient and practical.

Bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors and lights

To increase additional functionality in mirror cabinets helps to plant highlights. Lighting elements mounted in the inner end of the extreme shelves direct light on your face. They help a woman to make the makeup smoother and easier to man handle the process of shaving. Often in such furniture for lighting shelves provide extra lighting inside of the cabinet. Then even the small accessories or necessary items will always be in sight.
Lamps for such furniture that is installed in the bathroom are enclosed, which does not allow moisture to penetrate into the lighting element. Therefore, the risk of unfortunate consequences that can suddenly occur when operating electrical appliances in wet conditions, these mirror cabinets are completely excluded.

4 design solutions

Before you choose the bathroom medicine cabinets with mirror, you should carefully study the layout of the room, to determine the optimal location and design solution. Modern manufacturers offer to consumers such furniture in several types.


Most of the space this design is actually a mirror. With one or two sides of it are narrow canisters. In most variants, they are interconnected via mirror sheet upper and lower horizontal shelves. The upper area of the horizontal shelves, often settling spotlights.


Such cabinet is placed in the upper half of the bathroom, which can significantly free up valuable floor area. Installing hinged mirror cabinet above the sink, a person simultaneously receives a shelf for hygienic details and necessary mirror.

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Here we are talking about a full hanging wardrobe, where the mirror is mounted on a door or even completely replace their mirror with a cloth. Last option is furniture for the bathroom is a very delicate product, because any awkward movement could damage, or break mirrored doors.

Lights in such furniture is not done. If necessary, equip it at the expense of portable lights or sconces, which are mounted above or laterally in any convenient place.


Designers recommend to install bathroom mirrors with medicine cabinet in tandem with corner sinks, as an independent unit this piece of furniture looks. Together they allow use of ineffective corner space in the interior fully, besides the tandem looks very nice.

This arrangement smoothes out the presence of sharp edges which can hurt upon impact, which is a common consequence of the square products. The internal volume of these cabinets is much more than it seems visually.

In the embodiment, a corner may be considered as a full mirrored wardrobe, and mirror with cabinet.



It is a flooring option hinged counterparts. To use and operate the mirror on the front of the pencil case not all easy, even if you set it on the side of the sink.

Best option  is to install the mirror case in co-location with a hinged mirror or mirrored cabinet.

When installing the canister on the opposite side of bathroom mirror with medicine cabinet, many women appear to see their reflection not only in front, but behind in all growth.



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