Bathroom medicine cabinets, top tips

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The types of the bathroom medicine cabinets.

The sphere of the metal furniture using is almost eternal: simple cabinets, shelves, base, wall and free standing cabinets also as much as the portable medicine tables and the other medical equipment that you can find not just in the specialized hospitals, but also have the possibility to establish in your bathroom if there is a need. The accurate bathroom medicine cabinets made form metal is such an indispensable bathroom element which is made for the person who regularly needs some medical urgent help and the necessary equipment. 

The inside and the outside decoration of the bathroom medicine cabinets, the perimeter sizes are usually determined by the functional destination of such bathroom cabinet. Mostly all of those types can be separated into:

To equip the bathrooms of the hospital cabinets or laboratories.

For keeping such medical equipment as the medical bathrobes or just some equipment.

The univalve, butterfly hollow, glazed, lockable without lock, the floor models or the wall ones.

The models made from metal with the powder coloring most of the time have a white or smoke color. The standard DSP variants are usually made in a classical white color as well or can even provide you with the bigger variety of choice such as the imitation of the wood. So as you can see the color is getting chosen based on the rest of the interior and the general bathroom furniture pieces such as the bathroom medical bed and the procedure equipment as even those standard looking looking medical equipment is getting more and more designed as more often the people want to go through the sickness staying the well-known and cosy atmosphere at home and the modern techniques and the services the hospitals can provide us with can definitely leave us totally satisfied.

Moreover the bathroom medicine cabinets are also getting differenced by its constructure as its have the standard inside filling as the normal shelves or the mass of the pullout boxes and the other capacities for the possibility to follow the demanded nomenclature of the medicine keeping. The other bathroom medicine cabinet category is the one that has a bigger space and possibility for the bigger medicine equipment keeping.

How to choose the right bathroom medicine cabinet.

The bathroom medicine cabinet can be made from such materials as:

  • DSP with the laminated or the plastic covering layer.
  • The stainless steel.
  • The listed metal made with the powder covering.

The fitting variant choosing is always getting determined by the special destination of its bathroom cabinet, bathroom generally and the hygienic demands that are getting shown to this bathroom cabinet. Talking about the hospitals we can say that most of the times the medicine cabinets are made with such cheap variant as DSP with the laminated covering layer. For the laboratories and the procedure cabinets the most popular choice is plastic as it has the better lasting characteristics, easy to be cleaned and almost don’t get damaged by any chemical or reactive products. In the places where the people are getting operated it’s really important to keep the room fully sterile that’s why here almost all of the furniture is made from the stainless steel or rarely from the colored steel (which is usually white color)

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The bathroom medicine cabinets with the mirror. The nuances of the choosing and the designers advices.

But don’t forget that the bathroom medicine cabinet isn’t just a technical part of the bathroom and the modern way way of its producing makes it possible to make this kind of furniture looking more stylish and beautiful. So the most standard choice is gonna be the bathroom medicine cabinet with the mirror so the bathroom cabinet isn’t just gonna become more convenient, but will also help you to hide all the medical products you are talking as most of the times you want to hide this part of your life from the stranger’s eyes. Moreover in the daily life it can perfectly combine few of the main functions that are so necessary for the bathroom in general. And here the most important art is that this kind of the bathroom cabinets will surely help you to completely remove the mess of your medical products that usually lay everywhere in the bathroom and you can never find it when you really need it. Moreover, it’s just impossible to keep the. At groom without the mirror as it’s just super convenient and even more necessary when you have some health problems as you should definitely see what and where you are putting so here it’s not just about the mirror, but also about the good source of lighting about which we are gonna talk a bit later. Moreover it’s well-known that the mirrors visually increase the bathroom or any room, talking generally which is surely gonna effect the way you see the bathroom in a good way, especially if you have not such a big bathroom, but a small one.

The bathroom medicine cabinet choosing doesn’t seem to be such a complicated process, but most of the times the result doesn’t really fit with what you expect. That’s why you can follow just one criterion by while choosing the mirror bathroom cabinet. And the most important of them are:

The constructive features of the different bathroom cabinet’s types with the mirror.

  • Functionality.
  • Satefy.
  • An appearance.

The types of the mirror bathroom medicine cabinets.

The first thing you should follow by the bathroom medicine cabinet choosing is the type of it’s construction because here everything is gonna be based on the planning type and the measurements of the bathroom area. So first of all we gonna look closer in the mirror bathroom cabinet’s constructure features:

The “pencil-case” bathroom cabinet with a mirror. This is the type of the classical pencil-case with the mirror embed in its front door surface. You should definitely pay your attention on this bathroom cabinet type as it’s not able just to save the place in your bathroom, but it’s also gonna be pretty convenient to have a mirror of your whole height which is definitely gonna be measured by all the women. The only limiting of such a mirror is the possibility to put it just on a side so you can’t really use it standing in front of the sink. The really good advice is to combine such bathroom medicine cabinet mirror with one more mirror or the wall floating small mirror cabinets that can be free standing and placed in front of each other. So by this small trick you will make it easy and possible to look at yourself from any side at the same time.

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The wall bathroom medicine cabinet with the mirror allows to leave the bathroom floor territory free from all the mess and keep it for some other furniture piece placement or even without putting anything there. Most of the times it’s getting placed in the top part of the bathroom wall. And if you place it above the sink than you will also have a double space for some bathroom accessories if needed, but actually it’s really advised not to mess up the simple bathroom accessories and the medical equipment that should be placed in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

The corner bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror.

This kind of bathroom cabinets will more effectively use the space of the bathroom corners that are also usually called “the dead zones” being paid with less attention. But by placing there the corner bathroom medicine cabinet you can definitely make it the most convenient place on the whole bathroom or even home and moreover it’s gonna look so esthetical having a mirror on it’s front surface. Moreover, by having this type of the bathroom furniture you make it more safe by making it less possible to hit yourself with the furniture corners as we all usually do.

The mirror with the cabinet. The main feature here that makes it different from the rest of the bathroom cabinets is that here is the most important is the mirror surface on which the cabinet is getting established more like an addition. There are can be one or few thick cabinets that are placed on the both edges of the mirror. Also it can be linked with one or few shelves above and under its construction.

The bathroom medicine cabinets with lights.

We should definitely also say few words about the bathroom cabinet lighting as most of them surely have it as its really necessary. It can be inside or can be also placed on the front surface of the bathroom cabinet or on the mirror if it’s the one we are talking about. You should think really clear about the type you choose as it’s gonna be some kind of your satellite for a long time. The inside bathroom cabinet lighting fixtures are more economical then the ones we use for the main lighting. So also based on this conclusion we should remind you to think about the electrical sockets placement in your bathroom. Also don’t forget such a fact that the lighting we use in the bathroom cabinets is usually getting switched on rarely and just for few minutes so the lamp should have not such a big power and it’s pretty enough to buy one which has 15W. Choosing the lighting fixture you can stop your choice on any backlight type such as the compact energy saving lamp, LED or the incandescent lamp. The most popular type of lighting nowadays is the LED lighting systems being the favorite choice for the backlighting. Why? The answer is simple as its really easy to install and he quantity of the lighting is really enough to provide you with the comfortable lighting that is also not gonna take lots of electricity. Don’t forget that you are trying to establish the lighting in a place with the really high level of moisture so the Led’s should be really carefully covered by the special layer to prevent the water splashing on it, especially if you have the children who are always ready to do it. So the Led’s made in a tube form is the most optimal choice in this case. Moreover the Led’s in the tube form were specially designed to replace the fluorescent lamps. It’s just enough to remove the choke and a starter from the lighting fixture, to establish the rear pads into the tube Led’s and the backlighting is gonna become the most modern and esthetic way to backlight your bathroom medicine cabinet while taking 10 times less electricity.

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The bathroom medicine cabinets recessed.

The bathroom medicine cabinets recessed can be placed into three groups:

The standard bathroom cabinets recessed that are getting placed in the special niches or along the wall. Most of the times they have the perfect geometrical form like the square or the rectangular.

The corner bathroom medicine cabinets recessed are the most popular for the bathrooms as its allows you to effectively use the whole bathroom space, especially in the corners that are most of the times called the “dead zone”.

The radius bathroom medicine cabinets recessed are usually equipped with the special roller-doors that are going on the directing rails and have the semicircular radius. This kind of a bathroom cabinet allows you to keep a lot of space and doesn’t need the availability of the space for the free bathroom cabinet’s doors opening.

Don’t forget that all of the bathroom cabinet’s accessories should be made from the really high-quality materials such as stainless steel of the painted steel as the product is getting placed in the area with a high moisture level.

The bathroom cabinets recessed have one really interesting feature is it allows to make the facade surface from the really different materials and make it possible to decorate it in the way you want. So it makes or possible to place even such a furniture piece in the bathroom with the very different design. The materials that can be used for facade making are:

  • Glass or mirror
  • Wooden or plastic panels.
  • And even the cloth.


All the facade models can be daily found in the specialized furniture shops, ordered online or even made by yourself

But pay your attention on such a fact while choosing that all the recessed bathroom cabinets have one big limiting which is that it’s not possible to move it from one place to another and after the cabinet installing it becomes not just a part of the interior, but also a part of the whole house.



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