Bathroom cabinet plans, 10 photo

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Most of the times this question becomes really popular when we are planning to make the bathroom cabinet by yourself. So if you are one of the Paola who have the “golden” hands or just decided to check it and save some money as in this case it’s surely gonna be cheaper.

The hand-made furniture has a mass of advantages such as you can choose the material and color that you want, and only you decide the how the inside configurations gonna look like which is really useful if you want to make the medicine bathroom cabinet because than you can not just make the simple bathroom cabinet with the mirror, but you can make the inside boxes where you can even engrave the names of the pills or the medical of the medicine and you can make as many shelves and boxes as you want and it’s not gonna be hard. So if you made at least one chair in your life than you can definitely start making the bathroom cabinet or the medicine bathroom cabinets by yourself. The most important thing here is to get enough patience and confidence and follow the main tutorial advices, which you can find in this article.

The bathroom cabinet plan making.

The first thing you should do for constructing the perfect bathroom cabinet is to make the plan. It’s also possible to make the plan of the whole bathroom so you can place all the furniture pieces in the way you want and you you can also plan where you want this bathroom cabinet to be placed. You can make the plan by hand or in the special computer programs:

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  • PRO-100 is one of the most popular computer programs.
  • K3-Furniture.
  • Basis constructor-furniture.
  • Woody.

These graphic 3d-designing programs can make it super easy to make the plan of the future bathroom cabinet without the long drawing of the elements and the perfect lines. It has never been easier. Moreover if you won’t make the perfect accounting than you will finally get the bathroom full of the weird things that are definitely not gonna be functional and even useful.

The virtual plan’s advantages.

On the virtual plan you can make it looking like real and see it from all of the sides, to choose the colors and the forms and compare all the variants with each other. Of cause you can also choose the placement and this is the main idea of the computer programs. So all you need to do is to enter all the measurements and the program will count and take into accounting all the necessary details so you won’t get some of the details bigger or too small.

Taking the measurements.

This step is necessary for the virtual and hand-made plan making and for it you should keep the special scale which is better to take as 1:10.

So first we should take the measurements of the whole bathroom.

Then we should draw the main perimeter of the bathroom and mark the exact measurements of the walls and to make it from the floor to the ceiling.

After you count and see the most optimal bathroom cabinet’s measurements that you should make the measurements of the walls and the inside zones.

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After we take all the measurements and put it on the wood which you after cut and fix by the dull or screwdrivers between each other.


You definitely won’t ha able to construct and build the bathroom cabinet without the plan. If you don’t want to make a full virtual map as it can be good for the whole bathroom planning, but may be too much for the cabinets, than at least you should make a quick hand draw and notice all of the measurements counting it between each other so you can see if it’s gonna fit each other or not. Just don’t forget to keep some place for the allowance so it won’t be made the junction into junction. So keep calm and amaze everyone by the perfect hand-made bathroom cabinet



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