Bathroom cabinet over toilet, top tips

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First of all let’s tell straight that the bathroom cabinet over toilet is such a useful thing and has so many advantages that we just keep saying “yes, yes, yes!” to it! First of all it’s looking if not to say gorgeous, but at least interesting so it can simply become one of the main interior pieces that will make the perfect background for your style of the bathroom decoration! The bathroom cabinets over toilet is one the most modern improvements that you can involve and include into your interior while repairing your bathroom.

First of all it’s really cute and what is important – it makes the bathroom looking really cosy, like almost one more house room that can be a living room, for example, even it sounds silly. The second and really functional useful thing is that this kind of bathroom cabinet can cover all the toilet pipes that we usually have for the water supply. But even if you have all your pipes installed into the wall, you can still keep the bathroom cabinet over the toilet for the convenient towels, toilet paper or other accessories keeping and always having it at hand.

In this article we tried to collect all the possible varieties of the bathroom cabinets over the wall, even the embed, base and floating ones. Unlike the shelves covered by the doors established on the rollers, these bathroom cabinets look so much more elegant and cosy and can be even hand-made. So we really hope that you gonna find your bast bathroom solution that gonna make your bathroom looking gorgeous, but keeping the functional side.

What can we keep in the bathroom cabinets placed over toilet.

Actually, the answered here can be so different as everyone has its own stuff he daily needs, but some things are really common as we bathroom isn’t only the place we do our daily procedures in, but it also needs some carrying and from time to time we need to clean the bathroom sanitary engineering and have the place for keeping not only our small cute face care creams, but also the big bottles of shampoo and body creams. Moreover if you have a child or even children you have at least two times more body caring products that should also find it’s place somewhere, and it’s definitely not possible to place it in the small bathroom. By placing at least few bathroom shelves you will not just solve a huge optimal no functional problem of the things keeping, but will also make it an extra interior piece as you don’t need just to fill it all with the body care products, but can leave some space for the beautiful pictures or the family photos putted in a frame, aroma candles and even the vases with the natural or face flowers.

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The opened or the closed constructions of the bathroom cabinets over toilet?

The necessarity in the closed bathroom cabinets comes if you have the combined bathroom and toilet place which isn’t separated. In this case there is a real need to cover all the tooth brushes and the other personal hygienic products from the bacteria’s effect.

The closed bathroom cabinets over the toilet can be equipped with the doors, but also with the mirrors which is almost necessary for the bathroom medicine cabinets.

Moreover you can use such a decor elements as the blinds that can cover the shelves of you bathroom cabinet and keep all the products you don’t want to show to everyone eyes. Actually, this decoration elements is already well-known and was popularly used in the generation of our grannies when they could just dream about such bathroom innovations as we can use now. Moreover, it’s really easy to make the following and you can change the blinds every time to wash them or if, for example, you want to change the whole decor. So it’s lol pretty easy to do.

If the bathroom is separated from the toilet or the ventilation question is solved than he shelves can be opened. This solutions will allow you to make all your decoration ideas come true and turn your bathroom into a really cute and cosy place.

The hand-made bathroom cabinets over the toilet.

There is such a mass of shelves and cabinets varieties in the furniture and building shops. You can just go and choose the one you like or even go online and choose the one with the delivery which is really popular nowadays. But anyway it’s not the only solution as the people with the really “golden” hands can easily make it by the self, and you definitely gonna become of them after reading the following article. The compact wooden shelves can easily replace any bathroom cabinet, but if you need just a bit of the spaces then you can make just a single one and place it, let’s say, under the floating wall cabinet.

But here it’s gonna be really important to have a perfect taste to combine it together and if you are not really sure you can make it, then there is a great idea to use the wicker baskets placed one under another and to put it, let’s say, near the door so it can definitely look like a single decor elements that doesn’t need the support of the rest of the bathroom furniture.

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Bathroom cabinet over toilet choosing.

It’s just unbelievable how the bathroom cabinets over toilet are spacious! It’s ways such a big problem, especially for the small bathrooms to find the place where all the toilet paper, tissues and the sanitary engineering products can be placed. Moreover, recently it became really normal to see the air freshener placed on the top of the toilet and you can’t disagree that it’s pretty annoying. We have a need not just to find a place for some stuff, but sometimes even to hide it from the other people eyes the things like the toothbrush, women hygienic stuff and the other things, let’s say, medicine as we definitely don’t want everyone know about our sicknesses.

The lucky ones who have got the big bathrooms also should pay their attention on the following article as surely they also have the bathroom vanity’s and the shelves surfaces full of the small stuff that you always need by hand, but which is rally annoying making the mass all around. But don’t worry, because all you should do is to buy one of the following bathroom cabinet over toilet types and collect all that stuff there leaving the surface of the bathroom vanity’s for the cute interior and the decoration elements.

Types of the bathroom cabinets over toilet.

The most common and popular solution is the bathroom cabinet over toilet placed on some kind of legs. This kind’s feature is a really big roominess, but the thing you should definitely it’s

to pay your attention on is the width of it as it shouldn’t be much wider than the width of the toilet and it’s housing shouldn’t really make it difficult for you to move around it and to some actions.

The bathroom cabinets over toilets with the opened shelves is also a pretty elegant and may be even feminine solution as you can definitely decorate the opened space with the flowers, aroma candles or with your favorite beauty products. These elements will make your bathroom even more and cosy looking instead of the cliche of the while ceramic bathroom that always leaves you with the feeling of the cold and unpleasant purity and never makes you feel warm. So if you feel this way, then you should definitely choose the new style of bathroom.

The next one is the floating bathroom cabinet that can kinda float over the toilet, be embed or placed into niche over the toilet installation. This kind of bathroom cabinets is represented by the most varieties as they can have as many shelves as you want, be represented in different inside combinations and have as many styles as the colors. Surely it’s all good, unless one important moment which is pretty necessary to think about is this kind of the bathroom cabinets should have a really strong mounting because otherwise, if it’s gonna fall it’s not just gonna be broken by itself, but can also break the toilet’s top and even be dangerous for you if you are standing somewhere close. So make sure that you are not establishing it on the wall made from the gypsum plasterboard because in this case this trouble is gonna surely happen. Another thing you should remember about this type of the bathroom cabinet over toilet is that it’s not possible to cover the pipes or the toilet installation elements by it. So of you need the bathroom cabinet that can do that than its better if you choose between the embed bathroom bathroom cabinets which will not just cover it all, but also be useful for the necessary things keeping. The space saver bathroom cabinets made from metal look more elegant. Moreover the designers crate almost the masterpieces by making the metal twisted that makes it all look like the beautiful patterns. If you don’t want to have this kind you just simply have the bathroom made in a different style then you can pay your attention on the more simple variants which are also surprisingly cheaper., but still good with the functional and place saving process.

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The embed bathroom shelves.

In the modern bathrooms where all the pipes and communications are usually covered or hided in the bathroom cabinets over the toilet, there is a great possibility to establish the embed cabinets or shelves over the toilet. This bathroom decoration variant isn’t just good looking, but also so convenient, because most of the times it’s not just the shelves are getting embed, but also the toilet tank is getting covered by the fake gypsum plasterboard wall.

The space saver over toilet.


Nowadays it’s really popular to put and place in the bathrooms such thing as the space saver over toilet. It’s main feature is that it has some kind of the long legs that are really stable and the shelves are starting over the toilet’s top. This kind of bathroom cabinets can also be closed or opened, but most of them are equipped with the doors, especially the models made from wood.

And the last variant is only for those who has the really big bathrooms and can easily establish just a single standing bathroom cabinet near the toilet and not over it.



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