Apartment bathroom décor and it’s main elements.

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Even by saying “apartment bathroom decor” we understand that we gonna talk not just about the simple standard bathroom, but about something which is definitely already “a level up” from what we are usually used to see. Nowadays we live in a world which is completely different from the one we we used to call “our home” twenty or even ten years ago – everything is way more practical, and there is such a new meaning of the individuality, functionality and the meaning of style. Even the simple meaning of the bathroom already means such a cardinal bathroom interior changing comparing to then older times, but moreover we generally get such a new meaning of the comfort and relaxing.

Talking about the apartment bathroom decor changing its not that simple to quickly find out about it’s modern tendentious. And most of the times the modern interior collections, the ones that we see in the most of the modern apartment catalogues, are not made to be completely copied, but just to inspire you on your own experiments. So being based on this conclusion we decided to show you all the possible variants so you can choose the one you like the most by yourself.

Apartment bathroom decor elements.

Bathroom made in Eco-style.

The city jungles are not already something from the future world, but a part of our life that most of the times finally stress us out with it’s crazy rhythm. So sometime all you want is to come back to nature where you can always fill yourself with the energy and be yourself. This is the exact aim of the bathroom made in Eco-style: minimum of synthetics and maximum of nature. So what are most popular materials that we can use in this style? First of all it the wood. The ecologically clean, natural that still has its smell and the real texture will make your bathroom atmosphere just unbelievable. Of cause it’s gonna be logical to think that the wood using the bathroom isn’t such a good idea as this is the zone of the high moisture level. But as the foreign countries experience show not just the walls and the floor in the bathroom can be surely made from wood, but even the bath. All you need to do is to choose the right wood type.

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6 wood types.

  • “Brazilian nut”. This wood structure has a high level of the antiseptic that is fighting against the rot. This material is really popular because of the high level of the moisture-proof and it’s real hardness. So most of the times it’s used for the floor covering or the furniture pieces making.
  • Balau – the tropical exotic wood. Unlike the other wooden materials this one is a really hard one and super durable to moisture and rot. It easily handles the really high pressures and the mechanical damages. Same as the previous one, can be used for the floor covering or the room decorations, including the bathrooms.
  • This material has all the main characteristics for the bathroom decoration – it’s also pretty moisture-proof and easy to be threatened. This material is mostly used to the exclusive bathroom furniture production.
  • The red wood. All the types of this kind of wood (teak, sequoia, kempas) are really lasting and durable to the mechanical damaging. It’s also pretty easy to threaten it and doesn’t get deformed during the long using period.
  • This wood is really famous for it’s exclusive lasting, the highest moisture-proof level and the possibility not to get sry during the long period of time. This wood is so moisture-proof that it’s getting used to the ships decoration and all the furniture inside of it, including even the bath.
  • Bamboo is such a different and interesting plant as its really durable and hygroscopic. But it’s not made for the bathrooms it’s self and not ready to become a part of yours until the master cover it with the varnish and open with the special varnish tools. Anyway this material is still in of the top recommended in the bathroom decoration and also will ma,e your bathroom get such a different, kind of ancient look.
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Small apartment bathroom decor main features.


The bathroom size is actually one of the most important things on which you surely pay your attention while choosing the bathroom furniture and the sanitary engineering. So if that apartment bathroom is really not a big one than you should be really careful while choosing the decoration materials and the bathroom furniture. It’s pretty logical that in this kind of bathroom all the furniture elements should be really compact and stay pretty close to each other. And the bathroom vanity that most of the times becomes the main part of the bathroom with such size usually stays jest next to the bath or a shower cabin. But don’t worry if it seems to be that you can’t really establish all the furniture pieces you want because nowadays it’s not necessary to buy the whole bathroom set and you can combine your own bathroom from the pieces of such different collections that will help you to make your own style.



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