Amazing Forest Creations for Home

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Alexandra Kehayoglou is an artist who makes outstanding realistic forest creations. Usually, they are rugs which she makes from wool carpet thread and scraps.
Alexandra’s forest creations are lifelike, bringing an incredible feel of nature to outdoor and indoor spaces. Such forest creations can be combined with wall hangings to create 3D illusions of a piece of forest in the middle of a room.
Kehayoglou thinks that she got this talent from her ancestry. In 2008, she finished art school and returned to the environment familiar to her.

Members of her family were among the first makers of rugs in Argentina, so she grew up with real specialists in the trade.

Photo – Furniture Store Los Angeles

She thinks that it was inevitable to start creating rugs using her artistic skills. She makes an abstraction of landscapes from her country.

Alexandra believes that anyone who looks at a forest creation will feel as if he/she has entered a new context. The sizes of pieces are big and come with a feel of infinity. They work on people like portals, taking them to another great place.

Each Alexandra’s creation is handmade. It takes about two months to complete one piece if its sizes are larger and the composition is complex. Probably, everyone would find a place for such a rug in their home.



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