Accessories for affordable bathroom remodel

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Accessories for affordable bathroom remodel, as a rule, are not big and bulky, so place them on the walls of the items of sanitary equipment – over the toilet or on a blank wall. Hooks and hangers for clothes are very convenient to attach on the bathroom door. Do not forget the decoration mirror – it should be great or it should be a few mirrors – they are visually expanding the space and it will appear larger.

As for lighting, it should be sufficient, but without busting. If you set a lot of fixtures, then this bathroom will no longer. It will be quite enough a few halogen lamps in the ceiling and additional mirror lighting. You can apply additional side light to highlight what is special item, such as a beautiful pattern on the wall or retro lamp.

Color – the interior soul

The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing colors. Otherwise, the tiles in the bathroom will soon begin to irritate and cause discomfort. Therefore, before purchasing you need to know how colors affect mood.

The green or blue tiles will add to the “freshness” and the interior is cheerful. A coffee, beige and light brown, on the contrary – to relax and soothe.

Not recommended full bath tiles colorful flowers. Surely it will be difficult to be in the room, from floor to ceiling lined with tiles of red, turquoise or herbal saturated colors. With the help of such tiles can be arranged in the interior accents, but no more.

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Be careful to be with the tile of black color and not use it for decoration of affordable bathroom remodel, are in ordinary homes. After all, any dark color eating space, as a result of the already small room seems even smaller. In addition, a huge number of dark colors will oppress.

Universal interior design is, of course, the white tile. Air cushioned it seems spacious and bright. Do not take a pure white tile. To the room was not like the procedural in the hospital, it can impose a tile “ivory” colored “splashes of champagne”, “cream”, “baked milk.”

Choosing tile size

From the tile size depends on how comfortable the interior will. If the room is large, it is possible to choose the tiles of any size. Equally well it will look great and tile, and fine mosaics. In the small bathroom it is better not to abuse the mosaic. Ideal – Tile 20×30 cm or 20×20 cm if rectangular tile vertically put it visually raises the ceiling, and the horizontal -. Will make the room larger.

Tile Design Options

  1. Classic. If you want a classic bathroom, it is necessary to decorate the ceiling to the middle of the wall with light tiles, and from the middle to the floor – dark. The color of the lower part of the walls and the floor must be the same. For such an interior need tiles conservative design – solid color with light or divorce. The border between the colors, you can emphasize patterned border.
  2. Nature. In the bathroom, you can create and ‘natural’ interior. To do this, select the tiles of green, blue, turquoise or brown. Combine them not worth it; you need to stay at the shades of the same color.
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In these interiors welcome to use the tiles with the image of the sea waves, leaves and flowers. Unlike classic, you can lay out the real nature of the painting: bamboo stems or seascape. In these interiors, are actively used tiles with 3D effect?

  1. East. The bath can be done in an oriental style. It is enough to use bright colors and do not be afraid to combine them. You can choose gold, turquoise, blue, pink, green, yellow tiles and borders with oriental motifs. Tiles can be matte, glossy or textured. Glossy looks much brighter, but gives a glare from what may become tired eyes. This should be considered when choosing lighting. Matt looks more relaxed, it can be textured, wood, metal or leather reptile. Ideal for sex. In today’s market a huge range of tiles for the affordable bathroom remodeling. It remains to choose the color and design that you really like, and creates the bathroom of your dreams.

Criteria for the selection of materials for walls and floor small bathroom

In order to create a small room in the visual effect of space, should give preference to the tile light pastel tones, with a simple and discreet design. It is better if the tile surface is small. Glossy ceiling will make the interior of a small bathroom original and stylish, and will give the room lightness and ease. Tiles on the floor should be in harmony with the tiles on the walls on the coloring and texture. It is recommended to lie diagonally, as it creates the effect of the expansion of space in the room.

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Recommendations for choosing a plumbing for affordable bathroom remodeling

When choosing interior for a small room bathroom, first of all, should be based on the space-saving considerations. Therefore, preference should be given to the compact models of sanitary ware with smooth sleek.


For example, instead of the usual rectangular bath can be purchased asymmetric, angular or small “sits” bath. This will help save the limited space of the bathroom facilities.



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