About me

The bathroom is a very special and multifunctional place in our home. We can relax there after a hard day’s work, wash off all the tensions and just regain energy. To fulfill each of these functions it is necessary to think about the design of the room properly. It’s quite important, because this is the room where you start and finish your weekdays and weekends. Your bathroom design can be anything – it all depends on your personal preferences.

My name is Jane and I’m happy to welcome you on my blog, which is all about bathroom decorating. Here you can find useful information about different styles, ideas, furniture materials and much more.

Since my childhood, I have been interested in design and decor, constantly drawing some “projects” of the rooms, thinking about their style, design and other interesting peculiarities. Years passed, but my passion for this business hasn’t faded, on the contrary, it flared up with greater force. I tried myself in different fields, struggling to find my vocation, which would provide me the desire to work to the fullest. But every time my heart just couldn’t let go of my old hobby. And now I’m where I am! I love to think about every little thing, every detail, which then draws up a beautiful picture.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, as well as quite a lot of experience in this industry. And now, I decided to start blogging. It seemed like a good idea to me, since the Internet has become an indispensable resource! With its help we can find any information, and that is why in my blog I want to tell about different styles, ideas and decorations of bathrooms, which perhaps will inspire people, who are eager to arrange their homes in a stylish and harmonious way. 

I know what it’s like to puzzle over something, searching and going through a lot of options. My blog has exactly this goal – to help people and share knowledge with them, to tell in detail about different styles, options for decorating bathrooms, interesting and bold ideas that will be a “highlight”. I don’t want to hang on the usual classics, even though we know that the classics are always in fashion. However, in addition to it, there is a huge number of designs and views that are worthy of attention and about which I want to tell you so much. 

And, of course, I should also add that I simply adore this occupation. I hadn’t thought about starting my own blog before, but now it’s become my number 2 hobby, especially since I write about my favorite business! 

I love my business and give 100% results. I love taking the initiative, exploring new things. I don’t stand still, I’m constantly working to improve, to raise my level.

This blog is a reflection of my favorite occupation and myself, so I plan to develop rapidly and share with you interesting ideas and design solutions that can help you in planning your dream design!