8 ways for 42 inch bathroom vanity repairs

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Should start? What factors should be taken into account? Learn tips to repair the 42 inch bathroom vanity and decide how much money you allocate to finish, will be whether to invite the workers and the public, etc. Use standard project. With a limited budget repair bathrooms does not necessarily refer to the designer. There are standard solutions for bathrooms. But do not forget that for all types of reconstruction and redevelopment – even insignificant – must obtain official permission. Otherwise, you will face enormous challenges (for example, if you are thinking to sell or change apartment).

Decide on a budget. In this case, it all depends on the current state of your finances. It is advisable to allocate to repair the maximum amount of money. Why? Yes, simply because it is long-term investment, and the more high-quality materials and the best job you afford the longer “hold” your finish.

Calculate the amount of material in 42 inch bathroom vanity cabinet. They always need to buy “with a stock” (about 10%). In the case of marriage, especially cutting or cutting, the need to cover a complex surface shape, etc. But the residue should not be too large. So, from the area of the walls is necessary to immediately deduct 2-3 sq. meters that do not require lining (they hold the door, tub and mirror, if it is encased in the wall). The area under the floor finish will also be reduced, because of 1-2 square meters. will house a bath and / or shower. Hire professionals. If there is the slightest possibility to use the services of experienced workers. They can be found as a team, and so one. For example, if you want to save money and know how to make repairs in the bathroom with their hands, then you may need only one specialist (tiler, painter, plumber or someone else). It all depends on what kind of work can you do for yourself.

Do not forget about dismantling. Who will be the old tiles chipping and make the bath rusty weight more hundredweight? You or employed by the builders you? Think about it in advance and plan the costs. By the way, the services of dismantling the old plumbing often provide companies delivering new equipment. They can also order connecting plumbing.

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10 errors in the repair of 42 inch bathroom vanities

How to correctly design 42 inch bathroom vanity combo and do not make the most common mistakes? We’ll tell you about the ten common blunders – try not to make them:

  • Wrong calculation. It happens that on the box indicates one tile size, but in reality it is a deviation of 2 mm. It would seem a trifle, but in the long line of difference is very significant. Buy a tile with a margin. For horizontal row contemplate “surplus” of not less than 10%, for lying at an angle of 45 degrees – 15%. Do not dispose of the remaining tiles after repair. It may be useful to replace the split tiles, and by the time you want is a collection may have to be discontinued.
  • Dark tiles. Grey, black or brown tiles distort the image in the mirror, giving your skin an unhealthy appearance. To avoid this, choose a tile neutral white or warm beige hue.
  • The ceilings of plasterboard. They will not be saved from the flood, neighbors arranged on top. Another thing – ceilings. After leaks do not remain on them spots, and can be drained through a small puncture.
  • Slippery floor tiles. Smooth glossy coatings are not suitable for the bathroom. On wet granite easy to slip. Therefore, choose a tile with anti-slip properties – for example, ted.
  • Warm floor. In bathroom vanity 42 inch design should take into account gender distance from the heating element to the furniture. Especially, if the furniture – made of solid wood. If this distance is less than 10 cm, your lockers from the constant heating and drying may crack. The same thing can happen with furniture made of particleboard.
  • Hidden towel dryer. If it is placed on the wall next to the swing door shower, but not by the handles, and side mounts, then when you open you will not be able to reach the towels – it would be at the door!
  • The height of the shell. Standard sink mounting height is designed for people growth 1.65 – 1.80 cm If your family members are above or below the height of the sink and the floor should be appropriate:. Above or below the standard 85 cm in this case, give preference to a suspended model. the height of the shell is controlled by the installation of the system at the time of installation, and can be any. Other business – on a pedestal sinks: manufacturers do not always indicate the height of the shell on their websites. The height of the sink in the bathroom would have to be calculated in advance and if you are staying on the invoice models: a stand under it needs to hang much below the usual level.
  • Location bath. The built-in bath difficult to repair if in a box underneath the hatch will not be technical, or – a secret door. Do not drive into the corner spa bath, if the area of the room allows you to install it, for example, in the center of the room. Corner option is appropriate in 42 inch bathroom vanity with sink.
  • Incorrect lighting. In addition to the top light take care of local lighting – the mirror (with integrated upper and lower illumination) and in the shower. You can hang any fixtures in the large bathroom with good ventilation. In small – only special fixtures for wet rooms, closed cartridge, so that it is not oxidized.
  • Storage Systems. If you want to save space on the floor, buy wall cabinets. Or implement a sink with shelves underneath it – to be able to accommodate not only hygiene, but also towels, and many other necessary things.
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Things to consider when choosing furniture for 42 bathroom vanity with top?

Size, material, design and completeness are of primary importance when selecting furniture for the bathroom. Let’s talk about the basic rules of conscious purchases.

Size 3 dimensional series. Bathroom furniture is required to be compact. Drawers under the sink, as well as cabinets, cupboards may be less than 50 cm have the smallest models width of only 40 cm and a depth of a little more than 20 cm. This is a good outlet for small bathrooms. Not more than 80 cm dimensioned sold the most, they allow you to install more convenient sinks and can accommodate in its bowels a lot of things; from 80 to 110 cm or more. Such furniture in addition to a very large shell allows you to set, for example, 2 washbasins nearby.

Material The main thing – finish! Bathroom furniture is made of chipboard (DSP), fiberboard (MDF) or medium density boards (MDF). For plate materials critical edge finishes: in the joints must not be exposed to moisture. Decorative finishing usually made of veneer, laminate or is the paint (with several layers of soil and deposited on top of a layer of glossy enamel). The premium models for facades sometimes use natural wood. It necessarily covers polyurethane varnish.


The design of the shelves what? Preferably mortise and stationary, since in this case no additional mounting holes (for adjustment of the height of the shelves). If the hole is, they must be repaired by conventional plastic plugs in furniture that would be the moisture does not enter the hole and the frame does not swell. With or without legs? The furniture in 42 bathroom vanity with top is often the base. But if you want to facilitate cleaning, choose a wall-mounted or on metal legs. In such cases, it reduces the risk of contact with water on the floor. If you choose a hinged version, determine whether the weight of the enclosure wall of your stand.



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